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Characters will also respond to the player’s gender identification, which includes male, female, and “other.” After choosing one of these options, players can specify if they are cisgender or transgender. 

wow thats some real ass social satire mixed with video game parody, good job South Park! 

Race features are important

Our tiefling warlock went down a long hallway covered in vines because he saw a skeleton caught in the vines holding a fancy looking sword. He fails the strength save and gets caught in the vines. The player chooses to leave the table while the rest of the party tried to figure out how to help him. He comes back to the table and this conversation ensues:
Tiefling Warlock: So, did I die?
Tiefling Paladin: No, but you are down to one hit point.
Tiefling Warlock: What? How did that happen?
Dwarf Druid: Well, the paladin tried to cut you down, killed you, healed you by touching you, then took your sword.
Tiefling Paladin: He wasn’t dead, he was only unconscious, and I healed him! It was a better plan than what the others had, they wanted to set the vines on fire. Imagine how much worse it would be if you were on fire.
Tiefling Warlock: I have resistance to fire damage!
Tiefling Paladin: Oh?
Tiefling Warlock: SO DO YOU!
Tiefling Paladin: … oh.

The next Splatfest is coming soon, and the theme is a clash of condiments: Mayonnaise vs. Ketchup.

The Splatfest event times are:
8/4 (Fri) 9:00 p.m. PT – 8/5 (Sat) 9:00 p.m. PT

As a reminder, at the end of the event, the winning side will be determined by Popularity, Solo Win percentage, and Team Win percentage. And this Splatfest theme will be shared globally, though results will be tallied and shared region by region.

Don’t forget you can team up with friends in Splatfest, though Team Mode is a little different from what you may be used to. This mode requires four players (must be friends with someone from the same team who is in the Lobby) to join a private lobby before being matched up against another team of four.

But will players choose mayo or ketchup? Only you can decide! And if you can’t wait to show your support, you can go into the game later tonight to pick your team and/or submit some mayo or ketchup centric drawings. We do enjoy tuna fish sandwiches and potato salad here in the lab, but we’d also be lying if we said we didn’t have a few bottles of spicy ketchup in the fridge. Decisions, decisions..

Headcanon: The Inner Circle go to Wimbledon
  • Feysand in royal box (obviously) with everyone in the crowd watching them admiring the High Lord & Lady of Night - who are looking fire™ ofc as they feed each other strawberries and cream
  • Amren just fixating on a particularly cute ball boy who is now sure his death awaits him as every time he looks up theres Amren with that look
  • Cassian being so beautiful that the camera keeps panning to him - he and Azriel are like Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler that year ultimate bros
  • Nesta glaring at that one female player™ (along with half the audience) who keeps eyeing Cassian - staking her claim over him more and more until she’s literally sat in his lap
  • Mor dressing like an absolute queen and then eyeing and flirting with the players - cue Nadal deciding NOW is the time to change shirts…whilst staring at her
  • Cassian being immature about the players grunting/moaning and Nesta being angry at him - she decides the only way to get her own back is to make those noises quietly in his ear, teasing him whilst slowly trailing her hand up his thigh…
  • Azriel just casually - with one hand without even looking - catching a stray ball one of the players hits into the crowd
  • Mor goes down to get the players to sign stuff at the end but just returns with all their numbers
  • Nesta choosing to support the opposite player to Cassian just because and then being uncovered for her true allegiance by accidentally standing up and cheering when Cassian’s player wins a point
  • Just the whole inner circle getting drunk on pimms and champagne

Here’s the thing: I still don’t like bitter juries. But there’s a difference between a bitter jury and a jury who has dealt with constant bullying and who was never told the truth.
In bb14, Dan never bullied anyone and he always told the truth in his goodbye messages, and his finale speech was nothing but the truth as well. THAT jury was bitter - they were mad that Dan was so good, that they were fooled, so they voted for Ian out of spite. That right there is what I hate - and I don’t believe it was in true Big Brother spirit.
But for bb19, this jury had to choose between an okay, honest player and someone who had an advantage from the start, treated them terribly, and lied about it all the way up until finale night.
So if people are saying “Ugh, what a bitter jury, Paul deserved that win,” then they don’t fully understand the definition of a bitter jury. They need to rewatch bb14 and get back to me; that was the REAL robbed winner due to a bitter jury.


Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Fallout, a post-nuclear adventure board game based on Bethesda’s blockbuster video game series. In Fallout, one to four players take on a role within an irradiated landscape inspired by those in Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and their downloadable content expansions. With just a few locations pinpointed on their map, the players choose whether to work together or individually to explore these mysterious regions that lay before them. Along the way, each player will face a wealth of choices, deciding whether to pursue experience or Caps, collect loot or loyal companions, and progress the main questline or veer off to the vaults. As the players move around the board, building their skills and filling their inventory, the area’s warring factions will gain power, forcing the players to pledge loyalty or defy conformity, all in pursuit of gaining the most influence of anyone else in the wasteland.

The game should be released in 4Q of 2017!!! Price 59.99 USD
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