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SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi is so attractive. He’s definitely not a visual when it comes to the standard kind of beauty, but he is so charismatic and self confident that you can’t help being attracted to him more than the visuals. He literally shines on stage. He has an adorable personality, a good sense of humor and is an awesome and hard-working dancer, choreographer and singer. Definitely the whole k-pop package for me.

I’m kept under the thumb at home. Seriously. I drive the kinds to school and do the dishes after lunch. I’m as gentle as a lamb. When I’m at home and my choreographer wife is at work, I do the shopping as well. I’m just your everyday no-frills guy. I’m even a tad boring. I’m certainly not a demon or a psychopath. I don’t take my work at home. That’s how I protect my mental wellbeing. I’m not schizophrenic - unlike some actors, who cannot shed their characters once they’re off set. I’m not easy to cool down after expressing really strong feelings, but I’m working on it. I’m glad that I have profession that occasionally lets me swap my comfortable, bourgeois, peaceful life for something crazy and bizarre that I would never dare try in real life. I think that’s a healthy approach. At home I’m husband and father.

- Mads Mikkelsen [Interview in Kaleidoscope, 2016 - x]


A little photoset for @fireflyfish‘s wonderful AU idea here:

“I would like someone to write a modern Obikin AU where Anakin is an up-and-coming first soloist for the New York City Ballet Company and Ben Kenobi is a choreographer who’s working with the company to debut a new ballet. His two stars are Padme Amidala and Anakin, and he’s choreographing something tragic probably. Something that involves a lot of long lingering touching and twining and tight costumes.

Padme is a principal who’s famous for her impeccable technique, grace and the ability for her partners to fling her tiny body through the air like they’re tossing nerf footballs. She is happily dating Sabe, who is off doing something fabulous. Perhaps she’s been cast as the brave heroine of a new Sci-Fi action movie. XD

Anakin is a brash, confident dancer with a smoldering sensuality to his technique and an electric smile that makes fan girl toes curl and quite possibly the choreographer’s.

Ben Kenobi was in the Corps de ballet for the Royal Ballet in London when misfortune befell him (He is still Obi-Wan Kenobi even if he’s dancing. He must suffer somehow!) and he “retired” before he truly got a chance to shine. So instead he moved into choreography which he has quite a gift for.

Dancing ensues! Sweaty dance practice! Sabe snarking posessively over her tiny perfect girlfriend Padme, Anakin fails at flirting, Ben fails at picking up flirting and Satine plays the part of the glorious prima ballerina goddess that she is.

Will Ben ever get a clue? Will Anakin figure out why Ben never made it out of the Corps? Will Sabe propose to Padme? Will Satine steal Ben away for pedicures and pinkberry? And where is Ahsoka and Rex?

All I want is Ben and Anakin dancing together.

And Sabe ruthlessly snarking at everyone.”

Update! Now that it’s after Christmas I can say that I have started writing this as a present for @fireflyfish on AO3 (Coda by lilyconrad) if anyone wants to read!

She has, fascinatingly, really created her own world of dance,” says Troy Schumacher, a New York City Ballet dancer and choreographer who worked with Ziegler on a striking Capezio commercial this past year. “When we talk about great dancers, it’s definitely a persona that leaves a lasting impression — it’s not necessarily the most technically perfect dancer. She’s only 13, but there’s a strong sense of personality that comes through in her movement that is somewhat iconic.” Ziegler has become, in a sense, “the first digital dance star,” he says.

okay i keep thinking about this dance move (1:24) with moonrockha

the choreo for this stage was done by DQ agency which is the same choreographers that work with astro normally for the choreography for Go Back, Hide and Seek, Breathless, Rocky’s Hit the Stage performance etc. And i was thinking about how this move that moonbin rocky and sanha do isn’t just a move that like, a choreographer would point to you and be like do this. i feel like there’s a reason that it’s done by 3 members of astro - and either they said themselves ‘hey i think this move would fit here’ or DQ choreographers new ASTRO would be capable of doing it

side note: during Rocky’s hit the stage performance the DQ dancers were his back up dancers, and during the clips of the preparation and practice time it was Rocky leading all of the practices. He was at the front doing the counting and he probably choreographed the majority of the back up dancer parts himself, which is why I feel that it’s likely that the choreographers from DQ will listen when Rocky has input 

overall the performance astro was really into it like they knew every move like the back of their hand and brought everything to such life, and i feel like it might be because they used a lot of the moves from old choreography they’ve used anyway not really sure where i was going with this other than astro has such potential

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I see your Choreographer!Poe and Dancer!Reader and raise you @the-new-fanfic-order's fic with Vocal Coach!Poe and Choreographer!Reader working on 'Chicago' together.

I’VE READ THAT ONE. Okay, confession time, I’ve read ALL of @the-new-fanfic-order ’s works and I love them all. I also love Zoe…like…A LOT.


Prospero - The Tempest
Costume inspired by the Pallas’ Fish Eagle.

Photography by Robin Michell.

At last! Here’s the costume that I’ve been working on literally all year (the design was in the works since September last year). Actual blood, sweat and tears went into bringing my design to life but the reception it has received has been worth every all nighter I pulled. Photographs really don’t do the wings justice, since they move so beautifully.

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✪ Rubbing their back after a stressful day or disappointment.

Junhong let out a soft sigh as his muscles started to relax underneath the touch of Hwasa rubbing his back. It felt really nice just to sit back..well lay back using her stomach as a pillow and just forget about the stressful day he had today. Not only was it stressful but he messed up some of his choreograph he was working on and that just made him even more frustrated and disappointed in himself, he should know it by heart by now. Sighing gently, he nuzzles further into her as her relaxing touch was just washing away everything from his body. “Mm it feels nice..thank you baby.” He smiles up at her.
Which do you like more?

Okay, so I’m in the works of choreographing dances for my little ones and there is one class I’m not sure which idea I should use! There’s ten of them and they’re between 8 and 10 years old. The “theme” is pretty general as it just has to be somehow related to Canada (since this year is our 150th anniversary). I need help deciding which idea to do so here are the options!

1) Dress them up as a variety of “Canadian” animals (e.g. moose, beaver, etc.) with the song “Carnival of the Animals”

2) A “snow day” with them all excited that school is cancelled with the song “Entrance of the Gladiators”

Any thoughts/opinions would be appreciated! :) 

Bourne on Hanyu: ‘It’s like he’s from another planet’
Famed choreographer praises skater’s work ethic, dedication to his craft

Confidence is everything.

Yuzuru Hanyu wore it when he smashed world records of all sorts at the NHK Trophy, and again at the Grand Prix Final. It helps that his training regimen is more normal this season, now that he’s rooted in Toronto, without injury and surgery.

The other piece of the puzzle? He had 2003 world ice dancing champion Shae-Lynn Bourne choreograph his free skate for the second consecutive season.

“This year was a new start,” Bourne said. “We had more of a connection. We knew each other better. The first year, we were just getting to know each other. Now there is more of a comfort in communication. And more time, too.”

Last season, Bourne’s first project with the Japanese star was to design his Phantom of the Opera routine. Hanyu chose that music because it had always been his dream to skate to it. Because Hanyu spent so much time in Japan last year, Bourne didn’t get a chance to do any follow-ups with the skater.

This year, it’s a different story. Coach Brian Orser asked Bourne to offer Hanyu a playlist of music she thought he could skate to. This time, Hanyu was open to trying something new.

But that all changed when Hanyu sent Bourne an email with soundtracks to two Onmyoji movies and asked her what she thought.

“This is what I want to skate to,” he told her.

Bourne had never heard of the film or the music, but she loved it.

“I would never have been able to find that for him,” she said.

Another plus was that nobody in skating had ever heard of the music before.

“He’d be the first to introduce something new to people,” she said.

Bourne researched the film, the characters in it, and various forms and styles of Japanese dance before Hanyu arrived in the spring to work.

“It just flowed so easily, working with him that week,” said Bourne, who incorporated a few moves from the movie into the program. “And we had a lot of fun on the ice.”

Afterward, back in Japan, Hanyu met with Mansai Nomura, the Japanese actor/dancer who played the hero in the Onmyogi movies, to gain a deeper understanding of the meaning behind the character’s movements. Bourne believed the visit would make the choreography seem more real and “genuine.”

In the program, Hanyu plays the film’s protagonist. He battles evil, harnessing the power of his mind, in almost a magical way, using psychic ability.

“I think he believes in energy,” Bourne said. “The story is very much mind over matter.”

The music suits Hanyu in another way. Bourne found that the traditional Japanese dance forms a combination of feminine and masculine traits. The movement is graceful and gentle, but also powerful.

“Yuzu has this as well,” Bourne said. “He’s a light skater, but there is a strength in how he’s moving on the ice. And with his determination and his control over the elements, in his mind there is a confidence when he skates that I think he taps into in that program.”

Last year, during choreography, Bourne got a glimpse at what makes Hanyu special. Whereas most skaters just mark the jumps as they go along, he would insert, say, a triple axel into the practice or choreographic session.

“I think he wanted to make sure that the jump felt good completely,” Bourne said.

He continued to train through the choreography, landing big jumps effortlessly, throwing in a triple-triple here or a quad there.

“I thought, 'That’s the sign of a champion right there,’” she said.

What separates Hanyu, Bourne believes, is how self-driven he is. She doesn’t need to tell him what to do; all his motivation comes from within.

“He has a real passion for skating,” Bourne said. “He eats, sleeps, everything for skating. It’s his main focus.”

Sure, the culture he comes from is partly responsible for making Hanyu the way he is. But Bourne has worked with a lot Japanese skaters, and he’s different than all of them.

“Sometimes, I call him 'alien,’ because it’s like he’s from another planet,” she said.

Despite already being at the top of his sport, Hanyu wants to be better – and he knows he can be.

“He’s capable of so much,” Bourne said. “He’s a beautiful skater. He has the skating skills. And he is, I think, even more willing to try harder things.”

For example, while many skaters tone down the choreography going into a quad, Hanyu ramps it up. When he goes into his second quad, he does a spread eagle with his head down, causing him to be off-balance.

“He definitely wanted to up his level going in and out of the jumps,” she said. “It’s easier in the short in some ways, because you have only three jumps. But in the long, he has three quads, so he has to keep his energy.”

The free program is still a work in progress. Despite that lofty score and the flood of 10s that Hanyu earned for components in Barcelona, Bourne wants more.

“I think by the time he does worlds, you’ll see the full movement as it was intended to be,” she said.

And now that Hanyu has successfully landed three quads and two triple axel combinations in a routine, it will be easier for him to do it the next time.

“There were no glitches (in the Grand Prix Final free skate),” Bourne said. “He had control over everything. So now I’m excited to see where that evolves and how he can lift and take the program to another level. I know he can.”

A frightening thought for his competitors.

Here’s a list of the most common problems associated with having dyscalculia (yanked from here). As you might have noticed, some of them are bolded. That would be because these are the problems I’ve personally experienced throughout my life. If you have dyscalculia, feel free to bold the ones that apply to you, because sometimes we all could use a little outside validation of our own experiences.

  • Difficulty reading analog clocks
  • Difficulty stating which of two numbers is larger
  • Inability to comprehend financial planning or budgeting, sometimes even at a basic level; for example, estimating the cost of the items in a shopping basket or balancing a checkbook
  • Difficulty with multiplication-tables, and subtraction-tables, addition tables, division tables, mental arithmetic, etc.
  • Difficulty with conceptualizing time and judging the passing of time. May be chronically late or early
  • Problems with differentiating between left and right
  • Inability to visualize mentally
  • Difficulty reading musical notation
  • Difficulty with choreographed dance steps
  • Difficulty working backwards in time, (e.g. What time to leave if needing to be somewhere at ‘X’ time)
  • Difficulty comprehending things relating to occurrences in different time zones
  • Difficulty navigating or mentally “turning” the map to face the current direction rather than the common North=Top usage
  • Having particular difficulty mentally estimating the measurement of an object or distance (e.g., whether something is 10 or 20 feet (3 or 6 meters) away).
  • Inability to grasp and remember mathematical concepts, rules, formulae, and sequences
  • Inability to concentrate on mentally intensive tasks
  • Mistaken recollection of names. Poor name/face retrieval. May substitute names beginning with same letter.

Monday morning routine.

It might sound a little crazy, but Monday’s are my favourite. It’s the start of a new week, and each time again, you have no grasp on what’ll happen that week. Every Monday morning I get to the studio even though my classes aren’t until 2PM and I work on my own choreographs. I’ve been working on some contemporary ballet to Sia’s Fire Meet Gasoline, it’s coming along great!

- Naomi

how can people say the performance unit is useless like hoshi literally choreographs seventeen’s dances??? along with dino?? and probably with minghao (and his sick bboy skills) and junhui (with his stage charisma and dance skills). how can you say they are useless?? they literally work their asses off to not only choreograph but work out transitions like seventeen would not be this amazing without each and every one of them?! im sorry i cant process this are some people crazy?? useless? more like underappreciated

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Seventeen as high school theatre
  • S.Coups: auditioned out of boredom but turns out he was actually good, has a lot of varied roles; sometimes he's romeo and sometimes he's a tree
  • Jeonghan: gets a lot of lead roles, either pretty boy leads like romeo or dark leads like hamlet
  • Joshua: often gets roles in the musicals, sometimes helps compose music, plays in the band and sometimes works on sound
  • Jun: likes playing the villains and the darker characters, sometimes helps with costume
  • Hoshi: choreographs the shows, works out stage setup and lighting
  • Wonwoo: works on set design and props
  • Woozi: directs all the shows and composes music, constantly losing his shit at s.coups for doing the most on the stage at the back when he's supposed to just be playing villager #3. buys pizza for everyone after the plays are over
  • DK: one of the light technicians, likes to fuck w the actors by turning out the lights and scaring them. probably dropped a light before
  • Mingyu: set technician and stage makeup
  • The8: stunt guy. also part of the chorus, likes dance roles the most
  • Seungkwan: the kid that always gets musical roles and is ~~~the star~~~ when it comes to shakespeare. is fine w not being the lead but gets annoyed when the actual lead isn't 'doing it right'. basically a second director when he isn't acting
  • Vernon: sound and stage technician, sometimes helps with composition and writing. messes with the actors, particularly seungkwan, alllll the time by playing the wrong song or dropping the curtain too early
  • Dino: works on costume and stage setup and sometimes in chorus, played michael jackson in their school's production of thriller
Theatre Witchcraft

Playwrights hiding spells in their scripts

Actors using glamours to appear more like their character

Costume designers using knot magic and sewing sigils into costumes

Set designers hiding sturdiness sigils into the sets so that they don’t fall down

House managers hiding wards near the theatre entrance to keep away audience members who will be disruptive

SMs with a sleeve full of binding spells for actors who keep touching other people’s props or talking backstage

Choreographers who work spells into their dance steps