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Never saw this, but I loved how smooth and vinyl figure looking everyone was

TMNT: Fast Forward eps that didn’t get made

*according to Wiki

-“Master Fighter 2105”

The sentient and autonomously rogue artificial intelligence/multi-agent system called Viral brings the character of “Master Fighter,” the ultimate martial master from the Turtle’s favorite hi-chop-socky martial arts films, to “life.” This virtual Master Fighter plays out the storyline of the film he was created from, believing the Turtles, Cody and Serling to be his mortal enemies. Master Fighter makes short work of them until Master Splinter shows up!

NOTE: Production of this episode was not completed, but the animatic of it is available on


- “Something Wicked”

A Triceraton deep space freighter detects life signs coming from a lone asteroid. As per United Federation of Planets regulations, they investigate… only to find their greatest and oldest archenemy-the Utrom shredder. The Utrom Shredder takes over the Triceraton ship, enslaves the Triceraton crew, and creates for himself a new organic,cyborg Triceraton body. This new Shredder then plots a course for the Milky Way galaxy, and New Manhattan in particular, to exact revenge on the Turtles. However, our heroes receive word of the Shredder’s resurrection from some old Utrom allies, including Captain Mortu, and their long-lost comrade Leatherhead.



appears in a flashback along the Utrom Shredder, her adopted father.

- “Bounty Huntin’”

When Boss Zucko collects the bounty on Torbin Zixx by handing him over to an unscrupulous criminal kingpin the Turtles get suckered into mounting a rescue mission. But Zucko keeps capturing Zixx again and again, turning Zixx over to different gangs of thugs, aliens, and crime syndicates and the Turtles keep having to spring Zixx. Eventually our heroes discover they’ve been had - Zixx and Zucko have been working together since the very beginning, collecting and splitting millions of credits from all of the bounties on Zixx’s head! Now they’ve got to teach Zixx and Zucko a (hopefully painful) lesson.

- “Turtles, Turtles Everywhere”

Tired of the constant failures of the Dark Turtles he created, Darius Dunn decides it’s time to build a better mousetrap - - or gang of henchmen, if you will. Turning his technological know how to the task, Dunn creates the TechTurtles…and what better way to give them a test run than sending them after the now obsolete Dark Turtles? Reeling from the high tech onslaught of the TechTurtles and desperate to survive, the Dark Turtles have no choice but to turn to their enemies, the Turtles, for help. In the heat of battle, the Ninja Turtles teach the Dark Turtles what honor and sacrifice is truly about. After this battle, things will never be the same.

- “Law and Disorder”

When Jammerhead reprograms Constable Biggles to take down the Turtles, our heroes find themselves under attack by the entire police force! And the Turtles thought Biggles couldn’t get any more annoying!! Now the green team supreme must battle both cops (Biggles police force) and robbers (Jammerhead’s Street Phantoms), get to Jammerhead, and get Biggles back to his normal obnoxious self!

- “The Devil and Dr. Stockman”

Recently installed into a new body (courtesy of his “good friend” and head of the UFP, President Bishop), a chipper Stockman finds himself anxious to begin his new life as one of the “good guys.” Stockman invites himself along to an intergalactic Science Expo with his new best friends forever – the Turtles. But when the Shredder attacks their ship and they all find themselves stranded on a hostile planet, with the Shredder hunting them, will Stockman be tempted by the Shredder to go back to his evil ways or will he stay the good guy course and help the Turtles survive?

- “The Incredible Shrinking Serling”

Realizing that getting back to their own time has become imperative, the Turtles and Cody begin a series of Time Window experiments, using Serling as a guinea pig! The first test causes Serling to explode! The next test shrinks him to action figure size (“Er… I think we’ve accidentally altered space instead of time…”)! Next, tiny Serling gets sent into the past! But targeting the precise point in time is more difficult than you’d think, and for a moment Serling winds up in some prehistoric age! Just as he’s about to be eaten by a T-Rex, he is pulled again through time, and materializes in the Turtles Lair! But, to Serling’s chagrin, he learns that a) his systems are not functioning very well (he’s temporarily lost motor functions), and b) he’s at a point in time where the Turtles are still kids (the Turtle Tots)! It’s Serling’s worst nightmare as the Turtle tots tap him as their favorite new toy and he must clandestinely work to save the mischievous foursome as they get into all sorts of trouble.

NOTE: Production of this episode was not completed, but the script was later salvaged and adapted into an episode of

Back to the Sewer

bearing the same title

- “A Question of Honor”

The turtles’ team up with the ninja*-rabbit Usagi.

*Last I heard Usagi is a Ronin and that his second career choice is delevery boy so idk about this ninja thing.

- “City Under Siege / Con Space”

As Triple Threat is being deported from earth via a prisoner transport shuttle he hijacks the ship and rallies all of the convicted alien thugs on board to join him on a crime spree the likes of which New New York has never seen! President Bishop is desperate to keep order in the city, but is he desperate enough to team up with the Turtle Titan for help?

NOTE: Production of this episode was not completed, but the script was later salvaged and adapted into an episode of Back to the Sewer bearing the same title.

- “Homeward Bound”

When Cody mysteriously fluxes out of existence, the Turtles double their efforts on the Time Window, if only so they can rescue him. But with the Utrom Shredder, Mech Turtles, and Darius all closing in fast it will take a little help from some friends. Thankfully, Usagi, Leatherhead, and the Utroms arrive to aid our heroes. But despite Don’s best efforts he can’t seem to break through to the point in time he and his brothers came from.

Meanwhile, it becomes clear that the bad guys are targeting the Time Window too! The good and the bad guys are closing in: But that’s when the Dark Turtles enter the fray and buy Don some much needed thinking time. Don fires up the Time Window with search parameters to find Cody – and it finally does locate him! Don see Cody in some subterranean location, tinkering with some kind of high tech machine, watching various images of the (future) Turtles. With the help of their allies, the villains are defeated, and the Turtles, Splinter, and Serling jump through the Time window to rescue Cody – only to find that they have materialized safe and sound, back in their lair, in the year 2007! Cody has built a crude Time Beacon here in the Turtles’ home time, enabling the Time Window in Cody’s time to finally bridge the gap accurately and safely where they all live happily ever after in their rightful home and family.



Predators in Training

Prompt: AU where Carmilla first meets Laura when her mother calls her in from globetrotting to meet her new “little sister”—a freshly-turned Laura Hollis, naive yet determined to survive this dangerous new world.

Sorry this took me so long to do but in my defense I accidentally deleted my blog and that set me back with a lot of things. That’s also why I have no idea who sent me this prompt.

If she was being perfectly honest with herself, the only reason she hadn’t written back to Mother arguing against coming back home – if one could truly call it home – was that she knew without a shadow of a doubt that Mother would probably behead her if she did. A call back home was indisputable. You return promptly or be hunted down.

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