Throughout your life, you will be presented with many opportunities. It is important to know that not every opportunity is YOUR opportunity. Be wise and choose your path. It’s a prerequisite to happiness to be content with your decisions. And someday, someone may follow that path you paved. Be an inspiration towards greatness and happiness.
—  Nadir Keval

Life is like a choose your own adventure book where you can’t go back. You’ll come to many forks in the road where you can either choose right or left and the way you choose can impact the entire rest of your life. But you can’t let the weight of these decisions stop you from moving forward because if you don’t keep going, your story ends by default. So with fingers crossed you choose the way you hope is best. Sometimes you choose correctly, sometimes not. The adventure of life doesn’t allow you to go back. This time when you choose the wrong way, you have to keep going. You can’t deal with a wrong choice by pretending it never happened. You have to own it. You have to deal with the consequences. And you have to keep your head up so that next time you can make a better choice. Sometimes all we can do is trust our intuition to point us down the right path. But if we followed our heart, we’ll always be on the right path.

I have a really difficult time playing any sort of jerk or evil character in a game that gives you choices. I normally want to have a playthrough like that just so I can see all the content in the game, but end up playing nicer or abandoning the playthrough entirely. My brother and his g/f both really enjoy playing evil characters, so it makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong.

You have three choices of vacation you can take: a vacation with Seth Rollins to Suplex City, going deep sea diving with Roman Reigns in an ocean full of sharks, or running the naked mile with Dean Ambrose around the White House with the Secret Service chasing after you. Which do you choose? You may only choose one.

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