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—”HELLO there sir, are you here for an appointment?” Tadamusa walked up to the stranger and ‘ kindly ’ asked the other that question, pondering to himself if this man was here for an appointment. It was a common question, but it had to be asked. “If not, then are you perhaps visiting a patient?”

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Hello, Doty! I think I speak for many of us out here when I ask WHY?? WHY THAT A MINUTE AGO??? WITH THE GUARDS AND THE UNCONSCIOUSNESS???? WHY????????

Well, it’s a bit of a tale, but long story short, they were becoming… antagonistic, while my Master was in the shop. When they tried to get past me, I did my job and protected my Master. 

It did make a noise, as Master had said I should do to let him know something was wrong, but perhaps he did not hear it. He can get lost in his thoughts sometimes, after all.

Still, as I am garnering from the reactions of Vox Machina, it might be preferable to go over proper social etiquette before our next encounter with the Bastions of Vasselheim. 

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✧ ☀ ☪✧          The silence that fell over Hyrule Field during the first gentle rain of Spring relaxed the Gerudo as she lead her horse back to her homeland. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, the raindrops that usually caused her to urge her horse onward not bothering her so much today. The rarity of rain aside in her desert home, she found a calm and solace away from the bustle of the Market and Castle.

          Well-trained ears picked up the sound of footsteps coming toward her, breaking the ethereal silence and her meditation. Her gaze shifted toward the sound, eyes narrowing to just make out a figure rushing for shelter under a nearby tree. Tugging the reins in that direction, she rode her horse to the stranger.

           “Need a lift somewhere?”


Clover wandered through the park, taking in the sights around her. It had been a while since she was outside for an extended period of time, as she had filled her schedule for the past week. For now though, she had a little break in between sessions. She settled down on a park bench, reaching into her satchel to grab her lunch. Smiling widely, she took a bite, humming softly as she chewed.

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unf" (any muse you want)

Send me “unf” for your muse to pin mine against the wall.

Wanda’s back met the wall and suddenly she was boxed in by her companion’s arms and body against the wall. She didn’t resist or try to escape instead she looked them in the eyes and raised one eyebrow. “This is certainly a surprise.” 

Alright so @badlydrawnringoroadagain and I were planning on doing a Zootopia event and here it is!

BadlyDrawn ZOOTOPIA Event (spoiler free)

What is Zootopia?
Zootopia is disney’s new movie about anthropomorphic animals
which means they walk on two feet, wear clothes and use technology

So now you know~

What’s the event about anyway??

Well you get to turn your muse into an anthropomorphic animal for a whole week and have fun in the great city of zootopia.

Anything else?

–No movie required! You can enter the event, even if you haven’t seen the movie, this event is SPOILER FREE

–You can choose any animal for your muse, excepting fantasy animals.

–I repeat, this event is SPOILER FREE, so please no spoilers for those who haven’t seen the movie.

–Have tons of fun!

–The event will be tagged under: #bdzootopia


If you have any questions, don’t doubt on messaging either ringo or me!