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Peebles: Well clearly we can’t wear the same thing, so one of us is gonna have to change necklaces before we leave.

(My personal theory as to why Marceline and PB have such similar necklaces)

“Elements” Parts III & IV (Adventure Time)

Winter Light

So Ice King decides to make a plan to rescue Betty from the Ice Kingdom with Finn and Jake in this episode.

The visuals of the Ice Kingdom were really pretty to look at and the music sung by the Ice Foxes was really unsettling and soothing.

I liked that we saw the return of Carroll, the cloud that gave Finn advice of not using revenge against Martin in Season 6’s The Tower, but instead had turned into an ice cloud and became much more angry and isolated, while letting Patience know about Finn, Jake and Ice King’s entrance into the dome.

Although I was expecting Patience St. Pim to have a larger role in this miniseries, I felt her (lack of a better word) coldness and depressed behavior made sense, as this is the wish she wanted, but instead of having the other elements be her friend, she ended up making them disappear into their elemental forms of the 4 sections of Ooo.

Patience realized there was nothing she could do, so she kept locked away in her ice dome with now only having the Choose Goose be her friend.

I do wonder if Patience will get another role near the end of the series.

The team rescues Betty and mentions that the only possible way to fix this spell is to use the Enchiridion, which Finn managed to snag another copy of the last time he was in Farmworld in Season 7’s Crossover.

I think this happened off-screen, if I’m correct.

My absolute favourite joke of this episode was when Ice King gives Finn and Jake sweaters he knitted and Jake swaps his for Finn to wear, while Ice King FREAKS OUT over seeing how Finn is wearing a Finn sweater, only to say that “Oh, I get it. The top one’s fake.” Simon is still not exactly in the best mental state yet, unfortunately.

I appreciate that Finn is also starting to remember his sword training from Rattleballs and I hope he gets even stronger, by the end of the series!

All in all, a solid episode with great visuals and setting up the plan to fix Ooo.


Although Ice King and Betty are thinking of ways to fix Patience’s spell, Finn gets way too tense in order for them to fix Ooo, while Jake decides to calm him down and tuck him in a cloud, while they float away stranded in the sky and talking about their problems, playing pretend barber and having a chance to breathe since coming back to Ooo, which this is literally a “breather episode.”

While some might call this the filler of the miniseries, this is honestly one of my favourites of the batch.

Supposedly, Patrick McHale, the creator of Over the Garden Wall, pitched an episode way back when he was working on the show’s first season of Finn and Jake being stuck on a cloud, talking about themselves and their lives, etc.

I’m glad the idea made it into this miniseries, as it’s the very definition of what makes Adventure Time special, charming and meaningful!

We learn that even though Jake is just trying to support Finn, he doesn’t show his insecurities and concerns about what’s happening.

The episode had a lot of great humour and expressions to go with it, especially being boarded by Kent Osborne and Graham Falk, as this was their first episode together.

It’s great to see how far Finn and Jake have come in terms of their relationship and character development, especially with Finn not fighting the cloud lard and talking to it.

One of my hopes in the series finale is that Finn and Jake end up opening a barber shop, but anything could go, at this point.

The episode ends with Betty revealing that they need to use the jewels from the elementals crowns to fix Ooo, as the next episodes will focus on the team retrieving them, similar to how Marceline had to defeat each vampire to retrieve her powers in Stakes.

Looking forward to where that goes, as this episode was quite the lovely breather we needed.


The Bright Lights played “Duck Duck Goose” one time before a challenge. It was Fan’s turn and he decided to choose “Paintbrush as the "Goose”. As soon as Fan did, Paintbrush got so angry that their hair bursted into flames and ended up burning Fan’s hand. Fan ran around screaming while Paintbrush was freaking out and apologizing; while Lightbulb and Test Tube tried to put the fire out; Lightbulb laughing the entire time.

anonymous asked:

how many swords has finn had?

His first was Scarlet the golden sword that he used for S1 and ~half of S2, until it became four-dimensional in The Real You and he had to throw it into a black hole.

Then he used a sword that he found in Mystery Train for the rest of S2 and most of S3.

In Dad’s Dungeon near the end of S3, he obtained the Demon Blood Sword as a gift from his dad. Joshua made it out of Kee-Oth’s demon blood.

Farmworld Finn’s main sword was insertable onto his metal arm. He got it from Farmworld’s Choose Goose alternate, Choose Bruce.

After he broke the Demon Blood Sword in S5, Finn bought the Grass sword from Grassy Wizard. Kinda like Farmworld Finn’s sword, it went on his arm, but then this one straight up became his arm when his arm got ripped off at the Citadel in the S6 premiere. And it might also still be his new arm. Tbd.

Aaaaand while Finn’s previous two swords became increasingly attached to him, his current sword is literally him. It’s made out of an alternate timeline Finn from Is That You? He chats with it sometimes, and the Finn inside the sword chats back.

He’s had a buncha lesser swords and you can check ‘em out here.