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Also "their cherrypicking never fails to amuse me" yet they choose to ignore a living breathing baby, the words of Louis and Harry themselves, the actions of Louis and Harry themselves, everything about Harry's solo career that larries said wouldn't happen, the fact that he has a solo career to begin with, and literally everything else stacked against them in favour of "cherrypicking" the fact that blue and green are colours that exist. K. Lmao.

me reading their inane theories while louis and harry are out there living their completely separate lives 

mentally ill people: *help make visual/auditory stimming more accessible and normalized through slime and stim blogs*
kinksters: this is ours™ now


she had the world // panic! at the disco


make me choose:

@fragilecapricorn asked: live in chicago northern downpour vs bush hall northern downpour

Being a Mercy Main
  • what people think it's like: i wanna protect everyone! you are each my children and i, your mother. we will make it through this together!
  • what it's actually like: i have complete and total control of each of your lives. i choose who lives and who i choose to let die. you want to leave the payload to flank? then you forfeit the addictive rush that is being mercy supported. you each think this is a team effort when it is i, pulling the strings.