chord 1

[ 707 x Reader ] ::Chords:: PART 1

((A/N: Thank you to @orangeisthenewlesbianagenda for the writing support!))

You woke up again, drenched in cold sweat. The dreams were terrible. Always the same, darkest things. Filled with fear, and loneliness. But, the dreams were not of you. It was said that every night, as long as a connection held by a cord still stood, you would dream of your true love. Your heart ached for this person, of course it would. They seemed so afraid. You yearned to put your arms around them and heal them. You would have to meet them first. Shaking, you wrapped the blanket around yourself a little tighter, and missed the person you had never met, trying not to fall back asleep.

Saeyoung woke up again, his eyes heavy. Another dream of going to the grocery store and picking up a gallon of milk and some bread. His dreams were boring, and innocent. They were a nice escape. He blinked slowly, his head resting on the desk. Realising, he had to finish his work, he sat up, sighed heavily and then began typing again. Contemplating the dream, he wondered what it would be like to live a life that that. He felt bad for this person. Why would someone so innocent have to have him as a soulmate? He found it unfair. Secretly, he knew that if he ever met them, he would try and cut the cord in any means possible. He’d find his own way if he had too. There was no way he would ruin your naive life with his own. It was pointless, and a waste.

Later, you woke up again. You sighed and slid out of bed, petting your cat as you walked into the kitchen. You wondered how many times the person on the other end of your life had seen this cat, heard its name. You lazily poured out some food and hopped onto the counter. You wanted to find them. Everyone had told you it would happen when it had too, but you were tired of waiting. You couldn’t bear to see another day of this persons life without you. It was unbearable. Never having seen, or even heard a name, you were left clueless as to who they were. They seldom looked in the mirror. Suddenly, you wondered if they were trying to hide themself from you. Of course, you couldn’t see why, but it was always a possibility. Perhaps they were ashamed? The thought made your heart ache, and you wanted them more than ever.

An idea popped into your head, and you grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. You were going to write them a note. Your hands begun shaking, you didn’t know what to write. These would be your first words to your soulmate and you had no idea what to put. Sighing, you put the pen down and walked to the fridge, rearranging the letter magnets to ‘Hello’ and then sitting back down in your chair. 'Hello.’ you wrote again. ’My name is (Y/N)’ you drew a smiley face and then stared at the paper for a good minute, so that it would definitely show up in their dream and that they would remember what it said. ’I want to meet you. Please.

The next morning, Seven flung himself to his computer, his heart racing. They’d attempted to talk to him. They wanted to meet him. He was in a blind panic, with no idea what to do. Remembering you’d see all of this, he tried to calm down and pulled up a word document. He didn’t want to meet you. No, he couldn’t meet you. It wasn’t right. He went to type the word 'No.’ but then stopped. “Then again,” he thought to himself, “The sooner I meet them, the sooner I can cut the cord. Then they’re gone and nothing has to hurt.” He paused, thinking about it, before typing, ’Time and place.


Heathens on ukulele!


 C                              Am                    Em
All my friends are heathens, take it slow

 C                        Am                        Em
Wait for them to ask you who you know

             C                 Am               Em
Please don’t make any sudden moves

           C                   Am               Em
You don’t know the half of the abused 


[Verse 1]

Welcome to the room of people

Who have rooms of people that they loved one day

Docked away

Just because we check the guns at the door

Doesn’t mean our brains will change from hand grenades

 Am                                                                      Em
You never know the psychopath sitting next to you


You never know the murderer sitting next to you

You think I didn’t get here sitting next to you

And after all I’ve said, please don’t forget

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 2]

(use same chords as Verse 1)

[Repeat chorus]


(use same chords as chorus, as far as I can tell)


C                                   Am                                Em
Why’d you come, you knew you should have stayed

    C                         Am               Em
I tried to warn you just to stay away

         C                        Am                Em
And now they’re outside ready to bust

     C                     Am                 Em
It looks like you might be one of us

An up-up-down strumming pattern seems to work really well throughout the song except the second half of the chorus, where single strums sound better. If you find any chords that sound off please let me know omg I just figured this out aaa

Edit: the layout is off on mobile so look at it on desktop if you possibly can!!
All That Matters (guitar chords)

Capo 1

             A                             E
There are days when I feel so afraid I
       F#m                         D
Can hardly remember to breath
          A                        E
When reality crashes in wave after wave
F#m                      D
Pulling me further beneath
                      A                                E
So what’s the point in planning for a future
     F#m                  D                      
If it all can be stolen away
     A                           E                        
It’s all I can do to hold on and survive
               F#m                           D            
When the colours have faded to grey

            Em            C                  G              D
But my children need so much more from me
                Em             C                     D
And they give me the strength to go on

Whatever may come

G          Cadd9  D        G          Cadd9   D
All that matters now, is where I go from here
       Em7/B     Cadd9    D         Em7/B
I know I’ll find a way if I live for today
     G         Cadd9   D                    Cadd9
The beating of my heart is all that matters  

                A                           E
He makes sense of all of my chaos
   F#m                     D
In ways I can never explain
            A                           E
He turns all of my sadness into a smile
         F#m                        D
And is helping me live life again

          A                                  E
It’s the light in the eyes of my children
           F#m                                      D
It’s the sound of their laughter once more
           A                                       E
It’s the glimpse of the life I dared only to dream
             F#m                          D
And the dream only life could restore

        Em            C              G              D
I know that some may not understand
              Em             C             D
But he’s guiding me safley to shore

Not afraid any more

G          Cadd9  D        G          Cadd9   D
All that matters now, is where I go from here
           Em7/B   Cadd9    D         Em7/B
There’s an easier way if I live for today
    G         Cadd9   D                    G      Cadd9     D
The singing in my heart is all that matters  
   G          Cadd9   D
It takes me far away
              Em7/B   Cadd9    D         Em7/B
There’s an easier way if I live for today
       G      Cadd9     D                           G      Cadd9     D    G
The singing in my heart is all that matters


I’ve worked the chords out by ear so they may not be entirely correct. If you think a different chord would work better somewhere then please don’t hesitate to message me because I’d love to know! Also, feel free to message me if you need any help with the song in any way :)

Does anyone have a spare wacom 3 in 1 chord? Idfc about the price i need a replacement IMMEDIATELY and i WILL buy it off of you! Idc if you want an expensive ass commission either.

Wacom doesnt have replacement cords in till october 1st and i CANNOT wait that long! I have a LOT of important business to do and theres no way i can fix the cord. The ends are warped, and i dont know how.

Please help. I really really REALLY need to get work done.

SCANDAL; GiGS Oct 2014 Interviews (Haruna)

  • What Made You Happy About Copying (Tunes)?

“It also became a source of confidence for myself. When SCANDAL was formed, there was an announcement at the school a week later, saying that if we were able to perform to a certain level, then we’ll be given the opportunity to be the supporting act. In any case, the tune we all had to play was Sadistic Mika Band’s ‘Time Machine ni Onegai’. At that point, I’d thought we’ll be able to pull it off, but actually, it only feels that way. Since then, we’d copied many J-POP songs, but it was just the point of us having fun. In the beginning, while we pressed down on 1 chord, our fingers would just stay there, so chord change was tough. That was when I thought of just practicing the power chords of just one tune. Since I’m not that sort that has huge hands, power chords itself were difficult. But with the picking up of instruments, the things I were able to do have increased and I was happy just by being able to play one song. Along with not having the knowledge in instruments and bands, the things I were able to do increased bit by bit, and that became self-confidence.”

  • Since Starting The Band, Has The Way You Listen To Music Changed?

“I still like the albums I listened to back when I was still doing dance after all, and those have became my roots in music. Even after starting the band, I don’t think my interest in music has changed at all. I’ve grown to like Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind & Fire more. Thinking about it, even Michale Jackson has a backing band, and Earth, Wind & Fire isn’t completely a band. So actually, I think I’ve been listening to band-like music since way before. The ones that really led me to realising my own role as a vocalist and guitarist were Avril Lavigne and SUM 41, which I’ve probably listened to rather often. When I had no experience in musical instruments, even as I listened to the music, I couldn’t tell which sounds belonged to which instrument. However, I begun to be able to hear the guitar phrases, and started becoming aware of its arrangement. (I’d say) something like, 'So this sound belongs to the guitar. If so, I shall give a shot at playing it.’ Beginning from that sort of strengthened mindset, I’ll also copy just by listening.”

  • What Do You Put Emphasis On When Selecting An Instrument?

“For myself, basically since debuting, I’ve been a Telecaster-only person, but recently, I’ve also been into using Mustangs. What I emphasise during my selection is basically how it looks. Followed by its weight. So it probably goes in the order of outlook, weight and sound, in such a order (laughs). I think there are many people who’ll say no if they don’t personally like the sound, but for me, I’ll care about its body colour first. The looks of a guitar is important. I guess if I’m holding a cool guitar, I’ll always want to play it and the time I hold on to it will become longer. Lately, aside from the Telecaster, the Mustang has been making my heart pound faster for the first time since a long while. Because its tininess was just cute. And it’s also super, super light, so whatever it sounds like, I’ll make do later (laughs). That is why I don’t really have a great number (of guitars), nor have I really considered about wanting many guitars. I’m the sort that once I get into it, I’ll keep sticking by it. Even if it gets damaged, I’ll still love it.”

Translation & photo by fyscandalband. Will be rolling out more magazine translations on slower days so there’ll always be new content! Translated only specific portions which I find more interest in; Similar interviews for rest of the members to come!