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I hope I don’t regret choosing these hair and uniform colors in a few weeks.

[See in Full Resolution to appreciate the watercolor effect.]

  • Ino: Honey, have you already thought about how we're gonna call this little one? (rubbing her huge belly)
  • Sai: Yes. I'd like to call him Tofu.
  • Ino: What? You can't name your child after a food!
  • Naruto & Sasuke: Why not?

AAAAHH!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! tangerine is just 🍊👌 shes a cutie

also did you know

tangerine quartz is a sacral chakra crystal which means it promotes creativity and sexuality

so yes, id say shes having a nice time B^)

Let’s talk sex.

Let’s talk sex. It’s okay for a girl to choose to wait to have sex until she’s emotionally connected to someone. It’s okay for a girl to choose to be a virgin until she finds the right guy. It’s okay for these girls to love men who view sex differently than them. 

All people are different and view sex differently. There are girls who love one-night stands. There are girls who view sex as a physical act only, no love or emotions necessary. All of these girls exist in all of our novels. (*spoilers* Katya talks about this in Infini.) 

Another thing to all the twenty-and-thirty-something-year-old virgins. You’re allowed to maintain your virginity. You’re not weak or a doormat for choosing to be with a sexually experienced guy or waiting to be in love or waiting for them. You’re allowed to process your emotions, even if you’re hung up on one guy, and act accordingly. Just like guys are allowed to do the same. 

None of the heroes or heroines in our novels shames anyone for their choices concerning sex. But we see, all the time, people shaming them for their choices. 

You know what’s wrong? Believing a woman is weak for choosing to remain celibate just because a guy has chosen differently than her. 

She does not have to do what the guy does if she doesn’t feel like it. 

We see all sorts of criticism for our books, but the most prevalent are directed towards our female characters and their choices concerning sex. People view Lily Calloway – our sexually active character – as a slut and gross. People view our twenty-something virgin Rose Calloway as unbelievable (and in some cases weak, except her ice-cold personality makes up for it somehow). And now people view our female character who needs an emotional connection to have sex as a weak doormat. 

Here’s what we’ve deduced (*spoiler alert, we don’t agree*): 

So these girls can be all of these things, but the guy has to be these things too: the guy has to be a virgin if she’s a virgin. The guy has to remain celibate if she’s celibate. The guy has to be as sexually active (or more) than the sexually active girl? 

Likewise, if all of these guys are sexually active, then the girls better not be waiting around for emotional or personal reasons – any reason they give does not matter – they better be sexually active too. But just the right amount. 

We’re sorry; we don’t believe in this.

note: this isn’t directed at any specific review. This is 4 yrs of us processing what people have said in various places over the past four years. 

All Eyes On You (Zico x Reader)

As y’all can see i’m slowly coming back! This is based on the song by nicki minaj,meek mill and chris brown- all eyes on you,requested by anonymous. Enjoy!

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Are you here lookin’ for love?
Got the the club goin’ crazy
All these bitches, but my eyes on you
Is you somebody’s baby?
If you ain’t, girl what we gon’ do?

Zico had managed to make a name for himself and for his group. He was talented and a hard worker, a young man making more money than people that are twice his age ever did, he was proud of what he has achieved in such short amount of time.

Although money, articles, shows and tours could not fulfill his one wish, which was to find love.He thought he had but that woman was not the right one. She was great, he was hooked, but the relationship slipped away too easily, he was sad but he knew that he was not what she needed and neither was she, some people were just not meant to be.

That was when you came in the picture. He knew very well who you were, you were a very famous rapper in the US and Europe, you were biracial, a beautiful Blasian woman. You had just signed in dean’s company joombas and Hyuk took it upon himself to introduce you to some of his friends.

He was left in awe when he saw you in that electric blue dress as you proudly walked to them in the club and hugged Hyuk. He introduced you to them and Zico took a little bit of an extra time at holding your hand.Soon the liquor started flowing and you and Zico got a bit closer.

“It’s a big step coming here in Korea, what did your boyfriend say?”

“I have a boyfriend? I didn’t know that”

You joked and gave a giggle. Mission succesfull, he knew for sure you were single

“Choose and pick, get the right one
All these chicks, got to like one
All these hit you, got to like one
All these bittles, Got to like some
All these models, got the right one
What you gon’ do? Hide or run?”

Soon you and Jiho became very close to eachother. You spend more time with each other, most of it at the studio since you decided to debut as a Korean rapper with a song that he will feature in. The song was going amazing and the chemistry between you was flowing and growing stronger everyday.

“Try to focus on the you like ‘all eyes on YOU, kind of leaving a breath to that word”


You agreed and put your headphones back in. You trusted Jiho, he was a very skilfull producer and you knew he had the best interested, also you kind of had a crush on him.

You came out of the booth and finally wrapped up the song. You were so happy when you heard it, it was very nice smooth song, also you couldn’t help but hear how nice Jiho’s voice went with yours

“Should I post a sneak peek of the song?

”“No, let’s just take a pic of us two and post it"You nodded and opened the camera app with the fron camera. Zico slid with his chair to you and brought his face closer to your. You took what felt like a hundred of pics and then looked for the right one.

"Choose the right one. The guys that think have a chance with you have to see it”

“What do you mean?”

You questioned him without taking your eyes from your screen, looking closely to every pic thinking if it’s the right one.

“Cause I can’t have guys hit on my girlfriend”

That’s when your eyes snapped to him. Jiho was just evilly smirking at you.

“Don’t look at me like that, I put it out there, now it’s all eyes on you”


I got him in the back of that back, I think he catchin’ feelings
Now it’s all eyes on us, and it’s all eyes on trust
And if them bitches wanna trip, tell 'em they tour guides on us”

It was the first time Jiho was so open about his personal life, he didn’t feel the need to hide how he felt. He had to hold your hand wherever you went, he was happy.

Also, the tabloits were extremely happy about this, they could see the money rolling up from this. They tried to take you down, everyone had their eyes on you two, waiting for one of you to do a mistake and blow it out of proposion.

"Are they serious? Are they ever going to drop it?”

You said but still smilling. This was funny to you, you couldn’t care less about what articles or the so called “fans” said about you or him ort he relationship. Jiho was epickly impressed by your courage.

“Aren’t you a little bit upset?”

He asked laying in bed. You smilled and crawled at the bed next to him and hugged him, feeling the warmth of his body made you feel at such ease

“No cause that’s what they want me to do. If I get upset or you get upset, we will start fighting and then our trust will be ruined which will end in a break up. Our trust is what keeps us going, if they want to do this then go ahead, but I won’t let them take you away”



super self indulgent dgm x fates crossover i’ve been dying to do 

explanations of the classes under a read more because i love to talk abt fe crossovers

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Showdown // Damien Haas

Warnings: Swear words and (fake) guns

Pairing: Damien Haas x Reader (gender neutral)

Word Count: 1,385


The summer games were something you had always looked forward to. You’d been working for Smosh for years now and went to each and every one, although each time you were always working behind the scenes, but now you were told that you’d be filling in for Boze, who had a personal emergency and couldn’t attend, so they could keep the team even. You’d been in a ton of Smosh videos, seeing as you’d been with them so long, and had always wanted to go, so your excitement was through the roof.

“Are you already packed?” Damien, your boyfriend, asked, a hint of teasing behind his words.

You had also been dating Damien for about as long as you’d been working with Smosh, with your love of cats and videogames you two were basically meant to be, and you knew your relationship would be a long one.

“I’m excited! Shut up.” You told him, petting one of your guys’ cats. “This is your first summer games as well, mister!”

“Yeah, yeah. They’re still like a month away though, so, me being like a normal person, I’m not gonna get packed until later.” He teased you and you hit him lightly as a response.

“C'mon, we have work tomorrow.”

“Aww, look at these two cuties over here!” You heard Courtney’s voice while riding on a van/bus-type thing to the wild west town you guys were filming the summer games at.

When you looked up you saw she had a camera pointed at you and Damien, who were snuggled up as Damien read a book and you just listened to music as you played Animal Crossing (a game you were addicted to). You and Damien gave a small wave to the camera as Courtney gushed over you two, making you blush and Damien laugh.

“Are you stalking us?” You asked in a joking manner.

“Why yes, I am indeed. This will go nicely with my collection of videos of you two.” Her voice rang out with a sarcastic tone. “Say hi to the camera.”

“Hey there, strangers.” You did a short wave as Damien just did a stoic nod, all in good fun.

Courtney turned the camera away to bother Sohinki once again, and you and Damien returned to your previous positions snuggled up to each other, simply waiting to arrive at the town.

After settling in, everyone was finally ready to get the teams chosen. You guys all stood in a big bunch as the production crew raced around for the final preparations so we could get things rolling. Once the cameras started rolling, Matt Raub, Joe, and Sunny rolled into the introductions. The people surrounding them, which included you, cheered from time to time, as everything was explained including the lottery to pick which team you guys would go to: the Randy Bandits or the Cowbaes.

The judges started rolling the lottery thing and drew the first name, which happened to be Lasercorn, who was going to the Randy Bandits. The draw continued on, people getting chosen, when Shayne got chosen for the Cowbaes you cheered, waiting to see if Damien would join his best friend. However, when Damien got picked next for the Randy Bandits, the only thing you shouted was, “They split up Shaymien!”

A few people looked at you, including Matt Raub, who sent you an odd look as if saying ‘why the hell are you shouting about Shaymien when you’re dating one of them’. You simply shrugged and said, “I ship Shaymien.” Which made people around you laugh.

Damien and Shayne stood across from each other in a mock-showdown, where Shayne said a simple “Fuck you.” and Damien asked if he wanted to get pizza later, in his true nature. You all laughed at this, and cheered when they got ready to pull the next name.

People kept being called to teams until there was only two people left- you and Flitz. You guys were pushed to the front as the lottery started once again to see whether you would be joining your boyfriend’s team, or your boyfriend’s best friend’s team. As the judges went on about which team they were drawing for, everyone laughed.

When Flitz was drawn to go the Randy Bandits, people cheered not just for him, but for you too, who was going to the Cowbaes as the last drawn. Your team hugged you as a blue and white shirt was blasted at you full force, hitting you in the face. After you’d gotten the shirt on, you and Damien had a stare down.

“They not only split up Shaymien, but they also split up Damien and Y/N! What has the world come to.” Someone shouted, and people laughed.

“Hey, hey Damien.” You jeered.

“What?” Everything was quiet as you two had another showdown.

“You’re a bitch.” Everyone cheered at that as your team huddled around you and Damien pretended to cry.

The teams were introduced again, and you cheered when your team was called along with the small group around you. After the judges were introduced once again, each of them having some quirky western name, they announced it was time to get into the first game, which everyone cheered about.

A few games later, it was time for the shootout to the death, and everyone was gathered in front of an old western shoppe. People were called up one for each team, where they played a game of rock, paper, scissors, and then chose a gun to shoot the other person with. After a while both you nor Damien had been picked out of either Joe or Matt Raub’s hat.

“Y/N!” You heard your name being shouted by Joe, which could only mean you were being picked as your team cheered and you were pushed up to the line where you would play rock, paper, scissors with an opponent.

“Oh my gosh,” Matt Raub exclaimed when he picked his name, “this is gonna be the duel of the century, we have here a… Damien!”

Everyone gasped and cheered as you stood across from each other at the showdown line.

“Look, I don’t like you, and you don’t like me.” Damien started, to which you gave off an 'oh wow, okay’ to as people laughed around you, “so let’s shoot each other in the face.”

“Okay, wow. Um, that really hurt, I just can’t believe you’d say something like that to me, so y'know, fuck you, and I’m taking both the cats when you die.” Your teammates cheered for you.

After a speel of puns from Damien, you two started into the match, where Damien won the first and second round of rock, paper, scissors, meaning he got to choose which gun he would use, and you got the other one. Choosing the one on your guys’ right, Damien backed away as the crowd made an 'oooo’ noise, and you grabbed the gun to your left.

You guys stood back to back and only started moving when the crowd starting counting up to five, both of you turning to face each other when the number was finally shouted out. Staring Damien in the eyes, the two of you exchanged classic insults, and awaited for Matt Raub to tell you to draw your guns. The pair of you waited in anticipation, and you could only cheer as your gun fired a bullet when 'draw!’ was shouted out.

Damien grasped at his heart as he slowly fell to the ground, going on about how he’d always love you even though you just shot him for no reason, everyone laughed as you walked towards him and shushed him as he lay on your lap, looking up at you with a dazed expression.

“Now I can elope with my other boyfriend!” You cheered happily in a joking manner as everyone around you laughed.

“Wait, what?” Damien was suddenly awake from his 'death’.

“Shh.” You covered his mouth as he fake struggled and then died again, as everyone around you cheered at your duel.

You and Damien stood up and took a bow together, before returning to the crowd of people, where you were patted on the back for winning your duel, putting your team up ahead one point.

“I’m still keeping the cats!” You shouted at him.

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lmao i love how anti karamels hold the fact the he had slaves against him but literally forget that he said he didn't agree with it ?? also you guys forget that kara herself judged him based on the fact that he's a daxamite. he's grown over this past season and he's starting to learn what's right and wrong and he always praises kara when she does the right thing but u guys just pick and choose what u hear. things were different for him back on daxam and he's just starting to learn how earth is

Listen idk how fucking old this ask is but lemme hit you with some info.
First of all, the slavery thing is dumb af. Honestly get out of here. He owned slaves. His parents owned slaves and when they died they were probably going to pass them down to him and he probably wouldn’t have said no. They tell us throughout the first 12 years of our life that if you don’t speak up when someone is being bullied that you’re just as bad as the bully. Same goes for slavery. If you don’t speak out against it then you are on the side of the slave owners. It’s that simple. If you can honestly sit here and say you wouldn’t speak out against slavery then you’re a piece of shit.
Second, I haven’t watched Supergirl for the last probably 4 or 5 episodes because everything Mon-El did reminded me of my abusive ex boyfriend. And here’s the thing. I tried to make excuses for him. I tried to say “he’s learning! He’ll get better! His planet was different!” But no. No. No. NO.
Excusing the behavior of abusive partners (gender aside) is exactly what allows them to remain abusive. My ex wasn’t going to stop degrading me or yelling at me or hitting me. I had to get out of the situation. And looking at Mon-El always reminds me of that. I get that he’s from a different planet. Some people are raised in households where they are taught that it’s okay to treat their partners like that. It doesn’t make it okay. He can be from Daxam or Venus or an island in the Caribbean or Betty White’s asshole for all I care. It doesn’t excuse abuse. I would hit you with the facts of “he did this, this, and this and that’s why he’s an abuser” but I’m gonna hit you with this one instead.
Being a witness to Mon-El’s treatment of Kara Danvers has made me physically sick in the past and brings up traumatic experiences that have, on more than one occasion, triggered panic attacks from me. This is not about our wlw ship. This about trauma and abuse and a tv show that is showing little girls and boys that it is 1. Okay to treat others that way and 2. Okay to BE treated that way.

Now do me a favor and get the fuck out of my inbox

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Headcanons of being johnnys gf but dal lowkey likes you and like the stuff he does

-to be honest
-Dallas probably liked you first
-he had his eye on you for a while but is too much of a punk to make a real move
-he didn’t wanna ruin his “cool factor” or whatever
-then he finds out Johnny’s into you and he completely gives up
-he would never do anything to get in the way of Johnny being happy
- “hey dal I think I’m into y/n”
- “…really?”
- “yeah definitely”
- “well…go for it man”
-he blames himself anyway since he should’ve just said something to you about it
-so he lives with it in silence
-Dallas would never make a real move on you
-he’s too loyal
-he keeps it to flirting
-a whole damn lot
-he might comment on your outfit and go on about what a doll you are
- “nice top doll”
- “I wore this last week dallas”
- “and here I am once again saying how sweet you look in it”
-he’ll give you that infamous smirk that sends the girls(and guys) reeling
-he does this certain thing to you and only you
-he’ll lean over you while he’s talking to you
-to make a point of how tall he is
-then he’ll lean in really close and play with your hair while he’s talking to you
-you could just about feel him breathing over you
-his breath always smells like cigarettes and peppermint
-oh god
-it literally sends you w i l d
-of course Johnny sees all of this
-he doesn’t say a word about it
-he knows Dallas would never actually play anything on you and well, he trusts you
-at some point in the future you’ll date Dallas as well
-maybe a couple months, about six or seven
-you’ll break up and then there’ll be some little love triangle between you three
-you’ll choose the guy you know is right for you in the end
-both of them are happy either way as long as you’re happy

Mystery Man

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 5077

Summary: Deciding to be more social, Simon goes to a masquerade ball fundraiser. Based on “shy kiss” to “steamy kiss” request.

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AN: See? I am actually working through these requests! It’s just taking awhile. Hope you like it!


A masquerade ball. What a strange idea. The student union is trying to find more “creative” ways to raise funds. Guess a rich university like Watford can afford to be creative. They’ve rented out some fancy hotel ballroom nearby, got the art department to make masks, the drama department to loan costumes, and for 20 quid a person, you can dance with fellow students. It’s absolutely ludicrous. And possibly fun. I desperately need some fun.

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2016 art progression
by dokirosi

I always wanted to make one of these. You guys have no idea how important this is to me, to actually have drawn enough to have one illustration per month. I even got to choose! Right now I feel like crying because it’s been so long guys, of me struggling to just keep drawing. Thank you all for showing me your kind words, for talking to me (even tho sometimes I don’t talk enough or seem distant but it’s mostly because I panic every time I try! I’m working on it), for your support and appreciation, your patience and to put up with my awkward, dramatic and occasionally known to smash being.

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Fall For Me


What can I say? If I was updated to it, it wouldn’t be me! lol

Seriously though, I had a few issues this weekend so I couldn’t finish/post the new chapter… sorry :/

But it’s here now! The Prompt for day 4 of @starcoweek2​ (If I’m not mistaken?) “Confessions”!

I hope you enjoy it!

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4| Day 5| Day 6| Day 7

The first time he confessed, it was a mistake.

Not because he would regret, but because he spoke so out of blue and from so deep in his heart that he didn’t quite really understood what he did. He apologized afterwards and tried to shake it off. It took days to realize what he did and why. People used to say if you keep awake until late night thinking on someone, you got it bad.

And Marco didn’t sleep at all, which meant he was doomed.

He tried to bring back the subject, but was unable to. They both had moved on about it and he couldn’t just drop the subject like a cake. Like what? “Hey Star, I know I said I liked you another day and that it was a misunderstanding and you was ok, but I want to bring this back to say that it was no mistake and I want to become smooch buddies with you”? That couldn’t work!


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Rachel’s Rambles - 5x12 Bratva

I really, really loved tonight’s episode. It made me truly excited for the rest of the season. There were so many great character moments. And it also left me with a bunch of feelings I need to ramble about so….venture behind the cut if you dare. ;)

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Who comes up with the nicknames for the team? Because whoever gave widowmaker her name is so messed up.

Widowmaker: …I do not know.

Reaper: well i mean i came up with mine

Doomfist: Same

Reaper: and sombra came with hers

Reaper: so sombra

Sombra: don’t worry guys, I’m on it!


Sombra: I… can’t find anything???

Widowmaker: What do you mean.

Sombra: there’s nothing in the files that shows who came up with it.

Sombra: it was just referred to as “Project Lacroix” for a while.

Sombra: got changed to “Project Widowmaker” after… well, you know.

Reaper: thats sick

Sombra: …yeah.

Doomfist: I was under the impression that she chose that name

Widowmaker: Non.

Sombra: and who the fuck would choose a name like that anyway!?

Doomfist: Right