APink: When she comes home and sees that her girlfriend is upset.

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Chorong: What’s said today will stay between the two of us, I promise not to tell anyone! As long as I don’t feel your personal well-being is at risk…

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Bomi: Come on let’s go,  you need some fresh air. *Takes her out onto the balcony* Now tell me… What’s wrong? 

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Eunji: *Brings her over to a mirror* You see that girl? I love her love her with all my heart, she is so beautiful no matter what she does, and the thing I love most about her is her… smile! *Pulls the corners of her lips up*

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Naeun: You gotta relax sweetie, just close your eyes and let the music take you away from whatever’s bothering you. *Plays guitar*

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Namjoo: If I did anything to make you sad I’m sorry, please don’t ignore me… I need to know you’re okay.

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Hayoung: *Puts her on her back* Okay up and at em! Staying home all day isn’t good, we have to go out and have fun until you forget whatever’s bringing you down! 

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1/ reasons to love apink: their family-like bond


ChoJoo being cute af ||  STAR 롱*