#chopped2013 the Ahrens T-Roadster. In my top three cars of the weekend. Perfect in every way. To me this, and a hell of a lot of other cars, truly say “hot rod”. no bullshit, home built, fast and innovative. To top it off the owners are down to earth, knowledgable and willing to pass on a wealth of information. That’s what it’s about. #crcooperphotography

Chopped. The car did/is running so god damn shitful, barely took 100 photos but finally met some truly amazing and inspiring people. Don’t hate on social networking… brings people together from different states to share friendships for a life time. Fucking bad ass weekend. Well done to the trio Ryan Kyle Willo. Big ups to that skank today and the fuckhead with the engine in the back of ute… Cheers to the rest of the awesome cats. #chopped #chopped2013