Hey guys!

If you’re a small creator and you’re tired of your work not getting much attention on here, I have a network for you!

The RT/AH Emerging Creators Network is where the little guy supports the little guy. All skill levels are welcome, all mediums are welcome! Fanart, fiction, aesthetic boards, you name it! The purpose of this network is to make sure that you have a safe place to share your art and have fellow creators reblog it and help get it out there. Artists work hard to put out beautiful pieces they work hard on. In this network, they can feel supported and appreciated among fellow artists. We can share good vibes and helpful, constructive criticism in this welcome environment!

To join:

-simply message me for a link to the discord

-thats it!


-For morality reasons I cannot accept artists who draw or write for underage ships such as max/vid.

-Be respectful to your fellow artist.

-Post any art/fics you make in the discord chat in the specified text channel. I’ll be making channels for all known RT universe’s as well as a NSFW channel and a ragehappy channel.

-Reblog as much as you can, but only what you feel comfortable reblogging. If you don’t like a certain ship or you aren’t into a certain au, no pressure! I will make sure I reblog everything so not everyone has to. But try to reblog what you can!

-Helpful critiques only and only if critiques are asked of you.

-Make friends!

That’s it! Hope I get a lot of intetest for this idea! Be sure to message me or reply to this for the discord link!