• <b> </b> I see A LOT of people smoking dmt all sorts of fucked up ways and yall are wasting a bunch or not really getting a full breakthrough dose. Let me give yall a tip! This is how I've always smoked it and I've never fucked up a hit this way...<p><b></b> Take a chunk of choreboy or any brass scouring pad and roll it into a ball about the size of a small marble. Stuff that ball into the bowl of your bong so that it sits snug. Next your gonna take a torch lighter and heat up the choreboy till its nearly red. Once its nice and hot, dump your dose onto it. The dmt will melt into the ball. Next take your torch back to it and hit that shit hard! You will vaporize the entire dose at once that way you dont have to worry about getting in enough hits within the first 60 seconds to achieve breakthrough.<p><b></b> If anyone has any question, hmu<p>