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teesta you're super into art in general, right? i "know" you sing and write, but can you play instruments? have you ever tried singing in a pub late at night or something? asdfghjkl this is dumb sorry

hi anon! i mean i do love the arts but even though this isn’t ur specific question i would like to take this opportunity to say that i do NOT understand the visual arts AT ALL. i really, really, really love them but UNDERSTANDING? NOT PRESENT. NOT AT ALL. goes right over my head.

now for ur actual question, i play two instruments, the harmonium and the tanpura! they’re both mandatory for training in indian classical music, even if you’re only training in vocals like i was. one could argue that i can play the keyboard as well but the harmonium involves only your dominant hand in actually playing the keys, which makes me like…half a keyboard/piano player according to western classical standards.

as for singing in a pub, I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO but i haven’t :( this year i’m going to actively look for places to sing though, because one of my uni friends sings too and he’s always recording covers and doing gigs like this and i’d love to join tbh. when i was in india my best friends and i performed in school and i’ve done my fair share of auditorium performances, but all i really want to do is u know, caress a standing mic and sing like, the arctic monkeys or whatever while people drink wine.