13 New Maggots Squirm Ever Closer

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     []———————→ “Kyahaha! If you sorry louts keep throwing yourselves at my
   feet like this, I could EASILY rebuild my army! But, I’m feeling delightfully generous
   today… Speak your piece, before I change my mind!

New Hire || Elincia & Amee

The Queen smiled as she walked up behind her new maid… Amee, if memory served. The girl was foreign, someone from a distant country she didn’t talk much about, and Elincia knew that meant having a crush on her was politically dangerous…

But she also knew that a little harmless fun was just something the nobility expected. And if it led to more in private, well, that would just be between them…

So, she decided to sneak up as the girl bent down to dust a corner, before flipping up her skirt with her staff.

"Hey, Amee. How are you adjusting to Crimea?" The Queen stood quickly, hopefully before the maid would react.

chooseyourally asked:

(to Lon'qu) "Where did you get that thing?"

My muse has a deep wound on their cheek and your muse notices it. Send me “where did you get that thing?” to see my muses reaction

"W-What do you mean?" Not realizing she was talking about the wound on his cheek.

The Valmese War [[Closed RP with chooseyourally]]

Having finally landed in Valm, it was strange to Katsuma. They liberated one of the rebels leaders, a young lady named Say’ri. Chrom and Robin were happy to see Katsuma return, and were more then welcoming to Amee as well, much to his delight. Darius and his former squad mates only silently grinned with their ‘told you so’ looks as he introduced her, all of them glad to have their own healer on board now.

However, Katsuma knew this wasn’t going to be easy. He’d spent a year now at Amee’s side, and knew how hard this was going to be for her. Even with their victories thus far, Katsuma always stayed by her, a hand in her’s if need be. For now, the camp was made and the two of them had retired to their tent. He sat on the combined cots they put together, a small smile on his face as he massaged his girlfriends back, trying to help her unwind. “Darius likes you well enough. I’m relieved, though I’m more surprised he hasn’t bothered with his ‘told you so’ song and dance yet.” He chuckled softly, hands kneading her shoulders gently as she laid there. “I told you the Shepherds and the army were good people. Even the Khans came. I wonder if any of your former friends are here?” He tilted his head some, before leaning down and kissing along her spine a little through her clothes, just trying to remind her of his affections.

"You doing okay so far, my love?"