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Why is everyone automatically assuming it was Rhaegar who named Jon and not Lyanna? She could have done it to honor Rhaegar's dead son and/or for the prophecy. Why are people automatically absolving her of any blame? Even in the books she wasn't a child, but a woman grown within the context of the story. She should be responsible for her own actions. Also what is with you taking out your frustrations ab annulment/Aegon etc on show Jon?

Idk how some people can live on a planet where Lyanna Stark is anything but aggressively Northern. So much so that her sigil as a mystery knight was a laughing heart tree. So much so, that she lunged into action to defend one of her father’s bannerman literally yelling “that’s my father’s man you’re kicking!”. So aggressively northern, that she does what Starks are known to do, which is take care of their own, by tending to Howland’s wounds, introducing him to her brothers, finding him a place to sleep that wasn’t outside, and having him sit with her and her brothers during dinner. Lyanna Stark was canonically near and dear to her brothers’ hearts, particularly Brandon and Ned’s, one of whom would die for her and the other chooses to lie and dishonor himself for her. Lyanna Stark is so aggressively northern that her favorite flower was a winter blue rose, which grows during winter time and have been noted to be grown in the glass gardens at Winterfell. So aggressively northern, that she was described as riding horses “like a northman”.

BUT SURE, let’s live on this fantasy planet instead where Lyanna would choose to name her son Aegon Targaryen, the same damn name as Elia and Rhaegar’s son, because she’s ~honoring them in that way~. 

Points taken off for grossly insisting that a 15 year old is a “woman grown within the context of the books”, because if a society insists, then it must be accepted! Never mind that even in today’s world of advanced medical technology and better nutrition, a pregnancy is classified as high risk if the mother is 16 years or younger! 

I’m not taking out my frustrations on show!Jon for the annulment/naming, that much should be obvious. I’m frustrated with show!Jon for being written as the most boring character in the whole show.

Random Sophie Headcanons


Here are some of my Sophie headcanons. 

  • Constantly has to look like she’s about to march into a Coronation and take it over.
  • Definitely has a tiara within reach always.
  • She’s a little upset that Agatha stopped replying to her letters even if she got a bit overzealous with her wedding planning decisions.
  • Designs her own clothing.
  • Owns a pair of sunglasses purely for getting that ‘I’m Judging You’ look.
  • Coins the phase “Pink is evil.” and enjoys the event of every piece of pink be purged from most wardrobes of good.
  • She comes to a nice palette in her wardrobe of Purples, Reds, Blacks, Pinks, and Silvers.
  • When she turns twenty she chops all her hair off again and leaves it in a curled up bob that makes it look like she just walked off a movie set in the 1920s.
  • Denies she has any attraction to a certain history professor, though no one buys it for a second.
  • Starts campaigning for the lower floors of her tower to be turned into a library with The Tale of Sophie and Agatha up front and center of course.
  • Somehow she can always sleep peacefully when Hort’s in the room, it’s a little bizarre to her but it’s been that way since first year, and she nods off in weird places sometimes. (See Book 1 page 294)
  • Her eyes gain hazel flecks in them as she gets older and vice versa for Agatha.
  • She spends time in the library of vice a lot when she’s not teaching classes, it’s soothing for her.
  • She has three pieces of jewellery she wears, a sapphire pendant that she received from Agatha for their birthday, a pair of silver earrings that hang with diamonds on the end from Tedros they were a peace offering after Sophie heard about what happened at the Coronation, and finally a simple silver ring with an emerald embedded in it. She won’t tell anyone where she got it from.
  • She does have a small tattoo on her ankle, her family’s names so that she’ll never forget them.
  • She loves teaching Curses and Deathtraps, especially when she gets into the proper ways to seduce your enemy into believing they’re safe with you.
  • Despite the eyerolls, she receives she knows that every student pays attention when she details how to wear poisonous lipstick without getting poisoned yourself.
  • Her heels have small knives in them, they are very effective in scaring students away from eavesdropping.
  • She made the ‘Agatha deserves better’ shirts.
  • Knows about every bet that the students have, keeps a close eye on one in particular that Dovey pretends not to know anything about.
  • She chooses the last name ‘Dame’ after a long time of teaching, and damn does it suit her.

*V’s Another Story Day 1 Part 5*

So the 14:08 chatroom. It’s a chatroom with Zen, basically he is sad because he didn’t get a role in the musical he auditioned for. He then asks you some personal stuff, then you ask him personal stuff. I may give a piece of advice for this chatroom, get napkins, ya may nosebleed~ 😂

At some point Zen mysteriously logs out and boom a wild Saeran aka Ray aka Unknown (Damn I need to choose one name and use it) hacks the app and starts talking to you asking you if you enjoy the game and who you like the most…

Before I get into the super important things I want to show you guys these 👇


So back to where I was, ah yeah the Ray asking you who you like part. You have the option to say that you only like him AND GET ACTUAL SAERAN (I’ll just keep that name for now) HEARTS! The color is exactly the same as the pink thing he is wearing (I can’t call it a jacket and right now I am so excited that I can’t think about this). I guess I’ll try getting some screenshots of his hearts as well…

So after your small conversation with Saeran is over he logs out and you are back to chatting with Zen who things that the protection of the app is getting weaker you try to calm him down and the usual Handsome Zen leaves happy after bragging about his selfies~ 😂

And at the moment when you believe that everything is over

yeah Saeran calls, but I am not spoiling calls 😊

PS. Still the first day… I hope I survive this… I seriously can’t control my feelings for both V and Saeran…

Grumpy McGrumpface


when I posted last time that my whole team died and I was too poor to heal them Crane pointed out that one of my chara’s is Lavi… and well, can you blame me???? look at him!!! it was one of two designs to choose from and damn he’s so Lavi I just had to name him that. and the chara next… I was thinking of naming him Allen but somehow Rowan seemed to fit more for me?? even tho now I lowkey regrets not naming him Allen fjsnfnskfks

Google all your characters' names

To avoid unfortunate implications by naming them after a criminal, historical figure, political figure, or someone otherwise famous/influential.

To see if there’s already a famous character with that name

Look into the meaning behind the names. There’s some potentially juicy stuff to be had here. 

When you make up names, see if it’s not a real name somewhere. You might not even realize it. Damn your subconscious. 

It’s especially important when you choose names from cultures/countries/naming traditions you are not familiar with. You want to get it right, but also check for the above.

What are your reasons? Anything else?

— Matt