It was picking up and it was really big and still scary. A lot of people weren’t making waves. It was supposed to be a south swell but it looked really west to me. It was kinda chunky from the wind so it made it dangerous. It wasn’t no inviting, beautiful Teahupo’o day like you see on the videos. It was more one of those angry ‘wanna hurt you possibly kill you' type of days.


Chope! Book

is now finally launched! Available at our physical store and online store –

Book specifications: 112 pages • A5 • Hard cover • Thread sewn and perfect bound • Published in 2013 • Printed in Singapore • ISBN 978-981-07-6542-2

Content Outline:
• Our peculiar lingoes
• The art of ordering Teh in a Kopitiam
• The art of ordering Kopi in a Kopitiam
• Nicknames of popular drinks in a Kopitiam
• La Kopi, Gossips, Gather
• Kopitiam soccer lingo
• Sounds of Singapore


Chope! Magnets

We’ve added 2 new designs to our series of Chope! magnets, the “Tak Giu Peng 一杯!” & “炸蛋两粒!” (Comes with a bonus soy sauce & pepper magnet)

Now a total in 8 designs: 
• Yum Seng!
• Tak Giu Peng 一杯
• 炸蛋两粒
• Kopi 一杯!
• Teh Peng 包!
• 钓鱼一杯
• Kopi-o 包!
• Chope!

Available at our physical & online store.