Leaving Offering: Food

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A few of my friends have asked me about leaving food offerings for their spirit companions. How does one do this and what else can I do that won’t make it look like I’m wasting food to others that don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve had a couple tell me their parents got mad and think they’re wasting food and in some smaller countries, this can definitely be seen as such so we can’t have that happening. Here are a few things I do with my Keep that you may want to try. Some are easier while others may not be so for others so just think about all this and see what works. Trial and error is how we all learn. 

  • Fruits, I have found, to be the best. As a Chinese American, one of the things I always do is have fresh oranges for the Chinese New Year. So those with sturdy skins are good to leave out for a few days. Your companions will not be offended if you eat it because it will benefit you as well. I’ve left pears out as well, but not so good when you have cats that like to attack random things. So other fruits you want to offer can be leftmost out, but I would recommend either putting the, away in the fridge or just eat them once you feel your companions have had their fill. If things start to spoil, you can simply throw it out or, if your Wiccan (or eco-friendly), you can bury it in your yard to return it to the Earth. 
  • Meat is another offering, but that can be problematic if you live with others that have no idea what the hell you’re doing with it. This can vary from scraps to raw meat for anything from critters to vampires. I have a lot of wolves as well so they like having meat. Here is my agreement with them: they can have access to what’s in the fridge or share with me when I eat. If it’s a sanguine vampire or anyone that requires blood, you can allow them to take from you and they don’t actually require a lot. I always feel a bite from one of mine and it lasts as long as they need. Cooked meat is also an option and while some may love beef, we can’t always afford it. As long as they understand that you can only afford certain things and that what you offer is from the heart, it shouldn’t be a problem. Now, if you choose to offer raw meat, I would say to do so before you use it yourself so they have first dibs and nothing goes to waste. I would put Dairy this category. Since cheese can last for a while, keeping some in your fridge should be more than enough. 
  • Sweets are super easy to offer. I have a spirit that always visits from my sister’s Keep that loves butterscotch. So I always keep some around in case he wants to visit. I also have an Auraelic Vampire that likes it too. If it says hard candy, it can stay as long as it’s good. If it’s pastries, treat it like any other edible and share, but remember to eat it so it doesn’t go to waste. 
  • I have yet to have anyone ask about Liquids of any kind in my Keep, but there are some that like liquor like beer or wine. Like any offering, you can leave some libations for them in a glass, but I would recommend you share something you can then drink yourself. Otherwise, put it away or pour it it into the ground as continued offering to them and to the Earth. 

In regards to how much you should put out, I say no more than what you prepare for yourself. In reality, they can’t really eat on their own. They either share with you using your own senses, or they eat the Astral version. The way I see the 3 Bodies is like there are 3 parallel universes existing and that what we have here can also exist in the Astral and the Spiritual, give or take a few things.  One faery showed me her shoving grapes in her face like a chipmunk so anything is possible. You can always fix a little extra if you like, but remember to put any leftovers away to be eaten or disposed to appropriately. 

Draft Night - Roman Reigns

You sat with the rest of the superstars as the pyro for the first ever smackdown live went off. It was the night of the brand extension, the 2016 wwe draft. You didn’t care which brand you ended up on just as long as you were on the same brand as Roman, your boyfriend of just over 12 months. All the women were worried about being split from there partners, the boys either didn’t care or weren’t showing it. Earlier in the night you had talked to Shane McMahon about it with Nattie.

“I just want to know if your going to pick me” you said “you’ll be my favourite McMahon”

“Look, Daniel and I sat down with the entire list of talent and made our own list. So when raw picks someone we’ll cross it off and list and go on from there” Shane said “everything is going to be fine”

“That easy for you to say” you mumbled fiddling with your hands “just don’t pick me if Steph and Mick pick Roman, please”

“I can’t promise anything y/n” Shane said placing a hand on your shoulder “if your our next pick and we don’t have Roman we’re gonna pick you. We want the best roster for Smackdown”

Now you sit biting your lip as everyone waits in anticipation.

“The first pick in the draft is….” Stephanie smirked “Seth Rollins!” A round of cheers went around for Seth.

“Smackdown live’s first pick is the current and future wwe champion Dean Ambrose!” Daniel yelled

“Well at least Renee has Dean” Naomi sighed. She was in the same boat as me, worried about the fact that Jimmy and her could be split.

“Raw’s next pick is…Roman Reigns”

“Okay…okay… that’s okay” you reassured yourself “I just have to go to raw, they wouldn’t split us up…would they?” Naomi just shrugged.

The night wore on and raw still hadn’t picked you. Nattie and Maryse had been drafted to Smackdown and Lana to raw.

“Yes baby!” Naomi cheered as she was drafted to Smackdown just after the uso’s were drafted. You sighed as the show went to an ad and walked over to Roman who was standing with Seth and Dean.

“Anything yet?” Dean asked

“Nothing” You sigh leaning on Roman’s arm. “I just don’t want to go to Smackdown”

“Gee thanks” Den playfully rolled his eyes

“Sorry Dean you know I’ve got friends on raw” you shrugged. He smirked at you knowing majority of your friends were on Smackdown.

“Your favourite shield member is there. What else could you want?”

“Well Seth is on raw. And you know how good he is. Number 1 draft pick and all” you mockingly swoon wrapping an arm around Seth. Roman looked down at you with an amused look before clearing his throat “oh and you, Roman’s there. You know…the boyfriend”

“But I repeat I’m on Smackdown and so is Renee” Dean said “I need both my lovers” that comment earned Dean a slap across the head from Roman causing you to laugh.

“Well I’m glad you have your girlfriend and your needs are fulfilled however I have needs to and I need my boyfriend” you shrug. As Smackdown came back on air you headed back to stand with Nattie, Maryse, Naomi, Paige and Lana.

“As much as I want you with us I want you to go to raw with Roman” Nattie said

“You have to come. They won’t split one of their top couples. Plus I need another friend” Lana said.

“Raw chooses… Paige” we turned to Paige who just shrugged.

“Smackdown chooses…” there was a long pause

“Shane doesn’t look happy” Nattie frowned

“Why wouldn’t he be happy?” Maryse asked

“Choosing someone he doesn’t like?” Lana suggested. Nattie turned to you

“Or someone who he knows won’t be happy” your eyes widened

“No he wouldn’t. Shane knows how much I want to be on raw” you bite your lip.

“Smackdown chooses y/n” Shane sighs. There it was. The worst thing that could have happened. The girls turned to you, not knowing what to say. Your sadness turned to anger. You turned and walked to Dean and Seth, you don’t know where Roman went or if he even knew you were on Smackdown.

“Y/n…” Dean trailed as you walked up to them

“I’m so mad” you sneered “I need to punch something”

“Punch me. Right here” he pointed to his abs

“Are you sure?” You raise your eyebrow

“Yep” that’s all he need to say. You pulled your right hand back and swung with all your might right into Seth’s mid section. Seth doubled over in pain and started coughing.

“I’m sorry” you winced as he kept coughing

“Feel better?” Seth coughed

“No” you whined

“What happened to Seth?” You heard Roman say behind you. You closed your eyes to stop the tearing threatening to fall.

“Y/n punched Seth” Dean shrugged as if it was the most normal thing in the world

“Why?” Roman questioned

“I said she could” Seth said through the pain standing up straight.

“I repeat why?”

“You didn’t see?” You whisper

“No? What’s happened?” You turn to face roman

“I was drafted to Smackdown” you say. For a split second you see Roman’s face fall. He had hoped you’d be on raw, hell he prayed for it. He didn’t want to be away from you. You only saw this for a second before he returned to normal, holding it together for your sake.

“Come here” he opened his arms and you just fell into them as your tears silently fell. “It’s gonna be okay”

“Okay? Roman your on raw you get home Wednesday, I get home Thursday and then you leave on Friday again. I don’t want to spend one day a week with you. If that”

“Then I’ll come to smackdown. We’ll text, FaceTime, Skype whatever. We’ll be okay. I won’t let this ruin us” he said kissing your head before lift you head to kiss you lips. “I love you”

“I love you too” you sighed wrapping your arms around his torso, holding on for as long as possible.

“That’s a hard punch you got” Seth winced “I honestly think you may have broken a rib”


Hope you like it. I was inspired by the episode of total divas. I apologise for any mistakes I have re-read it. It’s 11:36pm here.
Send any requests in.




Cheap Vegan Staples🌱

A coworker of mine has decided to try out veganism💚💚💚 (yay!) and asked me for a list of some cheap staple food ideas to buy at the grocery store. So I thought this might help out anyone wanting to transition and not really knowing what to buy!

Bags of potatoes
Sweet potatoes/ yams (whichever is cheaper atm)
Any veggies that are on sale (I tend to go for broccoli, kale/spinach, bell peppers etc)
Lots of bananas (smoothies/nice cream/oatmeal/baking/snacking ) Any fruit that is on sale (also check your stores reduced price produce shelf- there are almost always lots of perfectly ripe bananas, avocados, and lots of other goodies that are “too ripe” to sell at full price aka perfect.)

Dry goods-
Beans- black + garbanzos are my fav ( canned are a little pricier but nice for convenience)
Bread + tortillas ( also check to see if your store has a discounted bakery area for stuff about to go stale - I always find herb focaccia, raisin bread, and artisan baguettes for under $2 each so I stock up and store in freezer until ready to use)
Cold cereal/granola (buying in bulk is the way to go for this if you don’t want to make your own)
Canned tomatoes (easily turns into sauce, or add to curries, pastas, Mexican style dishes etc)
Peanut butter

Non dairy milk ( look for what’s on sale or deals on bigger sizes / multipacks + you can find smaller sizes in the dry goods area too if you don’t plan to use this much)
Non dairy butter ( I’ll buy this on sale only + in the largest size tub so I won’t need it again for a long time)

Optional: Tofu (firm - to make tofu scramble+ silken/soft - to make “sour cream”)

All in all I always keep my eye peeled for sales and bulk deals and know when to pass on something that week. Going into the store with a general plan for meals is always a good idea too so that you don’t overbuy or fill your basket with a bunch of random stuff that you have no idea what to do with once you’re home. I did not include “luxury” items like faux meat/cheese/yogurt/ ice cream etc because they aren’t necessary even if some of them are very tasty. I personally don’t eat them often and you may buy them at your own discretion. The only faux meat I always have on hand is tvp (aka textured vegetable protein, a dry and unflavored meat substitute that is made from soy that you rehydrate with veggie broth or water and seasonings that can replace any kind of ground meat or even bacon bits when prepared properly that can either be found in bulk at a natural foods store or the natural foods baking/flour area in your regular grocery store for fairly inexpensive ). I also didn’t include some basic stuff like flour, coffee/tea, sugar, cooking oil etc but I buy all these things in bulk and avoid most brands of white sugar and choose to buy my raw sugar in the bulk area of my local natural foods store where I am sure that it isn’t processed with bone char, I also tend to use coconut oil to cook with but this is totally a personal preference. Condiments are completely up to you but some stuff I use include veganaise, corn syrup-free ketchup, stone ground mustard, liquid aminos (soy sauce substitute), worstishire sauce ( look for one without anchovies), sriracha, cholula, chipotle tabasco, (I’m a hot sauce queen), fruit jam, balsamic and apple cider vinegar . Herbs and spices are also up to you but by far my most used ones are basic salt+pepper, garlic powder, Italian herbs seasoning, curry powder, cumin, cinnamon, nutritional yeast(even if that’s not technically a herb/spice and I buy it in the dry goods bulk area of my local natural foods store), and fresh cilantro. If you have a local Asian market I also highly recommend checking it out- they usually have inexpensive produce including lots of cheap fresh herbs (hello basil I’m looking at you), they also have lots of affordable accidentally vegan ramen/ instant noodle soup packs, and tons of rice noodles in all shapes and sizes in bulk for cheap, I also prefer to buy my rice here in bulk. One last thing I do to save a little money is keep a large bowl or bag in my freezer and fill it with veggie scraps like onion peels, pepper stems, carrot tops etc that I will use to make my own veggie broth after it is extremely full- simply put it all in a large pot, cover with water and simmer for an entire day, add salt to taste and use immediately or store for up to one week in the fridge or up to a few months in the freezer.

I hope this post helps you out and shows you that being vegan can indeed be very cheap if you know how to shop, and gives you some ideas for next time you’re at the grocery store. If you have any questions I’m always ready to help! 💁🏻

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True to my name, I have SEVERAL Star Wars fan dragons, and I wish I could share them all! (Though if you’d like to see them, they start on page 5 of my lair!)

If I have to choose one, I’ll choose Mitth'raw'nuruodo, better known as Thrawn. Grand Admiral Thrawn. Once I found out that Thrawn was now Canon, I just HAD to get a dragon of him! After all, a Star Wars character from the EU suddenly becoming canon? It’s a big deal!

-JediCreed #153657

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[TRANS] 2PM Interview MORE November 2015

2PM: How Are Our “___ Men”!?

If you think you’ve been charmed by their powerful performances, popular group 2PM let us take a peek at their look full of playfulness, too. These guys who are certainly the ideal for women appeared with “yearned for men’s looks.” They talked about everything from commemorating their new song to the inside story of the 6 members’ close relationship!

“Do you like men who look good in coats?” - Chansung
“Do we look good in coats?” - Taecyeon

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Flobsters Are Getting an Upgrade

((I’m seriously going to take this seriously. I’m serious. Watch me be serious.))

Species Name: Flobsters

Sexes: N/A, They’re a Cybertronian species. They don’t have specific genders. If you have one as a pet, you can call it whichever gender you decide and it won’t care in the least.

Habitat: Their preferred habitat is the cliffs of the Sonic Canyons. They’ll spend most of their life clinging to the cliffs and searching out untapped raw energon deposits. Since the cliffsides of the Sonic Canyon are rather sheer in many places, many of the deposits there are untouched by other species or are too difficult to mine.

However, they are rather adaptable and not limited to this habitat. You might find a few hanging out in the city, mostly clinging to the sides of buildings or roofs, and sneaking what food they can out of garbage cans or from the nice mecha that decide to feed them at the park. They will also congregate around energon mines/energon springs depending on which universe you’re from.

Appearance/Physiology: (Subject to slight adaptation) Most flobsters are a rather dull grey color. Those that have been domesticated may come in more vivid colors (or be painted more vivid colors), but that will rarely/never occur in the wild varieties. They prefer to blend in to their surroundings instead of drawing attention to themselves.

They’re rather small by Cybertonian standards. Depending on the variety, they can vary in size, but they’re not going to get any longer than 6’-7’ feet long, and keep in mind that’s on the extreme end of the spectrum. Most are between 4’-5’ in size. In other words, they are the perfect size to cling to your giant, metal faceplates.

Their claws are about ¼th of their mass. The claws are not as large as those you will encounter on organic lobsters; however, you shouldn’t underestimate the strength. They use those to defend themselves against predators, other flobsters who might steal their prey, and sometimes to help break off shards of energon. They’re probably not going to snap their way through armor (unless you have light armor), but they might leave a mark if they manage to latch on to bare protoform. They also have mandibles and proboscis in order to help with breaking off shards of raw energon and consuming them. 

Their tails are actually pretty long and used for steering when they glide or fly. That means they are shaped more like an airplane tail than that of an organic lobster. They even have a vertical stabilizer, unlike an organic lobsters. They even have small, rudder like appendages to help them shift directions.

Their armor is pretty thin by most standards in order to help them fly. If you give them a good, hard whack, it is going to end up damaging them. They can be rather fast while in the air though, and difficult to get a hold of. The armor on their bellies is particularly scant to help with flexibility.

What makes them edible is the fact that they have a secondary storage tank where they store energon that their systems have processed and refined for scant times. If you manage to capture a flobster and open them up, that’s the part you want to go for. The energon running through their lines is as corroded and dirtied as that going through any other species. They will get you a mouthful of refined energon, though. If you have enough, you might just make a cube. (Desperate times, desperate measures?)

The magnets they use to create electro-magnetic fields are located on their thinly-armored belly. As a way of self defense, if you pick them up, they can create a strong electro-magnetic pulse that will briefly numb your circuits and make your movements clumsy. That, hopefully, will give them enough chance to fly away. This usually only happens if you’re picking them up in a rough or threatening manner, though.

Eyesight is not overly great or bad. They have a hard time making out details, but their color vision is pretty good in order to spot the blue shade of energon. They tend to be attracted to the color blue, even if it is not energon. They also have antennae that function as sort of a taste-tester. If they’re running their antennae over something blue, they’re probably trying to figure out if it’s edible.

Personality: Flobsters are prey animals, and they act as such. They prefer to flee instead of fight, but they will fight if you back them into a corner. As mentioned above, their main weapons are electro-magnetic pulses and their claws (both of which are weapons that the predator has to be close for them to use). They tend to travel in flocks both for safety and companionship. It’s a lot less likely a predator will attack one that has a flock than one on its own.

They are not very smart animals. They spend most of their waking hours looking for food, even if they are full. They spend approximately ½ of their day in recharge, so the approximate of a normal Cybertronian. It’s pretty easy to tame a flobster. Once they have identified you as a “food source” they will return to you on a regular basis unless you start attacking them or showing signs of aggression.

You can teach them tricks. It will just take a lot of time and patience.

Early warning, they like to cling to things. If they like you a lot and you have adopted them as a pet, they might take up the habit of clinging to your back strut like a backpack. It mimics their natural tendency to cling to cliff walls and fulfills their need for socializing at the same time.

They actually don’t make too many sounds. Noot noot is their warning call, but they only make it when they are in danger as a way of warning their flockmates away. If you noot noot at a flobster, it will probably send them into a panic and scurrying away to the nearest hiding place. It is possible to scare away whole flocks that might have congregated (unwanted) at energon mines. All you have to do is scream it at the top of your lungs and they’ll probably fly away.

If you don’t lock down your cabinets or raw energon supplies, there is a chance that they will weasel their way into them and start munching away. It’s suggested you take proper measures to ensure this doesn’t happen. Energon is precious as it is! As long as you were being careful with it before, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Flobsters have one very special talent. They are naturally drawn to energon sources, and so they can be trained to sniff them out. This is a particularly useful (even life-saving) ability for Cybertrons where it is scarce. Can’t find any food? It’s wise to follow the flobsters. They are also kept around docking bays in order to clean space barnacles off the sides of ships. This is one of the few things that they prey on besides raw energon. They like space barnacles a lot and giving one to your flobster as a treat is sure to ensure automatic love.

In sum, they can be very useful as long as you are careful to keep your energon supplies out of their reach!

Predators: Scraplets, Predacons, Cybertronians, etc. Almost any species on Cybertron, pretty much.

Food: Their top favorite food is space barnacles. They’re designed to eat small shards of unrefined energon. They can also drink refined energon, but it is best to keep it normal grade. It’s kind of mean to give your flobster high-grade in order to see them fly around drunkenly. It’s funny, but be nice. Energon that is too high a grade can actually overwhelm their systems and lead to death, as they are not adapted to process energon that concentrated. They tend to avoid drinking it as long as there are other options around and they’re not starving. They’ll always choose to eat raw shards over refined cubes (even normal grade). It’s best to feed them that because that’s what their systems are adapted to handle and it keeps them at their healthiest.

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do you ever have those days where you just don't feel like you are in love with ryan?

Not anymore. :)

But after about three years of dating, I felt the butterflies go away and I freaked. I went through a really rough time with not understanding how love fades like that.

And then I started realizing that deeper love is forged in the choosing, in the raw emotions, and the tears. So in the days when I didn’t think we’d make it, I still chose him. Ryan showed how to do this, because at first, I based the status of our love off of my own giddiness around him. He taught me that love adores another soul without asking for return and without always needing an emotion, because it knows for a fact that it just plain loves the other.

As I learned to do this too… the butterflies came back….except now they aren’t just butterflies, they are deeper, more raw, more consistent, more full, a fleet of birds that will weather every element to get home. They are feelings that will go the distance, bear the weight of the other, and celebrate the joy of life in the sadness and in the celebration. My love is now based off of a knowledge of who Ryan is and his heart. Emotion just enhances this knowledge, but its fickleness cannot always support it. The knowledge and hope is what keeps it steady.

You see, I first fell in love with Ryan as a child…..but I could have never imagined how deep the woman inside of me had to fall in love with him for us to last. That deepness is only forged through pain, laughter, heartache, tears, joy. I needed to come to a point where I thought it was over before I could really understand what it meant to choose him again. 

I now know that love is choosing AND it is emotion. The two are cyclical and must constantly be forged and renewed. As a phoenix dies and is reborn again, I will constantly be growing and renewing, and I will choose to love Ryan in old ways and new ways in every season of life. Even on days when we fight, even on days when it’s hard, even when the love feels like it is fading again (because the reality is, we will ALL feel like this in one season or another) I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my heart adores Ryan’s heart. I will choose that always and that choice erases every doubt. I pick him. 

Here’s another post about what I believe on love. Just my personal opinion shared from Ryan and my experiences. :) Love you all!

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I'm a vegetarian, and I like to keep my diet mostly raw and natural. Do you have some nobake recipes for me?

Here’s some I’ve come across since running this blog, I’m sure there’s plenty more though -

A Ghoulish Guide To: Fine Dining

♦ ((So I’ve been making a few considerations about the eating patterns and habits of ghoul… Pure speculation, mind you, laced with opinion and spiced with a bit of preference. Take it however you will, it is simply something I found interesting. I’ll be reflecting a lot on Tsukiyama’s eating habits (don’t judge me) seeing as he has one of the more distinctive tastes within the realm of this series.
But without further ado; let’s take a look at what’s on the menu!))

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