chops of silence

In a last ditch effort to help the crew escape the LSPD, Michael blows a parked (and empty) bus up with a rocket launcher, effectively blocking the LSPD’s path and giving the crew enough time to get away. The next day he finds an invitation to join Fake Chop stuck to his door with a knife along with a gift basket full of grenades and sticky bombs.

Dishonored cooking tv show with Corvo invited to flaunt his chef talents, but he barely answers any questions or tells any lighthearted stories about his life, he just chops salad in morbid, uncomfortable silence with a giant knife and adds coffee everywhere, from dessert sauce to meat marinade

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What would happen if the monster trio, ace, law, and kid's s/o died in front of them

I can’t do Ace, Law, and Kid, but I can do the Monster Trio! Bring on the angst! Time to listen to some sad One Piece ost’s!

I had so much fun writing this oh my gosh


  • You see, it’s obvious that Luffy cares so much about his friends. Remember Arlong Park? Enies Lobby? Syrup Village? The Baratie arc? Those are just a few examples of when Luffy trusted and protected his friends to the point of him almost dying. The bond that the Strawhat Crew shares is immense, and it could never be broken by any magnitude of a challenge that they come across.
  • If Luffy already does so much for his nakama, just imagine what’d he’d do for his significant other. This person is different from the rest. They make his heart beat just a bit faster. They’re the cause of the butterflies in his stomach. They make him so very happy, and he’d do anything so see them smile all the time.
  • Dear lord, if his lover actually died right in his arms, he wouldn’t have the slightest clue what do with with himself.
  • The moment he saw the light leave their eyes, he really wouldn’t be able to believe it. It was a dream. It just had to be a dream. He’d deny it at first, shaking them and yelling and sobbing and screaming and being so confused and scared as to why they’re not moving anymore.
  • Luffy’s not all that great at expressing his feelings, so with a traumatizing event like this one, he’s going to wreak havoc. He’s going to be self destructive. To approach Luffy in the midst of his mind and emotions going through utter hell is suicide. He might wind up killing someone. Not because he wants to, of course not, but because his eyes and mind are clouded with so much grief.
  • He was supposed to spend the rest of his life with this person. To smile and laugh with them and tell them that he loves them every day. They were supposed to be there when he becomes Pirate King. There were so many more damn things he wanted to do with them. To experience, whether good or bad. They were supposed to be there with him. There would be so much pain that he wouldn’t be able to take it without physical expression.
  • After hours of ripping his own clothes, pulling his hair, and going nuts on the environment around him, he’d resort to clutching their body tightly again and rocking back and forth while quietly sobbing to himself. It’s not just that he wants to be close to them, but he completely exhausted himself to the point of not being able do much of anything but hold them. This is where he’d finally accept that they’re dead in the back of his head, but the rest of his mind still wouldn’t really be able to fathom it correctly. He loves them so much. He doesn’t want them to go.
  • This is definitely not something he’d “get over” overnight. Mere months of living without them wouldn’t do the trick. Because Luffy’s heart is so pure and his love for the people he cares about is so large, getting over something like this would take a very long time.
  • To not be able to hold them at night, and to witness their scent fade away from things that they used or touched often would kill him even more. It would be like a metaphor of how they’ve faded from his life. To constantly wake up every day and run outside screaming their name with happiness because he had such a terrible dream of them dying and he’s so glad they’re okay - but then realizing that he forgot that they actually died would send him into repetitive waves of depression. They were his world. His sunshine. The other half of him, and now they’re gone forever.
  • Needless to say, try not to die if you’re Luffy’s significant other. Please.


  • He’d be quiet. He’d say his last words to them and the light would fade from their eyes, then he’d grow silent. Zoro’s the emotionally strong type. He knows how to bottle things in and to stay strong when the time is needed. This is one of those times.
  • Of course, this isn’t going to be him being stoic. This is the person he loves. Of course he’s going to shed tears and hold them to his chest while he constantly tries to swallow that stupid lump his his throat that seems to get heavier by the second. He’d brush their hair with his fingers. He’d lay a hand on their chest just in case they’re heart decides to burst with life again.
  • He’d whisper to them, coaxing them to simply be alive again. It sounds stupid, but to Zoro, it’s all he has left. Maybe a miracle would happen.
  • “Come on. You can’t leave yet. You’ve gotta stay with me (F/n). Dammit, come on! You’re strong. I’ve trained you. This isn’t supposed to be your fate.”
  • If you think that his training routine before was rough. Well, welcome to Zoro almost constantly getting sent to Chopper with internal injuries because of his excessive amounts of training to cope with the loss.
  • Zoro believes that if he’s very strong, he’ll be able to save the one’s he loves (which is true in a sense). Therefore, he’d train so much to where he won’t realize he’s becoming dehydrated, or that he skipped meals, or that he hasn’t stopped for two days straight. That amount of strain on his muscles would send him dangerously close to the line of surgery.
  • He’d very quickly realize that this is a tough pill to swallow. He’d regret not being protecting them properly so much.
  • There would be times in the future where it would hit him hard out of the blue. If he’s around others, he’d excuse himself. If he’s already alone, he’d stay put and cover his eyes with one of his hands tightly, and you’d know he’s going through a moment when you start seeing his shoulders shake and hear his breath hitch with every inhale.
  • “I’m going to get stronger than ever before for you, and for everyone else I need to protect. I’m not sure that there’s a Heaven up there, but if there is, I’m willing to believe in it now. Watch me become the strongest man alive, and if we meet once more, you’ll never witness death again!”


  • He’d be so petrified. He’d grip them tightly after spending minutes of pleading them to just hang on a bit longer so Chopper can make it on time. However, he’d know in the back of his mind that even if Chopper was treating them right now, it’d be too late.
  • Once the light fades from their eyes, his cigarette would fall from his mouth. Tears would line his eyes as his eyebrows would furrow in a petty attempt to keep them in as he grips their shoulders.
  • He’d resort to burying his face into their chest while his arms are wrapped around their limp body, holding them close to his own body (I tried finding a visual similar to what I imagined, but I couldn’t find one, unfortunately).
  • He’d be in between Zoro and Luffy reaction-wise. He wouldn’t go ballistic like Luffy or close to stoic like Zoro. He’d shed a lot of tears. He’d shake uncontrollably and lace his fingers with theirs, wondering why this had to happen.
  • Sanji flirts with a lot of people. Well, he used to. Now that he found them, he stopped doing that so much. Why would he have to flirt? He had the love of his life beside him, so there was no need to.  But now that the person he’s shared so many memories with has left him alone right before his eyes, he can’t bring himself to flirt with anyone anymore, or to think of romance at all anymore. They completed him and made him the happiest man alive, and now he can never touch them or hold them or serve them or tell them that he loves them again. They’ve slipped past his fingers and into the abyss; a place where the living can’t venture.
  • It’s a very hollow recovery. He’d still cook - it’s not only his coping mechanism, but his job - but it wouldn’t be the same. He’d be quieter as he chops vegetables in silence, as if waiting patiently for his lover to start talking to him from behind about how good the food smells. That would trigger constant memories of the light and heavy talks they’d have. He’d cook, and they’d sit on one of the stools and talk and talk and talk and he’d love it because they’re voice was always such a treat to hear.
  • The crew would be rather afraid to bother him when he cooks during the recovery. They don’t want to trigger anything because every time Sanji cooks now it just reminds him of their beautiful voice. Sometimes someone would come in anyway and comfort him, which would lead to him dropping whatever instrument he was using and covering the one visible eye with a palm and letting the tears flow while they rub his back. Sometimes Luffy would come in. The captain’s hungry, yes, but his friend’s feelings are much more valuable to him. Sanji would silently give him a snack to tide him over, but the ravenette wouldn’t touch it just yet. With a shadow covering his eyes, he’s gently reach over and set his strawhat onto Sanji’s head. “We’re here for you, Sanji.” It would be then that he’d take the food and leave the room, or stay and eat it.
  • He’d spend a lot of time looking out into the horizon while leaning on the ship’s railing and just reminiscing on the times they had together. Sometimes he crack a bitter smirk, trying to hold back tears for the billionth time, or he’d let them flow slowly while smiling genuinely.

All three of them will heal. No pain that great can last forever, but there will be a scar, and it will take time. For now, they’ll cry, grieve, and lose the feeling of happiness altogether for a long while. However, there will be a day where they’ll be able to look back on their lover and smile.

This one happens in the kitchen
  • <p> <b>Chen:</b> So what's on the menu tonight?<p/><b>D.O.:</b> I was thinking some stew or something<p/><b>Lay:</b> We can add fried rice and some dumplings, too!<p/><b>Chen:</b> Alright. Tell me what I can do, then<p/><b>D.O.:</b> Go wash your hands and chop up some onions and peppers<p/><b>Chen:</b> Alrighty... *washes hands and gets a knife and chopping board*<p/><b>ChenLaySoo:</b> *works in silence, until...*<p/><b>Chen:</b> Ah, ouch!<p/><b>Lay:</b> What's wrong, Chen-ah?<p/><b>D.O.:</b> Aish, please take your bleeding hand away from the vegetables<p/><b>Chen:</b> I didn't get any blood on the vegetables, calm down<p/><b>Lay:</b> Put your finger under running water<p/><b>Chen:</b> *follows* Lay hyung really *is* a healing unicorn, huh?<p/><b></b> *LOUD, QUICK FOOTSTEPS*<p/><b>Baekhyun:</b> ohmYGAWD JONGDAE ARE YOU OKAY HERE LET ME HANDLE THIS I'LL SAVEYOU!!! *rushes to Chen/pushes D.O. out of the way*<p/><b>D.O.:</b> What the hell<p/><b>Chen:</b> *surprised, but is blushing* It's not that big a cut, Baek, calm do--<p/><b>Baekhyun:</b> *is upset*<p/><b>Baekhyun:</b> Calm down?! Not that big a cut?! Chen, no, *Jongdae*, listen to me, a small cut like this can lead to blood loss and blood loss can lead to you dying, and I can't have you dying on me, man, not on my watch!<p/><b>Lay:</b> Aw, Baekhyunie is so sweet<p/><b>D.O.:</b> This is weird<p/><b>Chen:</b> Baek, wait, I'm sorry if I upset you, I--<p/><b>Baekhyun:</b> I just don't want you getting hurt, Dae. It hurts me too, ya know? *sniffles*<p/><b>Chen:</b> I'm so sorry Baek! *hugs Baekhyun*<p/><b>Lay:</b> Aw, group hug! *gathers everyone*<p/><b>D.O.:</b> I still have my knife with me *group hug immediately disperses*<p/><b>
holiday fic

title: face unafraid, the plans that we made
characters: SasuSaku, Uchiha family
word count: 2,374
summary: AU. Sasuke brings Sakura to meet his family on their Christmas Eve. 
author’s notes: Don’t quite know what this is, apart from Christmasy. Also, a minor tribute to preparations for large dinners. We’re with my dad’s side this year, but my mom’s family is HUGE, and there’s a certain amount of flurry that goes around. Posting this late but happy holidays to everyone!

Sasuke expected his mother to be home when they arrived. His father, he thought, would keep busy until the last minute, partly out of necessity (always work for a police chief) and partly because Mikoto was…particular about her own preparations for their party. As Fugaku was the one he was most concerned about meeting Sakura, Sasuke’s plan was to integrate her with Mikoto and Itachi before making the introductions to Fugaku.

Of course, this, like most of Sasuke’s plans, went spectacularly awry.

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You're Alright You. Part Twenty-Four

• What if … on the day of her release from the mental hospital Rae doesn’t see Chloe and the gang on the bikes…


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A/N- Just a quick note to say a massive thank you to every single one of you  who has read, liked, re-blogged and commented on every part of this story! I have been blown away. There are only a few more parts to go and I will still be sticking with posting everyday until it is finished. xx


Part Twenty-Four

Rae” a hand shook my shoulder “You alright?”

Archie? When did he get here?

Where is everyone else? Thought Chop said everyone was going to be here at one?

“Ummm… yeah?” The truth was I was a nervous wreck.

I had spent all night over thinking every aspect of sex.

Sex with Finn.

In three days.

Fucking hell.

Maybe I should of just asked to stay over last night.

Less time for me to freak out.

To worry about every minor detail.

It would of been over and done by now. Damn it.

Maybe I should just go back to his tonight and… do it.

“What’s up?” he looked a little worried.

Come on.

Be normal.

“Nothing” I forced a smile, but from the look on his face, he wasn’t buying it.

Rae” he sat on the stool opposite.

“It’s nothing” I insisted.


Its” I sighed “I’m just nervous”

“Nervous?” he pushed his glasses up his nose “About what?”

I didn’t get a chance to come up with something to say though. Chop came storming into the pub with the biggest grin I had ever seen anyone have on their face. It was scary.

Oh what the bloody hell is happening now?

“Right you two!” he slammed his hands down on the table “Get in my car, right now”

“What? Why?” I asked. What the hell is he up to now?

“I need you” he pointed at me and then to Archie “And you to help me with summet, dead important”

“With what?” Archie asked at the same time as I said “Important?”

If its to do with a bloody party or booze I am going to kick him in the balls. Twice. Maybe three times.

Was it too much to ask to just have one afternoon when we could just chill out in the pub with my friends and boyfriend?

“Look, less talking more walking” he waved his hands towards the door “Before Izzy and Chloe arrive”

“You avoiding Izzy?” Typical “What have you done now?”

“Fuck all, now move” He turned his back to us and marched off.

“What the fuck?” I whispered as the both of us stood.

“Come on, before he comes back” Archie pulled my arm.

“Today!” Chop shouted from the open doors. What the hell.

Chop was driving in silence.

Archie and I were in the back.

For some reason, and god knows why, Chop wouldn’t let either of us sit up front with him.


“Yes Raemundo” he smiled over his shoulder.

“You ever going to tell us what’s going on?”

“Well, I need help


“Summet for Izzy” Izzy?


“Look, her parents have been giving her a load of grief lately for dating me and not being at home much so I thought I would do something nice for her but I need help, cause… well” he rubbed his neck with one hand while driving with his other.

“Your a useless boy” I finished his sentence for him.


“Where are we going?” Archie asked.

“That shopping centre, the big one” Shopping. Oh shitting hell.

I was a little confused.

Why had he asked me and Archie of all people?

Chloe would of been the best person for this.

She lived for shopping. Hold the phone. Chloe?

“Wait a minute” I tapped Chop on the shoulder “Did you say Izzy was coming to the pub with Chloe?”

“Yeah” his voice went a little high. Hmmm.

“Well thats funny because I could of sworn she was going over to Leeds with her Mum, all day today

No” he shook his head. 

“Yeah” I only spoke to her about it last night. She was dead excited.

“Oh, must of been someone else then”


“I don’t bloody know Rae” Something else is going on here.

“So we’re just standing up Finn and Izzy and whoever she is with at the pub?”


“You’re the one who called me and said the gang was meeting for drinks!”

“Well, I….you see.shit” he stuttered.

“Why are you acting so weird?” I shouted.

“Your the weird one!” he shouted back at me before turning his radio on. Loud.

“What the hell” I turned to Archie who was looking out of the window, but I could still see his shoulders shaking as he laughed. What is going on.


Chop had pretty much pushed me into Our Price to pick out some CD’s for Izzy.

I still think something else is going on here but kept my mouth shut as he shoved twenty pounds into my hand.

We had spent thirty minutes picking out some candles and longer than I wanted to admit in The Body Shop.

Chop spent more money on smelly crap from there than I had spent all summer so far in the pub. It was ridiculous.

I wasn’t really sure what Izzy would have already so I chose the latest Now CD and another cheap compilation one.

There was no way I was going to be seen buying anything else like what she would listen to.

Bloody Backstreet Boys or the Spice Girls or something. Jesus.

Archie and Chop were sat on a bench with their backs to me when I came out of the shop.

As I got closer I heard them talking to each other.

“When can we go back?” Archie asked.

“I’ll give Finn a call in a bit, pay phones over there” Finn? “See if he’s done with her”




Oh my god. Was Finn seeing another girl?

I felt the blood draining from my face.


Both jumped up and nervously looked at each other.

“Which one of you is going to tell me what we are really doing here?”

“What you talking about?”



Errr..” I mimicked.

“Take me home Chop” he looked nervous “Now”

I needed to be alone.

He paused for a bit and worriedly looked from Archie to me and back again.

“Oh fuck it” I shoved the bag with the cd’s in into his hand and turned to leave. I’d take the bus home if I had too. This is bullshit.

“Rae, wait!” Chop ran over “Don’t go”

“Are you going to tell me what is really going on?”

“I can’t tell yah”

“Cause Finn is seeing someone else?” His eyes widened “Oh god..”

“No” he cut me off “Finn’s not seeing anyone else, not like that” he actually laughed a little “That boy is way to loved up with you to even notice any one else Raemundo

“I heard you Chop, you said ’See if he is done with her!”

“I didn’t…. I meant Izzy

“What?” Izzy?

“Listen just go with it, ok?”

“I am so confused right now” Why would Finn be seeing Izzy? And why would he get Archie and Chop to get me out of the way.

“Look” he looked back at Archie who shook his head “You can’t say anything, promise me?”

“About what? I don’t even know what’s happening right now”



“Look, its for the both of you and that is all I am saying, ok

“Me and Finn?”

He nodded before waving Archie over.

“Right, lets go then” Chop grabbed my arm and dragged me in the direction of the car park.

I stayed quiet on the ride back into Stamford.

What was Finn doing with Izzy? And why did I have to be out of the way.

“You sure you want me to take you home?” Chop asked over his shoulder. Me and Archie had to sit in the backseat again.


I was not in the mood to sit in the pub with the gang. Not when Finn had asked Chop to keep me out of the way.

I’d rather stay home.


Out of everyone’s way.

“Finn’s gunna wonder what happened when you don’t turn up” Archie said.

“Why?” I looked at him “He wanted me out of the way this afternoon!”

“Cause he was planning with Izzy! Oh shit!” he closed his eyes and dropped his head backwards onto the head rest.

“Archie!” Chop shouted.




“Fucking hell, he needed a girls advice okay for something he is planning and that is all you are getting out of me”

Girls advice?

Holy shit was Finn planning something for Saturday?

“Fine” I crossed my arms over my chest “I’ll go to the pub”

“Yes” Chop cheered.

“Rae, you can’t..”

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep my mouth shut”


“Oh, and don’t mention anything to Izzy about the stuff I got today, I am planning my own surprise for my girl this weekend too” So I guess Chop was being kind of honest.

“I won’t, for a price” I smiled at him.

“Are you bribing me Rae Earl?” he laughed “Fine, what do yah want?”

Oh boy” Archie laughed “Here we go”



@nayomiejade tagged me to do the 5 selfies of 2015 thing, and so I took it as an opportunity to look back at myself over the year.

Things I’ve learnt about myself this year by looking at these photos:

  • my eyeliner game ranges from incredibly strong to weaker than an out of date teabag
  • I really miss my longer hair, but it was so damaged and dry that I had to chop it off. A moment’s silence, please
  • I definitely didn’t wear my glasses as much as I promised my optician I would
  • I’ve lost some goddamn brilliant pairs of earrings 
  • I really miss that mustard jumper, which I wore so much that it got holes in about 14 different places and I had to throw it out (another moment’s silence, please)
  • I didn’t bother with lipstick very often in the latter half of the year, even though it is my fave thing and I own over a hundred 
  • my attire got gradually less ‘out there’ and a little more conventional - I’d like to rectify that in 2016, because I used to have a lot of fun expressing myself through what I wore, and I think I’ve weirdly got more afraid of doing that

Now I am supposed to tag people, apparently. Erm. @urulokid, @geekitygeek, @bloodredandicecold, @aneiraaa@ephemeraltea - I have tried to pick people who I know don’t feel uncomfortable about posting photos of themselves, but obvs it’s totes fine if you do not wish to do so. 

And now I’m going to blow my nose for the 74986th time today. 

BC Lower Mainland Gothic
  • You ask a student about the public opinion of their university. They don’t know. You ask another about its history. They don’t know. You ask a professor in the hall about the reasoning behind the architecture. They don’t know. You ask a receptionist in the visitor’s office what year it is. They don’t know. You ask yourself where you are. You don’t know.
  • Driving down Highway 1, you feel a pit growing in your stomach. You told them you couldn’t be stationed in Surrey, yet here you are, trees beginning to give way to flickering city lights. They say it’s a dumping ground for new Mounties like you. Nobody ever returns. You casually speak into your radio to try and lighten the mood. The response is an ear-splitting, inhuman screech.
  • You were told to watch out for bears and caribou. This is clearly not a bear or a caribou, but whatever it is, it is very, very big, and staring right at you with eyes like car headlights.
  • You sip your bubble tea and walk further into the mall. You sip your bubble tea and walk further into the mall. You sip your bubble tea and walk further into the mall. You sip your bubble tea and walk further into the mall.
  • You’re sitting in a bar on Commercial Drive as a local indie band, a favourite of yours, sets up. The singer opens her mouth to test the microphone. You wake up on the beach. The Pacific Ocean is grey. The sky is grey. The sand is grey. Your hands are red.
  • You’re driving eastwards through the Fraser Valley to spend some time in the sunny Okanagan. There’s a church. There’s a church. There’s another church. You begin to realise that it’s 3 in the morning, the sun has not set, and you feel no fatigue. There’s a church.
  • This building is designed to protect pedestrians from the rain wherever they might walk in the complex, and you do feel protected. It’s odd to say, but you feel like caring eyes are watching you, and you feel a careful touch leading your hand through the concrete.
  • The sickly blue paint in the diner peels off the walls. You eat your baked pork chop rice in silence. It tastes like memories of labour, of sore muscles and broken bones and rusted railroad spikes. The chef coughs from the semi-open kitchen.
  • DING-DING-DING! The next station is Bridgeport. This train is for Richmond-Brighouse. For trains to YVR Airport and locations beyond the limits of human perceptive capabilities, please transfer at the next station.
  • You wake up one morning and see that your driver’s licence is on your bedside table. You didn’t have one when you went to bed, and you certainly didn’t go through the process of getting one, but there it is. You make a small note of a strange insignia on the underside of your arm, but looks like you’re ready for the road!
  • You walk forward into the park for a hike. It starts to get dark. You’ve been walking a few hours now. The endless seas of pine trees are very tall. Worried, you look back, and you see that you are only a few steps forward from the edge of the road where you entered.
  • Something washed up on the beach. It’s vaguely gelatinous, but bloated, with wounds like those possible on human flesh. It has a few hairs growing on it. Somewhat perturbed, you walk away, leaving it for someone else to clean up.

MMFD: Shattered Pieces - A Post S3 E1 Fic

Rae’s sitting in a cubicle in A&E, waiting for the all-clear after being examined. The crash hasn’t left a mark on her despite the blood to her face when she was brought in. She hasn’t a clue where the rest of the gang is. She doesn’t even know about Chloe, whether she made it out of the car alive or…

She’d have disobeyed the doctor’s orders to stay put by now, if it weren’t for the fact that she doesn’t know what the fuck she’s going to do next. 

Finally she’s given the okay to leave - a nurse asks her if she wants her to call anyone for her, but she lies and says her mum is already on her way. She escapes to the nearest toilet, chances a glance at herself in the mirror and wonders how the hell life can have turned to such shit in such a short space of time.

It’s down to her, this whole mess; she feels it. It’s there inside her and it’s ten times worse than the guilt she felt with what happened to Tix. Her best friend could be dead right now and all because she’d stopped to check on Rae’s well-being.

She has to hold herself up, force herself not to collapse on the floor in a heap and just close her eyes in the hope that this is all just a nightmare.

Find the gang. Find out where Chloe is…just DO something. Her inner voice is what drags her out of the toilets and into the busy waiting room that’s immediately outside it.

She looks around, for Chop, or Danny or Archie or Izzy…but instead there’s just Finn looking around, his face frantic. She hasn’t seen him since the night he declared them to be on a break. Tonight was supposed to be their reunion, for her to bring the party to him and tell him she was staying in Stamford. As if things would really be as simple as that.

He spots her, and he wastes no time in reaching her. “Rae…”

His voice provokes a gulp of a sob from her throat, and suddenly he’s got her. Finn’s arms are around her and she doesn’t have to hold herself up any more. 

Rae feels her legs buckle beneath her and for a second she fully expects the weight of her to bring him tumbling to the floor with her, but suddenly - impossibly, she thinks - his steady hands are pulling her up, taking her with him to the nearest chairs. 

She can’t bring herself to speak. There’s too much to say but nothing her brain can conjure up will ever be enough right now.

He breaks the silence. “Chop called me. Fucks knows where he’s got to though.”

Finn’s voice is warm. It’s what she needs, and she realises that they won’t be talking about the problems between them tonight, although they’re definitely not going away.

Everything is broken, Rae thinks as she clings onto Finn’s hand. And once again it’s her that broke it in the first place. The last time she felt like this, his words in a letter gave her strength. ‘You’re the glue’ he’d written.

Finn was wrong. HE’S the glue, keeping all the broken pieces from shattering around her.

Maybe one day she’ll learn how to do that on her own.