These are the blogs that made my dash as great as it has been during the past year. Unfortunately all of them aren’t here any more, as some deleted. Some of these blogs I’ve been following for years, and some only a week or two, but you are still as amazing. Happy Christmas to those of you who celebrates it, and have a happy New Year to the rest of you ♥

Bold: mutual follows

a-d - asheathes | chinaprincess | chordoversweets | cllarafrey | cruciothereindeer | da-howel | ddhampirs

e-h - fairchildss | frenchmystake | hookfire

i-l - jinglingoswald | leeyummaliks | lizzymaxia

m-p - maggins | marshkings | maytheodds | mydraco | ninasnowbrev | petercapaldy | pondlike | princessmargaerytyrell

q-t - sriusblcks | snogbox | thedisneytruth | thepondsonacloud | thesarahjanesmith

u-y -

And here is some shameless self promotion: twitter, redbubble, society6

Guys, I wanna thank all of you for making this day even more special. so I thought about party to celebrate - and although you’re all invited there are some people who VIP for me. (no particular order)

Marysia x Nef x Juni x Czarna x Bells x Asia x Lizzy x Nadie x Michał x Maja x Cherry x JM x Aria x SandraPavvo x Monika x Lea x Ilo x Kinga x Agata x Lila x Ania  x Marta x Regina x Martine x Hannah x Steph x Mandy x Damien x Paulina

I wanna thank you for everything - for listenig to me and my stupid whines, for making me smile for making my life better.


And I know that some of you might be surprised of being there, but I just felt to put you there. <3

To celebrate nothing in particular - I just felt like it - I’m doing a follow forever. Whoo! No, but seriously, I don’t follow many blogs, but a bunch of you are amazing, and talented, and everything good. Even though I’ve never spoken to many of you, I really appreciate you. I hope you’re having a good day, and that your’re happy.

chordoversweets ♥ fairchildss ♥ nickelodeonkids ♥ petrovacharm ♥ princessmargaerytyrell

alwayschoosenina | cassjaytuck | chinaprincess | ddhampirs | frenchmystake | hookfire | leeymmaliks | mjwatson | piperettes | snogbox | sriusblcks | thedisneytruth | thesarahjanesmith | trenzallore

(Also, sorry Juliette, for misspelling your URL in the picture)