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Can you do “You’re always number one.” Percabeth if you're still doing prompts

All’s Fair (When Annabeth Has A Plan)

Pairing; Percabeth

Word Count; 248

A/N; love me some pjo! Thanks nonny!

“You’re always number one,” Percy pouted. Annabeth rolled her eyes, wiggling further into her boyfriend’s lap. 

“That’s because I always win the round before,” she pointed out. Percy continued to silently brood behind her, resting his chin on her shoulder as he flicked his eyes over the screen, waiting for Annabeth to choose to player. 

“You only keep winning ‘cus you wiggle on my dick when I’m about to beat you.” Percy grumbled, moaning loudly and knocking his forehead to her shoulder when she clicked Daisy, tan and scarred skin exposed by his large t-shirt slipping off of it. “You know I hate being Peach, Wise Girl!”

“So then choose a different character,” Annabeth shrugged. She giggled at the disgusted look Percy shot her, freckled nose scrunched and black hair wild. even making an ugly face he was gorgeous, all strong cheekbones and bright eyes and thick lashes and sun-browned skin.

“Daisy and Peach have to go together.”

“All’s fair in love and war,” she sang, picking the outfit she knew he hated on Daisy. “And Mario Cart.”

“I’ll show you war if you pick Rainbow Road again.” Percy threatened, lips turning down in a frown when Annabeth turned her head and placed a wet kiss on his cheek. 

“Only if you win, Seaweed Brain” she crooned, hitting the start button on Rainbow Road. Hopefully that would give Percy the edge he needed to beat Annabeth. She’d much rather be on the bed than the floor, after all.


A mermaid, harpy, and a centaur thing but with scorpion part (those are called ‘girtablilu’ you learn every day), all requests! 

I hate how the NHL treats europeans like it’s appalling to me. They treat Finnish and Russian players like villains (Laine and Ovechkin), they forget that Czech Players exist (except Jagr but even with him no one talks about his nationality), players from countries not usually in the NHL aren’t appreciated enough (Frederik Andersen, Danish), Zdeno Chara, Slovakian, is seen as mean and made fun of for his European features, and there is so much pressure put on Swedish players. There were barely any European representation in the all star game, and let’s not forget that they decided to choose 4 North American Blackhawks players over many many European contenders for the 100 list. The NHL is xenophobic. it’s there, and sometimes it’s not just the NHL but the fans as well.

OP AU where One Piece is the new virtual reality mmo that’s just come out and is super fucking popular the world over.

At level 10, players choose whether they want to join the Marines, or become pirates.

Players who become pirates will then join up with other players to make their own “pirate crew” (guild) and set sail from their beginner island in search of new adventures.

Often, the pirate crews that beginners join at level 10 are just temporary crews until they reach one of the major cities, and can then part ways to join one of the bigger crews stationed in the Grand Line that usually have recruiters stationed at the major cities.

The beginner islands that users can choose from are scattered throughout the four Blues, and each island has its own loyalties.

The Conomi Islands, for example, are a popular starting island for players aspiring to become pirates, as it’s the HQ of the Arlong Pirates.

Whereas players looking to become Marines will, obviously, start at an island with a Marine Base.

Luffy, never being one to think things through or plan ahead, decides to choose his beginner island randomly and ends up at Dawn Island - one of the resort islands popular with those players who were just playing One Piece for the beautiful scenery. Most of these players never set foot in the Grand Line, and spend most of their time exploring the four Blues or meeting people and hanging out in the island they chose to settle down in. As a result, there aren’t very many quests to help a newbie level up, and Luffy ends up stuck on Dawn Island for a long long time as he slowly, painstakingly raises his levels through grinding, and saves enough money to buy a boat that will take him to at least one of the better suited beginner islands.

At one point, he’s almost saved when the Red Haired Pirates (a crew usually stationed in the second half of the Grand Line) visit Dawn Island so that their Captain can visit his irl wife at the bar she runs in-game, and so that she can meet the crewmates he’s always telling her so much about.

However the Captain, Red Hair Shanks, refuses to take Luffy along with them because he’s still only at level 7 and it’d be dangerous for him because even now there are like three Marine ships tailing the Red Hair Pirates, wondering what the hell they’re doing in the East Blue. He does offer to give Luffy enough Gold to buy a little boat for himself, but Luffy’s too proud to accept charity from another player.

In the end, the red hair pirates stay at Dawn Island for about a week, just relaxing before they’re thrown back into the fray of the New World, and during that time Luffy friends most of the Red Hair pirates, and also ends up accidentally eating the Gomu Gomu no mi, a super super rare item that Shanks had been planning to sell in the AH.

In the end, about a month or so after Shanks and his crew leaves, Luffy is finally able to get off Dawn Island, and begin his adventure towards becoming the Pirate King.

And the first crewmember he’s planning on recruiting?

The super infamous pk’er, Pirate Hunter Zoro!


#footballeditschallenge - March 9 (Thursday) - Favorite Kit : Spain Euros 2016 Away Jersey

“What do you feel?” “Anger.” “Close your eyes and count to ten. What do you feel now?” “Still angry and we just conceded a goal.”

Sunday Respite - Necromancy: Making Friends

I will be truthful, I have never had a player choose to devote themselves to the dark-arts … in-game, obviously. Well, and out of game. Usually they avoid the venerable school with a distance rivaled only by that given to inconspicuous props upon pedestals in wide, empty dungeon rooms. Perhaps its a dislike of suiting the stereotypical (yet badass) summoner of souls and entrapper of the dead, perhaps its a desire to pursue a more immediately rewarding school such as evocation or illusion. I say bah-humbug to this. If someone wishes to play in my game and hang out in haunted graveyards, chanting ‘til the pale moon sinks beneath the horizon, then I say good on you, pal.

Here are some enticing items to tempt the pure and incorruptible over into the blackest fifth and rotten waste, where mortal pleasures and obsessions are diseases to be cured through the sacrifice and suffering of the pursuit of true knowledge. Unlock that fascination, surrender to the whispers, take our hand and join us beneath the cloaking shadows of the dungeon walls.

Hooded-Cowl of the Antler

A warm and well-made cowl which tussles and dances in the midnight winds. A beautiful inner of amber weave gleams like torchlight under the absorbing darkness of the exterior; empty as sorrow, lonely as a blackened tide washing over barren shores of ancient bones and tattered flotsam. The collar ties loop together over the chest around an iron ring, and the hood obscures face and eye from any passing observer. The wearer, upon command, can pull forth from the speechless depths of the earth a great, prideful stag of ashen bone and gleaming frost. It howls out onto the wilderness and slowly lowers its head toward its master, offering a ride upon its icy spine. The stag can run as fast as any horse, living or dead, and can outrun a jackal pack over open ground. It leaves behind a path of frigid air, with pebbles and stones lathered in peeling cold for hours beyond its passing. Those unfortunate enough to cross this trail risk having their blood lock in their veins as they idly step through its trail.

Hangman’s Gift

This decoration is a rotten, gnarled length of thick rope, tied around the wearer’s neck with a clubbish knot hanging below the chin. The trailing fibers are frayed and sliced to wire-thin strings. This necklace, or sorts, is worn by those who have survived executions and certain death through one means or quite another. The gallows aren’t suited for them, and many executioners recognise such a symbol; one of an untouchable status. This man should be dead. Whilst the Gift is adorned, the wearer doesn’t require food, water, nor even air to survive. They live on through the worst that life can throw at them, and much beyond that.

Motley Neck-Knife

The Motley blade is a tidy-little throat slicer. Its a short, silver blade, barely an inch long, secured upon an ivory grip. Its sheath is that of a simple, black leather with a crude zig-zag stitching around its opening. When the Motley dagger earns its name and separates a man from his life with an abrupt, yet precise, infliction, that same body that dropped not two seconds ago jolts back to its feet at his killer’s side. Most guards have seen a murder in their time, so corpses scares them little. Some have even witnessed petty undead, so a shambling body upon its twisted ankles and bloated joints is nothing to panic over. But none had seen the smiles that the Motley carver grows over its victim’s lifeless mugs. Certainly none had heard the screams of the dead men inside as they watched in horror, helplessly passive as they see their own, empty forms stride forth towards friend and fellow alike with a feral madness burning in their bloodshot, and crow-pecked eyes.

Dead-Shot Arrows

These arrows are made of human bone. Their feathered ends are human hairs, the shaft is a carved femur, and the head is a incisor tooth, carved to a needle’s edge. They feel heavy to hold in mortal hands, like all of the goodness in the world and your head bleeds out onto the floor as you level it upon your pale palm. The munition is said to be made exclusively from the skeletons of priests and paladins from wherever they may be found. No-other would do, clearly. For when you test the wrath of the divine you may as well go full-in. Why not desecrate the holy dead? That query becomes difficult to dispute once the arrow meets a target. The arrow stings like a wasp swarm, digging out the skin, itching the blood like the veins are full of sandpaper. Then the victim’s bones begin to creak like heavy timbers under a sea storm, bending and twisting in horrific pain. Then they splinter and fracture through skin like porcupine quills as the bones begin to pull themselves out of their flesh.

Pipes of the Grave

A lonely city-bard may perchance these wooden pipes of birch and green leather in a lonely shop window on a lonely street they have never once walked. The shop-keep promises through yellowed teeth and dry lips that the instrument is as perfect as a true-lover’s kiss, bringing true emotion to any tale told with heartful passion and intent: a memorable performance if there would ever be one. The bard may yet further be intrigued at the low price, and may further yet buy them with a smile gleaming with the thought of gold and silver coins aplenty. The performances that she plays will sing like mountain cries and wail with forlorn hopes, echoing through every generation’s ears, bringing both youth and elders alike to rapturous applause. The crowd is crying, only not in joy. They scatter like woodlice as the lush grasses of the city park grounds split open into raw dirt and clawing fingers, as the generations lost before join in on the celebrations, tearing their rotten hulks up from the ancient graveyards buried and forgotten below. His performance ceases, and the dead collapse into piles of bone. She discards the instrument, destroys it perhaps, and she returns to her original flute. Unfortunately, once the Pipes have been played, the curse it contracts is not so easily gotten rid of, and the dead will rise wherever she sings.


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Do you have any advice on managing lots of branching paths in a choose your own adventure game? Even things like remembering what has happened (using tags) and making use of those is really cumbersome!

There’s a lot of things you can do here to help keep things straight. Primarily, you need to keep everything as organized as possible, and that means taking a big problem and breaking it down until it is in pieces small enough to handle. How I would start is by creating an outline for each individual storyline from beginning to end by breaking it up into a flow chart of story beats. Each beat should contain relevant information like:

  • A list of characters involved in the scene
  • The scene location and relevant environment details (What does this area look like?)
  • All branching conditions and where the branches lead
  • How this scene handles the different branches that lead to this scene
  • A brief description of what happens during this scene
  • Any sort of other requirements for this scene (props, character models, voiced lines, environments, animations, etc.)

Then, based on how the separate plot lines interact with each other, I would tag the branches with unique tags so that I can see where they intersect from scene to scene. If the flowchart of connecting scenes starts looking too complicated, it’s a good sign that the story could probably use some cutting or simplifying.

Let’s go with an example. We’ll create a quest that has a dialogue, a choice, two mutually exclusive scenes that result from the choice (an optional quest branch), and then some results. Here’s a sample quest summary:

The player character meets an archer named Neelo who wishes the player to recover her bow from a nearby cave. The player goes to the cave entrance only to discover another character, a shifty bard named Desmal, already at the cave entrance. Desmal offers the player a sackful of gold for the bow, but only if the player kills Neelo as well since she doesn’t want to deal with Neelo trying to take revenge.

So let’s build a quest outline for this, shall we?

Here is an example of a simple breakdown of the quest progression. You can see how scene progresses to scene, showing all of the different possible paths by which the player arrives at the next scene from its predecessor. You could (in theory) add notes to each of these scenes for the important information for those scenes, and dress them up visually however you like. As an example, I differentiated the action and dialogue scenes with the different shapes of bubbles, and used different colored arrows to indicate mandatory transitions as opposed to those driven by player choices. Notice how the quest converges after the player makes the choice to speak with Desmal or not and, if so, whether the player chooses to accept the subquest. Let’s continue with the second half of the quest.

Then we can finish the quest up through these scenes. Fighting Neelo is an optional part of the quest, but only if the player has accepted Desmal’s quest back up above. As you can see, there are two clear paths that the player can take to the end of the quest. If we wanted to do so, we could expand the quest to allow the player to keep the bow, attack Desmal, or any number of other things. We could track the results of the quest at the end and use those values in another quest later on. 

The benefits to breaking up story beats in this way should be pretty clear. Each scene, be it an action or a conversation or whatever, is essentially a single self-contained block that has a finite number of ways of entering, a finite set of results, and one major thing that happens inside it. While there’s no limit to the complexity one can pile into a single scene, resist the urge. Keep scenes simple and straightforward. Maintain the purpose of the scene, or it won’t have the right effect. I can then add all of the relevant details to that specific scene and know exactly what is needed to build this scene without needing to keep the entire storyline straight in my head. All I need to remember is what variables are important entering the scene, the scene details itself, and how the scene will determine where to direct the player next. Because it’s self-contained, I have a discrete chunk of work that I can do by myself or hand off to another designer. Once it is complete, I can connect it to the other completed scenes to form a whole quest. 

By keeping the storylines as self-contained flowcharts of interconnected scenes, I can easily determine each storyline’s relative complexity and size at a glance. The more the storyline looks like a spider web, the more complicated it becomes. Furthermore, with some practice breaking scenes down and creating them like this, I can also start estimating how long a specific scene will take to complete. This means that I can take a look at an entire storyline and estimate, based on the number of scenes in it, how long the entire storyline will take to craft. I can put in scene budgets for storylines to keep them sane - a large or critical storyline might have a top end of 25 scenes, while a one-off throwaway quest would have to be done in under 10. Since I can presumably tell what my schedule looks like, I can then make some decisions like “I can make this bigger” or “This won’t fit, I need to cut something”. I can then determine which parts that can safely be cut, and where I can reference smaller self-contained storylines into larger ones for more engagement without adding too much complexity. 

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you know what? i’ll name something dragon age does better than elder scrolls. your race choice matters more in dragon age.

in elder scrolls it affects your starting stats and you get a bonus ability or something based on your race. after that, it never really impacts gameplay again.

in dragon age….. well it still doesn’t really impact gameplay but it does impact the narrative/dialogue a bit. characters will regularly judge you for being this or that race and treat you differently for it. some romance options are only available to certain races. i most noticed this when i played a qunari in dragon age inquisition and everyone was after my horned ass. in this one mission i had to build up respect amongst a bunch of hoity toity fruitcakes, and being a qunari actually gave me a lower starting score.

elder scrolls likes to rag on about how racist everybody is. in skyrim, the stormcloaks supposedly hate dark elves and argonians, and the city of windhelm shows clear signs of segregation. dark elves have their own neighborhood and argonians aren’t even allowed to enter, having to stay outside on the dock. furthermore, khajiit aren’t allowed in any city at all, always living in tents just outside. but none of that ever impacts the player.

the stormcloaks will happily revere a dark elf or argonian should the player choose to fight for them. and at no point does anyone give you shit for being a khajiit either. the world would feel a lot more real if your race choice ever mattered beyond an npc saying “you are this race” now and then.

… alright, rant over.

ASK ME :) - I’m bored lol

A really long list of football questions:

1. Three teams you like

2. Three teams you do not like

3. A team you can’t tolerate and you do not even know why.

4. A team that surprised you in recent years (negative way or positive way)

5. The thing you like the most about your club or NT

6. The thing you dislike the most about your club or NT

7. How old were you when you started seeing yourself as a fan of your club? You are still cool if it was just yesterday.

8. The one time football made you so happy you couldn’t stop smiling for days

9. The one time football made you so sad you cried for days.

10. What do you dislike the most about the team you hate the most

11. Five players you really admire purely based on football.

12. Fine I will ask. Who is your favorite player. Why.

13. Five most underrated players in your opinion

14. Five most overrated players in your opinion

15. Name 3 most despicable figures in football in your opinion (coaches, players, owners, companies, anyone…)

16. What makes your favorite coach better than other coaches?

17. You are having a dinner party. Which football figures are invited?

18. A team you think is a true dark horse in the game today

19. A team you wish more people would know about because they tend to overlook it.

20. Favorite goalkeeper today

21. Favorite Right Back today

22. Favorite Left Back today

23. Favorite Centre Backs today

24. Favorite Defensive Midfielder today

25. Favorite Midfielder

26. Favorite Wingers (or players who play on the wings)

27. Favorite Forward (or striker)

28. Your dream eleven

29. Best Goalkeeper

30. Best RB

31. Best LB

32. Best CB

33. Best MFs

34. Best Forward

35. Favorite tactical formation

36. The type of football you love watching

37. Would you play with 3 defenders in the back?

38. Something an opponent can say to really piss you off.

39. A moment in football that changed you as a person. (e.g injuries, trophies, or transfers)

40. Players you admire for their intelligence

41. A player you are ashamed of loving

42. Which teams do your family members support?

43. Your achilles’ heel. The player who is your weakness.

44. Which team did you support the last time two teams you hated played against each other?

45. The league with the most competition

46. The  league with the best players

47. The league with the best teams

48.. Do you support Financial Fair Play?

49. Dirtiest player in the game today? What was the last dirty thing he did.

50. The best behaved player on the pitch today?

51. Players who are really arrogant?

52. Players who you consider truly humble.

53. A player who you think is too emotional in a negative way.

54. Do you think it is fair to compare players from different generations

55. Three players from past generations you wish you had seen

56. A victory that made you very happy even though it wasn’t your team.

57. A loss that made you sad even though it wasn’t your team

58. Most undeserving winners you can think of

59. A team that deserved to win but did not.

60. Should World Cup determine the legacy of a player.

61. Do you trust the Ballon D’Or? If not then does your opinion change depending on who wins and what would be a better method than voting.

62. Favorite Song that is attached to football memory (chants, songs, tunes)

63. Favorite football commercial (go find it on YT)

TIME TO BE REALLY HONEST. Nothing for liars.

64. What do you envy the most about your rival team

65. What do you envy the most about the rival player.

66. A player you wish would leave your team

67. A rival player you wish had joined your team

68. The time you really thought about leaving football

69. The worst transfer decision your club made

70.The best transfer decision your club made

71. Is it okay if your team uses dirty (frowned upon) tactic to win important games

72. The most embarrassing moment as a fan

73. Your proudest moment as a fan

74. Do you have divers in your team? How many

75. On a scale from 1-10 how much of a hypocrite are you when it comes to criticizing your rival team for something that your team also takes part in.

76. You are given the power make 4 swaps between any teams you choose. Which players are going where.


77. Nike or Adidas or Puma

78. Pele or Maradona

79. Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo

80. Manchester United or Liverpool or Arsenal or Chelsea

81. Real or Barça

82. You can only keep one of these players at the club. Do you keep the talented one, or the one who loves your club like no other.

83. Become a team with no football identity but titles or respected football identity and no titles.


84. A player you wish you could’ve known in real life because you really think you guys could’ve been best friends.

85. A player who you want as your partner (lover, boyfriend, husband)

86. Five most physically attractive players in the game today

87. Five players who others find attractive but you just don’t see it

88. A player you think you totally would have had a crush on if you were born in another generation

89. A player who just makes you smile with all the things he does off the pitch

90. A WAG you wish didn’t exist

91. A player who you think has the worst sense when it comes to fashion

92. A player’s fashion style that you admire

93. Top 5 bromances that you swear by.

94. A bromance you really don’t think exists but people keep making a big deal about it.

95. Name something your player loves doing other than football and sex that you wish you could do with him (cooking, shopping, singing)

96. Do you think all players should go to college?

97. A player who turns 10x more attractive when he speaks

98. A player who loses some of that attractiveness when he speaks

99. The 5 most attractive players in your club and NT

it’s such a basic rule of videogames to like… foster any kind of relationship with a player to a character by having the player have the ability to interact with the character in some responsive way.

the simplest way this is done is by having the character be /useful/ and /active/ for at least one crucial stage with the player.

just allowing bare minimum skin customization with/without naming can still lead to even pet-type characters being abrasive if they don’t do anything interactive. at worst, being seen as obstacles. to avoid this, you can give them an interaction. can they be picked up? can the player choose to give them items for some kind of reaction? does this thing /do/ anything?

this is especially crucial to work out if the writing calls for the player to have formed a bond with the character for there to be a response to the story twist. did the really cool, really useful, knight who joined you and helped you get out of a dungeon just betray you to some other team? did the character who always followed you and helped you get hidden items get hurt real bad and now a story related item is harder to find? did the cat you gave a name tag to and travel with disappear after some ruffians came to town?

of course, not everyone bonds in the same way with anything, but making a character likable and worth fighting for is different than telling someone they should like them and fight for them.