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Once again, Champsosaurus by Frederik Spindler. I’m starting to run out of respectable champsosaur pics.

- Choristoderes appearently are the sister taxa to Rhynchosauria. You know, the ugly rodent-like archosauromorphs. In restrospect, the giant temporal fenestrae and associated muscles make sense.

- Champsosaurus probably was fully aquatic after all. The female forelimbs certainly allowed for movement in the shallows, but true terrestrial locomotion was appearently difficult if not impossible. Likely, they gave birth on the shores or on highly vegetated swamp environments.

- Monjurosuchus was appearently ovoviviparous, suggesting that ovovivipary was quite basal for these animals.

- The Greenland Champsosaurus fossils were found in association with turtles. These turtles were appearently dermochelids. There’s also coral fossils, so it was definitely a marine environ.

- There’s appearently a Campanian fossil from Austria (Buffetaut, 1989), which does suggest they travelled across the sea from Asia/North America to Europe.