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odd question munday meme

☆ ━ If you could live in the world of your muse(s) would you? 
▲ ━ How many muses do you have on tumblr in total?
✦ ━ Are there any muse(s) you miss roleplaying?   
❀ ━ If you could be re-incarnated into any animal in a next life, which would you choose and why?  
♬ ━ What are your top 3 favorite songs?
✖ ━ What’s something you’re very curious about?  
◕ ━ What’s something you consider is a special talent you can do? ( it can be big or small )
☁ ━ What is your opinion on cereal?
❣ ━ If you could marry one fictional character, which one and why? 
☮ ━ What do you do to try and get the muse to roleplay a character? 
☂ ━ What’s your favorite kind of weather and why?  
☑ ━ What’s something not a lot of people know about you?

madgesundersee  asked:

top 5 minty fics you've read

How dare you make me choose??? This was so hard???? I tried to limit myself to one per author because I think otherwise my head would have exploded but even that was hard so here is my best shot and I couldn’t even limit it to five. Again in no particular order I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH:

  1. you’re my armor, i’m your defeat by @madgesundersee​: possibly my first introduction to sad, worried-that-monty-doesn’t-love-him miller and it broke my heart and healed it all over again, I love it.
  2. Bow Chika Bow Wow by @ponyregrets​: remember that time Chash wrote me minty bedhsaring fic for charity and then surprise it was minty smut because I sure do. (literally everything chash writes is fantastic though so I’m lucky she wrote one for me because it was like oh hey easy pick.)
  3. mouthfuls of forever by @madgesundersee​ and @melika-elena​: this is so long and epic and wonderful and the progression and the poetry and how at first it’s just nate and then monty starts reciting poetry back at him it’s all so much and I love it.
  4. i’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice by @katchyalater​: adorable canon!minty cuddling in the cold = the dream.
  5. hold you close (wake up next to you) by @growlereish: in which casually hooking up is clearly not casual for miller and monty can’t tell, adorable
  6. The Spy and the Movie Guy by @queenofchildren: This is just so adorable with undercover!miller accidentally going on a date with civilian!monty love love love.
  7. the look in your eyes, this dancing juice by @melika-elena​: as I have told mel, cute boys in formal wear making out against a door may be a personal weakness of mine (this doesn’t count as breaking my rule because you both wrote it shhhhh)

Sanvers game : write your own comic

I’m waiting for all your scenarios :P (Tumblr users only. I can’t see who writes what if they are not from Tumblr ;) ) I’ll take my 10 faves then make you choose (with a poll) your top 3 … The top 3 tumblr users can have the gifset they want (Sanvers/Alex/Maggie) (It will just take me some time to make them but they will have their gifset ^^)

Let the game begin ^^
Reblog with your story like this : (I only take reblogs … nothing in the tags or in comment thanks)


By the way, made my own HERE.


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Choose your favorite game and post your top 10 screenshots.

I choose Mass Effect 3 and my current playthrough. Maybe these are not the best but I have more than 3.000 screenshots and it’s a little bit complicated to post only 10.

And I’ll tag: @cantkeepmyeyesoff (or @masseffectscreenarchery, as you wish!), @cactuarkitty, @scientistsalarian, @sayurinitta, @sephiratales@badwolf626@cullenstairshenanigans, @flowerbabytrevelyan and I don’t know, anyone who wants to do this.

500 Followers Celebration

So, I was talking to my sweet @andyl394 and she game a great idea of how celebrate that we’re 500 (and something) hearts. 

Choose your pairing and your genre. The Top 3 will be turned into a one-shot. 

Send me an ask or reply to this post with your votes. 

Ready? Go.

1) Pairing

a) Dean Winchester x Reader
b) Sam Winchester x Reader
c) Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester
d) John Winchester x Reader
e) Crowley x Reader
f) Castiel x Reader
g) Gabriel x Reader
h) Steve Rogers x Reader
i) Bucky Barnes x Reader
j)  Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes
k) Natasha Romanoff x Reader
l) Wanda Maximoff x Reader
m) Pietro Maximoff x Reader
n) Bruce Banner x Reader
o) Tony Stark x Reader

2) Genre

a) Pure fluff
b) Pure angst
c) Pure smut
d) Pure humour
e) Fluff and Angst
f) Fluff and Smut

3) Drabble or Long?

a) Drabble (Less than 1k words)
b) Long (More than 1k words)

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How to title your story

Have you noticed how some titles call your attention from across the bookstore? It has nothing to do with the cover art, but the name itself. You just gotta open that book to see what’s all about. 

The thing is, a great title will sell your book.

Originally posted by citystompers

So, how do you create awesomeness? First, let me introduce you to five types of titles:

1. Character based: Titles with one or more character(s) in it and no additional content information. It’s not necessarily the protagonist’s name, but any character relevant to the story. Some examples of this type of title are Romeo and Juliet, Naruto, Wall-e, Bambi, Dracula, The Princess and the Frog, Tess of the D'Urbervilles, Porco Rosso, Lucy, Park & Eleanor, Capote, Lolita, Mrs. Dalloway, Akira, Pucca…

Originally posted by heartcoma

2. Storyline based: Titles related to the journey of the protagonist or anything that gives away the plot. Most titles fit this category. Some examples are Lord of the Rings, V for Vendetta, Hunger Games, One Punch Man, Outlander, The Avengers, Alien, Finding Nemo, Kill Bill, City Hunter, Fight Club, Star Wars… 

Originally posted by dameronthepilot

3. World based: Titles related to places, time or fictional elements closely tied to the story. Some examples are Casablanca, Titanic, Zootopia, Howl’s Moving Castle, No.6, Wuthering Heights, Alice in Wonderland, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, City of God, The Cabin in the Woods, 1984, Downton Abbey, Brokeback Mountain…

Originally posted by avarothusknight

4. Conclusion based: Names related to the end of the story, it’s moral, the climax or the last scene. Some examples are The Fault in Our Stars, 500 Days of Summer, The Ring, A Walk to Remember, While your were Sleeping, Gone with the Wind, Singing in the Rain, The Great Gatsby, Ratatouille, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Inception, When Marnie Was There, …

Originally posted by sugoihentai

5. Unrelated: This is the rarest type of title, when they have no strong connection or no connection at all to the main story, sometimes mentioned only once or twice. They give off no information about the real content. Some examples are A Clockwork Orange, Skip Beat, Boys Over Flowers, Dramatical Murder, 12 Monkeys, Final Fantasy,  Life is Strange, Some Like it Hot, Grease… 

Originally posted by teendotcom

Knowing this five categories, here’s how you can come up with your own titles.

- Create five character based titles

- Create five storyline based titles

- Create five world based titles

- Create five conclusion based titles

- Create five unrelated titles

Now you have 25 titles to choose from. Pick your top 3 favorites and let instinct decide which one is the best.

If you had to choose your top 3 favorite Monster High and Ever After High dolls of all time, what would they be?

My picks are Gloom and Bloom Cleo, Zombie Shake Venus, and Freak du Chic Jinafire for MH, and Fairest on Ice Duchess, Dragon Games Darling, and Sugar Coated Cedar for EAH.

anonymous asked:

7 & 9 for the gif maker questions! ~

7. Who are your top 3 gif makers

it’s like choosing bias in vixx, it’s too hard!!! i can’t do it ;A; but i’ve made *this post* where i included my fave vixx gif makers~~ ♥

9. What/who inspired you to start making gifs 

kim wonsik….??? it’s true! yes it’s, i mean yeah it is and it’s not? ahaha, I’LL TRY TO EXPLAIN OKAY?? i’ve been in this fandom since hyde era (2013) and i went to vixx concert (for the first time) on February 8, 2014 and i made my first gifs/gifset 3 days after the concert. tbh i’ve started making gifs because i wanted to be a part of this fandom more and more, because i wanted to be closer to starlights and vixx? because during this concert i was 100% sure that these boys are fcking precious and i want to support them somehow? and the most important thing - during the concert kim wonsik was trying to talk to us in english. and he was trying his best even if it was obvious that he doesn’t know the language. and it was SOO CUTEEE and it made me think that i can start doing something new, something i’ve never done before. so i’ve started to making gifs~!

questions for gif-makers

linguisticparadox replied to your post:                  Top 3 tolkien characters. Choose, I dare you.                

   Frodo is superior to every character and I love him    

I’m super biased towards protagonists becoming my favorite character in all books I read tbh (cough Harry Potter cough), but Frodo is a REALLY satisfying one!

erotetica replied to your post:                  ok um top three doriathrim?                

   I think of elwing the same way lol    

Yeah idk, it’s a tricky identity thing…like, top 3 of the characters who are presented as concrete examples of the doriathrim, or top 3 characters, period, out of those who happen to qualify as doriathrim? i mean elwing is a really good example of one of the doriath survivors but…

10 Inspiration exercises for writers

Do you struggle with coming up with story and plot ideas? Do you feel like no idea is ever worth writing? Then, these exercises will help you. If you complete all of them, you’ll end up with ten awesome and fresh story ideas for a book or series.


- Choose two music videos from your favorite bands, groups or singers

- Mix their ideas into one storyline


-  Write down 10 keywords 

- Choose your top 3 favorites

- Mix them into one storyline


- Imagine yourself walking into a bookstore

- Find your book in the best seller shelf

- Flip through the pages, imagine the cover and the content

- Create one storyline for this imaginary book


- Every morning, write down your dreams as soon as you wake up

- Create one storyline for each dream


-   Write down 5 things you are afraid of

- Choose one of them

- Create one storyline centered on this fear


- Visit a news website

- Read the article that calls your attention

- Create one storyline based on the story you’ve just read


- Pick two movies from different genres

- Mix their stories into one storyline


-  Start by giving your book a title

- Based on the title, create the storyline


- Pick one of your childhood memories

- Create one storyline about it


-  Write down 5 things that are wrong in society, or politics, or entertainment, in your point of view

- Choose one and write a storyline in which you address this problem openly or metaphorically

 How many ideas do you have now? From all of them, pick the most promising one and start writing right now. Perfect ideas don’t exist, but working and improving a storyline into an awesome story do. 

Good work, good writing. :D 

nowthetimes  asked:

Your challenge today Toni-should you choose to accept it-is to list your top 3 favorite Lirry interactions during Through The Dark. This message will self-destruct in approximately never. Good luck Toni. *insert smiley devil face emoji here*

first of all hOW DARE YOU, nowthetimes CELA, my nemesis, my #1 enemy, come into my ask box and message me this? i am disgusted but i will play along this time…without further ado here are my top 3 Through the Dark Lirry moments:

3. ‘the tickle’ in denmark

2. ‘the BJ’ in chicago

1.’ the almost kiss’ in phoenix

you should remember this one very well cela since YOU WERE THERE TO SEE THIS GLORY IN PERSON.

WestAllen Secret Santa

I said that it might be fun to do a WestAllen Secret Santa, a few people agreed, so here it is!

What is it?

An opportunity to have creative fun together. Participation means you’ll make someone a gift, and you’ll receive a gift. Just to be clear, this will all happen online (digital exchange): presents are things like fanart and fanfiction. 

How does it work?

When you sign up you’ll be assigned someone to make a gift for and someone will be assigned to you. You can specificy what you want to make and what you want to receive. When it comes to what you wish to receive you’ll be asked to give a top 3. I’ll do my best to match everyone to their first choice, but it really depends on what people are willing to make.

What can I do?

It’s OK if you don’t draw or write fanfiction, there are a lot of ways to participate. Think of edits, gifsets, playlists

Are there any rules?

A few. Check them out here.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up here. Please give the following information:

  • Name ( or screenname if you’re no comfortable with using your name)
  • Tumblr link
  • What  you would like to make: Fanfic, drawing, vid, edit,gifset, playlist, other*
  • What you would like to receive: Fanfic, drawing, vid, edit,gifset, playlist, other* or Any (please give your top 3 in order of preference. Unless you choose any, of course).
  • If there is something you would not like to see in your gifts (like triggers). 
  • If you would be willing to make an extra gift should someone drop out
  • Other things you feel needs to be known
  • Answer these question to give your secret santa a better idea of what you like (Please note: these are meant for inspiration. Your secret santa may choose to use the prompts, song ideas etc but they do not have to)

               -2 short prompts

               -5 prompt words (For example: Star Wars, wedding etc)

               -Top 3 WestAllen scenes

               -Songs that make you think of Barry and Iris

*If you choose ‘other’ as one of your options to make, please include what it is. If you choose ‘other’ as something you would like to receive it means you accept anything in the ‘other’ category.

The important dates and deadlines:

You can sign up until Nov. 26 27

Assignments will be sent out by Dec. 1

Assignments are due Dec. 22

The presents will be posted on Dec. 25

Let’s have some fun!



MAGNUM MANILA is a Pop-up Pleasure Store featuring the Make Your Own Magnum Dessert Bar. It is designed as a pop-up store because the SM Aura Location would only be open for a year. This is also the only Magnum Store that features savory dishes crafted by Chef Him Uy de Baron and signature desserts by Chef Miko Aspiras.

-Anton Diaz

The right thing at the right moment. Magnum Cafe opened in the middle of the heat stroke season in the Philippines where everyone just want something to cool them down. And what better way to cool down is go to the mall and eat ice cream. 

With a very sleek and luxurious interior everyone seems to be magnetized by this strore because every time you go or pass by it would be filled with people and some willing to wait in line for an half an hour or so just to have a taste of this so-called luxury ice cream. So, opted to try it out.

I was seated at one of their best seats, by the wall with a huge portrait of a very sexy customized magnum bar.


MAKE MY MAGNUM: Snack Attack, Spicy Tangy Tango, Trendcast, Picnic in the Park, Jardin, Fruit Topics, Gold Rush, Salty Sweet


Cookie Dough Skillet and Death by Chocolate

PINK Friday and Red Velvet

Rainbow Dream and Magnum Apple Pie

Crown Jewel and Magnum Fondue For Two

There are 6 steps in making your own Magnum bar and it would only cost you 100.00 but if you’re planning to stay inside the cafe you would have to avail atleast 1 stuff from their plated menu. (example: 1 Cookie Dough skillet)

  1. SELECT YOUR TOPPINGS. Choose up to any 3 you like, from a delicious range of classic, special, and experimental toppings.
  2. SELECT YOUR NAKED MAGNUM. Choose from Magnum Vanilla or Magnum Infinity Chocolate-Caramel.
  3. SELECT YOUR MAGNUM CHOCOLATE COATING. Magnum Classic (Yellow - Milk Chocolate), Magnum White (Brown Color - White Chocolate), or Magnum Infinity Dark (Dark Brown Color - Chocolate).
  4. TOP IT with your chosen 3 toppings.
  5.  DRIZZLE IT. Best to go with a different drizzle flavor from the coating. 
  6.  SET IT and serve with the M Chocolate Coin.

And here are our bars:

And we ordered some of the desserts in their menu as well. Like the:

Death by Chocolate (P250). Deep dark chocolate lava cake and chocolate truffle Magnum topped with brownie pieces and chocolate crispearls.

Cookie Dough Skillet (P300). Warm chocolate chip cookie dough topped with two vanilla Magnum bars, dark chocolate, and chopped pecans.

Rainbow Dream (P280). Something just too darn pretty to eat.

Verdict? I fucking enjoyed everything and I honestly got a sgur rush after eating here but I’ll definitely go back. To those people who are saying this isn’t worth what they are paying for… well.. hmm.. fuck off? This is one of the best thing that had happened to BGC.

Oh! They also serve burgers, pastas and salads and I’ve heard that it was good! I’ll definitely go back and try those stuff.

aaaaaaand the staff has a lot of cuties, all smiling ready to serve yo hehe.


5/F Sky Park, SM Aura Premier

McKinley Parkway corner 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Operating Hours: 10.00am to 10.oopm.


Who’s That Vans Girl: @_Estevees_

Meet Thais: an 18 year old fashion maven with Brazil as her stomping grounds. This girl’s got style for days, and we can’t help but feel inspired by every look she ‘grams. Get to know this international Vans Girl, and check out spring wardrobe essential she’s most excited for. 

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Theme submissions are officially closed, and voting for the theme of the week has begun! Additionally, the dates of Swan Queen Week have been chosen, and the event will take place from June 8th through June 14th (read more about how you can start participating right now). 

Below is a list of theme submissions. You may vote for up to three choices for the theme of Swan Queen Week (but you may vote for just one if you’d rather). This is voting for the theme of the week, not the seven prompts that will drive your creations each day. This means that you are voting for one theme that will encompass seven smaller prompts, so be sure to vote for something for which you can imagine making seven different fanworks. Once the theme is chosen, the submission box will be open once more for prompt suggestions. 

If you submitted theme suggestions, you may vote, and you may vote for your own submission(s) if you so choose. To vote for your top 1-3 choices, please drop your vote(s) in the ask box. Anon is still on so that those without a tumblr may participate, but please, limit yourself to one vote (of 1-3 choices) to keep things fair. Voting is open now until May 12th, 7pm EST. 

Note: if there were multiple themes submitted that were very similar, phrasing may be altered to avoid duplicates.

Theme options below the cut because of the volume of awesomeness!

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Band Of Brothers ask meme (pt.2)
  • [5 months later there is a part 2, where Roe makes some even weirder questions for y'all]
  • Again, the only rule is: that you should send something to someone else if you reblog this!
  • 1. It's winter in Bastogne, and you are all supposed to get a foxhole buddy and dig a foxhole together. You are only allowed one buddy at this time, and it can't be your favourite character. Who would you pick and why?
  • 2. Sobel is yelling at Easy again, while giving them weird nicknames. What sort of nickname do you think he would give you?
  • 3. What position do you think you would have/want to have if you were a part of Easy Company (medic, rifleman, sniper, etc.)?
  • 4. If you had to wear one of the outfits Easy wears in the show for the rest of your life, which one would you pick and why? (combat uniform, dress greens, PT gear, etc.)
  • 5. Luz comes to give you an early Christmas present, and offers you a choice of half a Hershey bar, half a packet of Lucky Strikes or a scarf to keep you warm. What would you choose, and why?
  • 6. What are your top 3 episodes of the show?
  • 7. What are your top 3 characters from the show?
  • 8. What is your favourite scene from the show, and why?
  • 9. If you had to pick, what would you rather do; Jump into combat from an airplane, or go on patrol in still-hostile Germany?
  • 10. You're in charge of new rations, and your friends are asking you for some Hershey bars. Would you give them what they ask for, or do you stick to the rules (and only sneak your returning friend one, because he was wounded, dammit)?
  • 11. If you had to be part of one of the episodes showing actual combat (aka not Currahee or Points or any episodes like those), which one would you pick and why?
  • 12. Returning to the zombie apocalypse team from the last part; You have your three members (if you haven't answered that question, just pick three that would be on your team!), and you get stuck in a building that is going to get overrun by zombies. You decide to split up into two teams to easier escape. Which out of the three original guys would you want to keep on your team and why?
  • 13. Have you read any of the BoB books? If so, which one(s), and do you have a favourite (if you've read more than one)?
  • 14. If you read BoB fanfics; What is your favourite fic that you've read, and why?
  • 15. If you're into BoB AUs; What is your favourite AU and/or what is an AU you'd want to see?
  • 16. You are arranging a dinner party where you are allowed to invite 5 of the BoB boys. Who would you invite and what would you want to talk to them about?
  • 17. Speirs is offering you a smoke; do you accept it? Why/why not?
  • 18. Doc Roe is out looking for more scissors (goddamn, what does that boy DO to his freaking scissors??!! A medic pack contains like 12), and he asks for yours, despite that you do have a use for them. Would you give them to him? Why/why not?
  • 19. Skip offers you German cheese in a tube, pretending it's the best thing he has ever tasted (it really isn't. It tastes like feet, but you don't know that). Do you trust his judgement? Why/why not?
  • 20. If you had to go on a date (either 40s set or modern, it's your choice!) with one of the BoB boys, who would you pick and why? Optional; What would you do, and would you go on a second date if he asked you out again?
What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is graduating High School This Year?

My dearest friends,

This message is for everyone, NOT JUST THOSE GRADUATING.

I implore you to take a moment to read, VERY CAREFULLY, what I’m about to write to you. Please note that you are in control of your life at this moment, and I fully support whatever you choose in the end as long as it’s what YOU want, and it makes YOU HAPPY.

I went to a public charter school. It was a college preparatory academy, and all they ever talked about my senior year is how important it was to go to college. How absolutely worthless I was going to be to society without that education, and how awful it would be if by the time I graduated if I didn’t at least have 1 acceptance letter and or 10-15 college applications out. (Also please note that In America they charge you anywhere from $35-$200 for JUST THE APPLICATION TO A COLLEGE. Yes that’s PER APPLICATION).

Know that I was not a model student. I had a rough home life and worked several jobs to support the family and myself. I did fine in most classes, especially the creative ones– (of which I was only allowed to take the requirements because my dad said it would turn me into a “fruitcake” and he would not stand for such shame to be brought upon his family)– And in most everything but math managed B’s (I was a D math student at my best). So needless to say there were no academic scholarships available for me. I scored a 24 on my ACTs and that still qualified me for NOTHING. In total I spent over $1000 on college applications my senior year and received only 1 acceptance letter. To a state college in the last possible place I ever wanted to go. North Dakota. Before I knew it I was shanghaied there. Trapped in a place where everything closes at 8pm and there is no youth life or culture. It was an overwhelming nightmare.

Now this is not saying that your experience would be the same.

Some people are ready for college right away. And if you feel that way by all means go!

But I was not. And if you are like I was, and don’t have a major picked out, don’t l know what you wanted to do yet, or just plain don’t feel ready. (I’m going to shout-text it in all caps for you)


At least not right away. I was forced to go by parents and teachers. To take out massive, crippling, loans at an unbelievable interest rate. It was disastrous. I would never wish it on my worst enemy.

Sometimes you just aren’t ready. AND THATS OK!

Take the time.



There are few things in this world that No amount of time can prepare you for. Two of them are:

becoming a parent,

and going to college.

Here are the things you should consider now, regarding college preparation:

1.) It is never too early to start thinking about it. About your likes and dislikes. About location. About all of it.

2.) Explore your options. If you choose somewhere continental make a list of your top 3, 5, or even 10 choices and diversify. Want to live abroad? DO IT! I wish I had. Not only do most schools abroad allow Americans free tuition, but it’s an amazing experience. (You may need to take a language class while you’re there but that can only be to your benefit)

3.) Don’t “settle” if you don’t get into your dream school don’t settle for one that you know you’ll hate because of haste or convenience. Hold out for something you want.

4.) There is no shame in going to a community college. Lots of generals can be knocked out of the way there while you’re making up you mind on career paths or waiting for a school you want to go to.

*be sure to contact both the community college AND the desired transfer schools to be ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that the credits will transfer. If they don’t DONT WASTE THE MONEY, it helps no one.*

5.) You are NOT, I repeat, NOT required to have your entire life mapped out by the time you graduate high school. Your preferences and major is subject to change at your command. You have the power. Use it wisely. Take a chunk of time, whether it be the summer or A FULL YEAR, and get involved in community center classes or a job training that you enjoy. Learn about you instead of textbooks and gague who you are.

6.) if you do go straight away in fall semester. DO NOT BURN YOURSELF OUT. Take the base amount of full time credits and space them out. Take your classes at times you are comfortable with and schedule a job (if you need/want one) around them. I found it to be nice to schedule classes all on certain days and have the rest of the week free.

7.) Go to class. And read your syllabus. Professors don’t read through it with you always and attendance policies are a thing. Watch out. Flunking a class is serious problems especially if, like me your loans were based on your grades. Do your homework. It’s actually way easier than high school anyway. All of mine was.

I’m going to stop here for now. I feel like I might be overwhelming you.

But please if you have any questions about college. Or preparation
Or anything regarding this advice.


I will gladly and personally respond in as much detail as you’d like to any and ALLLLLLLLLL ASKS REGARDING THIS.

I care about you and your future.