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Relationship Status: Married (it’ll be 2 years married on 2/2, 20 years together this November!) We are open but I’m super picky and not a people-person in real life.

Favorite Colour: Black. My goth, let me show you it. Honorable mentions to silver, turquoise, and royal blue.

Pets: I take care of my elderly parents so they’re kind of like pets? My mom games 8 hours a day and doesn’t move from the couch so she’s technically a cat. And I feed the animals in my backyard. 

Last song I listened to: Aero Chord - Surface  

Favorite tv shows: Farscape is my favorite TV show of all time but we’ve been over that. It’s seriously underrated and I will love it forever. I also adore Will & Grace and watch the reruns like crazy.

Currently running? I live for Killjoys, Mr Robot, The Expanse, Difficult People, Lucifer, Westworld, 12 Monkeys, Orphan Black, Humans, Incorporated, Idiotsitter, and husband got me into Gotham this year.


So, I just watched this video on Youtube called How Hamilton Works: Eliza’s Chord Progression by Howard Ho. Basically, it’s a wonderful synthesis and explanation of the musical themes that pervade the show and combine to create Eliza’s own musical theme. This is particularly present in the songs “Burn” and “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?”

At many points in Hamilton, the “Alexander Hamilton” chord progression is played. (The chords that open the show) This chord progression is always accompanied by Aaron Burr asking a question. i.e. “How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore…etc, etc” In essence, these chords represent the narrative drive. They further the story. Except, there is one instance (the last instance, in fact) where the chord progression appears without a question. Without Aaron Burr at all, in fact. This is in “Burn”. Most people recognize the Satisfied-sounding chords played by the right hand on piano, but the left hand is the hand that plays a slight variant of the “Alexander Hamilton” chord progression. This is important, because these chords further the narrative. Yet, in this case, the narrative is being destroyed. On the other hand (quite literally, in this sense) the “Satisfied” chords represent family obligation. Combine these two, a variant of the “Alexander Hamilton” chord progression, and a variant of the “Satisfied” chord progression, and we see something special.

In the words of Howard Ho, “So, why would Lin-Manuel Miranda combine these two themes together? He’s trying to tell us something musically. In a song where Eliza sings “I’m erasing myself from the narrative”, it’s even more heartbreaking that she uses the Alexander Hamilton chord progression, which symbolizes forward narrative motion in order to sing about stopping the narrative. No longer a narrative device, the Alexander Hamilton chord progression becomes here a commentary on narrative devices. And it’s combined with the Satisfied run which represents family duty because Eliza is burning the letters to protect her family. But, the Satisfied run has been altered, turned into the minor mode with a more angular presence. This is the dark side of family duty. That, sometimes in order to preserve your family’s history, you have to destroy it.”

However, when we enter the final song, “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?” Eliza has finally put her self back in the narrative. She has forgiven Hamilton for all his wrongs, and is telling his story, yet in her own way. She tells it in a less villainous way than many would. She emphasizes all the great things his ambition provided. Here, we see the same chords of the “Alexander Hamilton” chord progression, the representation of the narrative and of ambition alike, but we see these chords rearranged to something much sweeter. These are Eliza’s chords now. 


c'mon // panic! at the disco + fun.

“Yes, and it was just like you were saying. I was at Bob’s house and we were trying to write a tune. And I remember saying, “How did you write all those amazing words?” And he shrugged and said, “Well, how about all those chords you use? So I started playing and said it was just all these funny chords people showed me when I was a kid. Then I played two major sevenths in a row to demonstrate, and I suddenly thought, Ah, this sounds like a tune here. Then we finished the song together. It was called "I’d Have You Anytime,” and it was the first track on “All Things Must Pass.” - George, Guitar World

Jealousy: Minghao

You’re not getting away with it that easily~

Title: Jealousy: Minghao
Characters: Reader, Minghao (The8), Hoshi
Genre: Fluff, maybe like 0.00005% Angst
Trigger Warning: None

“He didn’t!” You gasped, doubling over in laughter at Hoshi’s story. 

“I swear he did!” Hoshi was also laughed. 

It had been long time since you spent time with all the boys. You didn’t realize how much you missed them. You missed Dino’s silly reactions, Jeonghan rehearsing pickup lines with you, Joshua showing you chords to play on the guitar and Soonseok making you laugh until you cried. 

While Seokmin was telling another story, Hoshi motioned for you to lay your head on his lap. You were a little hesitant, but since you had known him for years you didn’t think too much of it. 

His fingers found comfort in your hair. Slowly, his hands were running through your hair and lightly massaging your scalp. 

You were beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable. You sat up from your current position and shook your head at him. 

“I’m with Minghao…” You said, “And that was a little too friendly…”

From the corner of your eyes you saw Minghao’s back walking away. Guilt flooded you. He must have seen what you and Hoshi were doing. 

You got up, forgetting all about Seokmin’s story and rushed to Minghao’s shared dorm room. 

You knocked on the door, “Minghao? Can I come in?”

There was no reply so you entered anyway. 

Minghao was lying on his bed with headphones covering his ears and a rubiks cube in his hands. He was fumbling with it, the red side was complete so he was working on the green side now. 

You sat at the edge of his bed and rubbed his shin. His headphones were now sitting idle around his neck.

“What’s up?” You asked, moving your hands from his shin to his foot and began massaging it. 

“Hey.” He said. His eyes were on the rubiks cube. 

“Are you alright?” Your voice was soft. You knew he was upset by seeing your head on Hoshi’s lap and to worsen it, his fingers in your hair. 

“I’m fine. I mean one of my closest friends and you just got intimate faster than we did but I’m fine.” Minghao shrugged, still not looking at you. You sat in silence, not knowing how to make him feel better.

“Are you jealous…?”

“Duh.” He said quietly, making you smile. 

“Minghao? Look at me.” He finally looked at you, “I’m really sorry. Hoshi asked me to lay my head on his lap and I didn’t think much of it but then he started running his finger through my hair and it didn’t feel right. It feels weird unless its you. I’m sorry, baby.”

Minghao put the rubiks cube down and took your hands in his.

“It’s okay.” His sweet smile morphed into a playful smirk, “But you’re not getting away with it that easily.” 

weird things I noticed on a glee rewatch

So I’m in season 2 and the show hasn’t turned to complete shit just yet. But I remember when it did they maintained fan interest by zooming in on Darren Criss’ ass at any given opportunity (god bless pervy ryan murphy)

and people thought that was only something that happened then but in season 2 they keep coming up with excuses to show off Chord Overstreet’s abs.

as a horny gay guy who wants Chord and Darren sat on my face I am delighted

as an actual smart adult who realises these characters are meant to be in high school and they’re sexualised non stop I’m a little creeped out


One Year Ago Today.

March 12, 2015