Ryan Cabrera Hosts Another Living Room Concert

How come this never happens in our living room? Ryan Cabrera is hosting another one of his infamous Live from Ryan’s Living Room concerts on Sunday, May 31 and it has one of his best lineups yet.
The show, which starts at 3 p.m. PST will feature musical acts including Cabrera’s longtime friend Evan Ross, Chord Overstreet, and The Ready Set, as well as numerous DJs and a comedian.
“It’s growing, it’s changing too,” the 32-year-old tells Us Weekly of the long-running show. “It’s gotten to where I’m trying to fit everybody in in 3 hours!”

The show has also evolved to include a charity component. Now anyone can watch the show through streaming service Stageit with the purchase of a $10 ticket available here, and the proceeds of their ticket price will benefit a different charity each show, this time Face Forward L.A.

“I’ve done everything to building homes, to helping kids, to helping single moms who can’t afford things for their babies,” Cabrera explained. “Face Forward L.A. is helping reconstruct [the faces of] battered and abused women – it’s a great cause. I try to spread the love across the board as far as trying to hit as many charities as I can!”



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