That’s a lot of holes…

From @robertdboyer - I spent a bit over three hours last night poking holes in this vase form…I have a really weird callus on my right thumb from the experience : ) My phone died in the middle and the sun went down while it was charging so the view changes but there are no second takes and I keep trying to remind myself the point is the work and not the social media 😉 #rdboyer #piavideo •

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From 2012: This giant dragon sculpture is an innovative creation made completely out of 10,000 chopsticks developed to promote the opening of Aziatage Café, located in Yekaterinburg, Russia, 

Each person was presented with a pair of chopsticks and asked to place the first one in an existing slot on the board, making a wish. The second served as an incentive to visit the café, offering a 10% discount.

Russia-based agency StreetArt assisted advertising agency Voskhod in producing the interactive piece.

Chopstick Therapy

I don’t know what our obsession with Chinese food is but my god we all can never get enough of it. Every time we all go out to dinner, its Chinese food. Rossi has covered the Italian food and made us all swear we wouldn’t it anywhere else but his house when we are all together. The BAU is a huge family and along with Chinese food, I can never get enough of this group of people. Especially because I was dating the genius of the group, our jobs take up most of our time and to able to be with the person we long while on the job makes everything so much easier.
“I don’t understand these things.” Spencer huffed next to me, placing the chopsticks down on the plate, earning a laugh from Derek and a small giggle from Penelope. He was frustrated and we all knew that laughing at the failed attempt wasn’t going to help him.
“Don’t you dare ask for a fork, I’ll teach you.” I said pulling his arm down from the raised position as he was about to call over our waitress to ask for a fork. He sighed and nodded knowing that I actually really did want to help him rather than laugh at his failed attempts. He was already rather frustrated so teaching him was going to be a little harder but not impossible.
“Okay do what you normally do so I can see why its not working.” I said and he picking up the chopsticks and going to pick something up, and I spotted his mistake almost immediately.
“First your thumb isn’t in the right position so its making it harder to hold.” I said moving his thumb to where it was suppose to be and I looked up to only seeing him smiling at me sweetly, making my heart swell.
“When you go to pick something up, you are only move to top chopstick Spence. You need to move both so they met in the middle but only move the tips.” I said placing my hands over his and directing them to show him what I meant so he could finally do it on his own. Once he tried twice, his tongue peeking out between his lips in concentration. Once he did it the third time he smiled as everyone at the table cheered for the young genius, being able to do what he couldn’t for as long as they could all remember.
“Thank you.” he whispered pecking my lips and I smiled as he wiped the soy sauce of my lips that he left behind earning a awe from both JJ and Penelope.
“No problem” I whispered back as he picked a noodle up yet again, the correct way.