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Four Greenies

*Requested: Four new boys show up in the box, and memories come back to Y/N of them all being best friends and Newt becomes jealous.*

“Y/N, Box Day today.” Newt reported to you in the morning with a smile. You melted at his smile and words.

“Crossing my fingers for another girl.” you said and showed him your crossed fingers.

“You’ll always be my number one, though.” he said with a wink and walked away. That’s what you loved about him. He could be subtle and shy but then the next moment he was full-on flirting with you. You walked towards the Medjack hut and began your day, seriously hoping that a girl would come up in the box. You enjoyed the boys, you LOVED the boys, but you could use a feminine presence.

“Box!” you heard someone yell and you jogged out of the hut and towards the Box. Newt, Gally, and a lot of the others were already there. You pushed through the crowd and made it to the front.

“What the shucking hell?” you heard and peered into the box to see not one, not two, not three, but four boys sitting there.

You just stood there and stared at them as Gally and Newt helped them out.

“Welcome.” you heard Alby from behind you and you moved to the side to let them through. That was when your eyes met with one of them.

“Y/N…” he said and all the Gladers turned to look at you.

“What?” you said, confused. There was no way he knew who you were. He wasn’t supposed to remember anything about anything or anyone. But how was it that he knew your name?

“Y/N?” another one said and your eyes went wide. Your eyes flickered towards Newt’s and he had his eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

“Y/N!” the last two said and the four came close to you and Newt suddenly moved towards them.

“Back off.” he said and protectively came to your side. You were shrinking your body smaller and smaller, suddenly feeling very overwhelmed.

“I need air.” you said and walked through the crowd quickly. Newt followed you but didn’t say anything and didn’t stand too close. He was always being considerate.

“I don’t know who they are, Newt.” you said after a while and watched out of the corner of your eyes as the four boys looked around the Glade in wonder and kept their cool as they were bombarded with questions.

“Gathering!” Alby shouted and your stomach felt weak. You knew you were going to be one of the many topics of discussion. Newt wrapped an arm around your waist and the two of you headed towards the Council Hall.

“Boys.” Alby said and the four moved to the front and they all looked at you. You were still very confused.

“Y/N.” Alby said gently and you walked up and stood in between Alby and Newt, Newt’s warm body keeping you calm.

“Names, please.” Alby said and crossed his arms as the four boys said their names with confidence.

Preston. Harvey. Evan. Tyler.

“Wait a second…” you said and took a step forward and looked at the four boys. Now that you took in their features, they did seem familiar.

“I know you guys.” you said and felt your mind go foggy as you felt dizzy and weak in the knees.

“Y/N!” Newt said and you felt warm arms wrap around you.

The four boys sat around you and you closed your eyes.

“Keep them closed, Y/N.” one of them said and you giggled. You always loved surprises.

“You’re going to love this one.” you heard and you stuck out your hands. You felt something soft and warm.

“Open.” you heard another boy say and when you opened your eyes, a tiny kitten was sitting in the palms of your hands. And in front of you stood four goofy little boys, proud of being the reason for your smile.

“Y/N?” you heard and opened your eyes. you were laying in a bed in the Medjack hut.

“I know them.” you croaked out and Newt handed you a glass of water.

“You do?” he asked and focused on your face.

“Yeah, we were all friends when we were younger. But I only remember us as kids, not anytime recently.” you said, rubbing your forehead because of the pain.

“I want to see them.” you said and Newt sighed.

“Are you sure?” he asked and you ran your hand along his structured face and into his messy blond hair.

“Yes, I’m sure.” you said with a smile and watched as Newt walked out of the hut and off to get the four boys.

“Hello boys.” you said and sat up in the bed.

“Quite an introduction, huh?” Preston said and you smiled.

“How do you guys remember so much?” you asked and Tyler was the one to speak up next.

“Well we don’t remember much of the recent past but long term memory is with us. We don’t really know what’s going on, but after losing you, I’m sure all 4 of us freaked out.” he said and you smiled.

“Having the other guys made it feel better in that metal box.” Harvey said and the other three nodded. Newt stood right next to you and listened and you could tell he was analyzing them and scrutinizing them.

“Babe? Why don’t you go and get some fresh air, see if Alby needs help?” you asked with a smile but a look in your eyes that told him you wanted to be alone with your friends.

He reluctantly uncrossed his arms and kissed your forehead before walking out, staring the boys down as he did.

“Didn’t know you had a lover.” Evan said and you smiled.

“I do.” you said and sat up straighter.

“So tell us all about this place.” Preston said and you laughed.

“Okay, well….”


You had been spending a lot of time with the four boys. Preston and Tyler became Builders, Evan and Harvey became Choppers. Tough jobs but you always had time to hang out. They made the Glade all that much more fun.

“Supper!” you heard Frypan yell and wiped your hands after bandaging up a Builder’s hand.

You walked out of the hut and saw Preston walking in and ran up to him. You always sat with the four boys, Thomas, Minho, Chuck, and Newt.

“Anything interesting in the Maze today?” you asked and Minho remained quiet as Thomas passionately talked about his day in the Maze. It was like any other day in the Maze, but he always loved talking about it.

“What about the Builders?” you asked and Tyler began rambling on and on about Gally yelling. You couldn’t stop laughing. You were glad to have these friends. Of course you made new friends, but it was good to know they were your friends from a long time ago.

“Being Choppers and Builders must be really hard. The muscle and skill involved.” you stated and laughed even more as the four boys all rolled up their sleeves and flexed.

“How was Gardening? Any new dirt?” you asked Newt and you all laughed at your joke, all except Minho and Newt. Minho not laughing was expected but Newt… he always laughed at your jokes.

“Excuse me.” Newt said and stood up, leaving you and the others confused and feeling uncomfortable.

“I’ll be right back.” you said, your eyes not leaving Newt’s back for a second.

“Newt?” you said into the night and saw him standing in the Gardens.

“Hey.” you said and walked over to him, standing in front of him.

“Is everything okay?” you asked and Newt wouldn’t look at you.

“Newt.” you said and peered into his face.

“Why don’t you go back to your muscular and strong friends?” he asked and you could hear the jealousy in his voice.

“Newt.” you said and smiled at him, stepping even closer to him, leaving no space between your bodies. He still wouldn’t look at you.

“You know I only love you, right?” you said and that caused him to look straight into your eyes.

“You spend all your time with them.” he said sadly and you held his hands in yours.

“I’m sorry. I just missed them and I guess I got carried away with the fun.” you said seriously and looked down. You had always wanted a girl to come up in the box so that you could have a friend that didn’t really see you as a girl; someone who didn’t flirt with you or try to break you and Newt up. The four guys that came up in the Box obviously weren’t girls, but they never made a move on you, ever.

“I just wanted to spend time with people that weren’t attracted to me intimately. Not that I don’t enjoy spending time with you, I love it, I love YOU.” you said and Newt cupped your face in his hands and leaned in to kiss you passionately. You heard whistling and cheering and saw your four best friends standing from and cheering from a distance.

“I’m going to kill them.” Newt growled into your lips and you smiled.

“Don’t worry babe, I’ll do it for you.” you said and he grabbed your butt lightly before you walked towards the Homestead.


Max Schaaf - Born Free

Ben Hardy, born Benjamin F. Hardy, was an African-American motorcycle engineer and chopper builder, who is best known for creating the customized choppers for the characters ‘Captain America’ and 'Billy’ which featured in the 1969 Peter Fonda road movie Easy Rider, a movie which influenced more people to take an interest in motorcycles and choppers than any other.

The Captain America bike, made from a then 20 year old, heavily customized Harley-Davidson panhead is considered one of the most iconic motorcycles ever built, one which captured the zeitgeist of a generation and became an anti-establishment symbol.

Working with another Black motorcycle builder, coordinator Cliff Vaughs, Hardy built two 'Billy’ bikes and three 'Captain Americas’, one of which was destroyed in the making of the movie, the rest of which were stolen. The 'Billy’ bike was typical of the custom motorcycles Black bikers were riding at the time.

Hardy and Vaughs remained largely unknown and uncredited for 25 years as they were not accepted as being equal due to their color and, as African-Americans, were not welcomed into the mainstream white motorcycle world in the USA.

Known locally as “Benny” and “King of Bikes” Ben Hardy’s Motorcycle Service was located at 1168 E. Florence in Los Angeles. He was a mentor to many of the local motorcyclists in South Central, Los Angeles.

His work was featured in the “Black Chrome” exhibition at the California African American Museum.

“Burning the Midnight Oil”- Short film about garage building

Hello there,

I am an aspiring filmmaker and I made a short documentary about a garage builder. The film highlights his passion in building, and how it makes him a happier person. I was wondering if you might be interested in taking a look at it, and and if you like it, perhaps post it here on your blog?

Thanks for your time.

Here is the link to the video:


Gabe Priestley