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Because I’m in too deep now. Laughing Boar with his daughter, Ylwyda.

Though taking more after his Mother, Laughing Boar was given a Hellsguard name because their Native Hellsguard Father was very insistent. Despite his Seawolf appearance, he feels it’s a celebration of his heritage and wears his name proudly.
He tried his hand at adventuring but after Ylwyda was born, decided that joining the Fishers guild may be a little more appropriate for a lifestyle choice. Though he still manages to make fishing something dangerous.
He tries his best to include Ylwyda in his interests and activities but he’s not very good at connecting with her. He enjoys adventure, excitement and danger and she’s not really interested in any of it. Though she does like the smaller, cuter fish he catches, it’s a start.

Ylwyda is a girly girl through and through. She loves dresses and dolls though sometimes her rough tough Roegadyn roots show through the cracks, she can often forget her own strength in comparison to some of her smaller peers.
She has a gentle soul much like Beefy, and he encourages her to pursue the things she enjoys, she’s currently learning about botany so she can grow lots of pretty blue flowers.