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Silent Movie || Klaine

[Blaine is a bit anxious about this date with Kurt, even though the two had been an official couple for a few weeks now. He doesn’t go to the movies often, since he is deaf. It is hard enough for him to keep with a movie without close captioning on the same screen as the movie, but now he would have a date there as well. He hopes that they are able to enjoy the movie together, and not be completely lost the entire time. He takes time to choose a cute bowtie and cardigan to wear on the date. He also gels his hair perfectly. He decides to wait on the porch for Kurt to pick him up, since he still doesn’t have his license. It is still a little light outside, but he looks up at the sky to see some of the first visible stars of the evening.]

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thank you for the Romeo and Juliet/Jikook fic~~ it's amazing as always~ may I ask for a winter prom sequel??? Again only if you have time. You should take a rest from writing such gold. Have a good day beautiful~ <3

Title: Let playful people with light hearts dance
BTS-fandom / A.R.M.Y.
Word Count:
1 810
Romeo and Juliet + Jikook = a high school AU inspired by this.
Also, it’s a sequel to this and this.

Author’s Note:
The title is from Romeo and Juliet. Thank you for the request, sweetie!! You are so cute, thanks for the encouraging and praising words, too!!! (•⚗৺⚗•) I’m sooo sorry for making you wait this long, I hope you’ll like this part~ ❤❤❤ Also, I have no idea how dating nor a prom looks like, so… yeah. I’m sorry, it turned out pretty cheesy and lame. ^^

It has been four days since the theater club’s Romeo and Juliet performance. It has been four days since Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin are dating after sharing a kiss in the middle of the play, and it’s like a colorful dream which Jungkook never ever want to wake up from.

Four days passed and the rumors were spreading around the school like wildfire. Jimin was shameless and open about his feelings, and proudly called Jungkook his boyfriend when some brave person asked him to clarify the situation.


Jungkook has never dated before and is really nervous about the whole concept but his life barely changed during the four days. Well, except that being the boyfriend of Park Jimin means that Jungkook has to deal with a bunch of new people almost every hour at school. It means jealous, upset and disgusted gazes, too. But Jungkook doesn’t mind, as long as being Jimin’s boyfriend means that he can see his dazzling smile, and can hear Jimin’s contagious, bubbly laugh, and can kiss those full, pink lips of his whenever he feels like to, as well.

Since then, instead of sitting with only Taehyung and listening to the older boy’s incoherent ranting in the corner of the canteen, he is able to eat lunch at Jimin’s table – the table in the center – together with the coolest kids of their high school. Since then, some of Jimin’s friends are greeting him, even smiling at him, and he meekly waves back. Since then, he is not invisible anymore.

But being visible has some disadvantages, too.

There are a lot of people in the school who don’t like the fact that Park Jimin is not single anymore plus he is together with a boy. Because of that, his popularity decreased a bit but it seemingly doesn’t have a great effect on Jimin, and Jungkook is not complaining as well. He wants Jimin all for himself, after all.

Also, a lot of people don’t like the fact that some freshman climbed the social food chain this easily. Since then, Jungkook finds his locker being covered with painted dicks and swearwords, or filled with trash every day. His classmates are eyeing him and keeping off his touch. They are staying away from him but it’s nothing new. It doesn’t really hurt – not like when he heard some football player calling him ’gaylord’ and then spitting on the ground. His stomach turned and he felt like punching that asshole in the face… But then he noticed Jimin waiting for him at the entrance, smiling brightly and eyes turning into tiny half-moons– and he didn’t care anymore, all of his worries and fury got replaced with fluttering affection, and he wanted to melt into a giant puddle.

So yes, Jungkook doesn’t regret being Jimin’s boyfriend. Not at all.

They didn’t do too much boyfriend-y stuff yet. Jimin asked what his phone number is and they were texting a lot. Like, really a lot. It was comfortable and Jungkook was not as nervous as when it came to talking face to face. At school they barely met because of their schedule but the lunches were always fun – Jimin’s friends and Taehyung were constantly joking around. They managed to peck some sloppy kisses on each other’s mouth or cheek and some slight touches here and there, but Jungkook was not really into PDA so it was more than enough.
On the third day Jimin suddenly called him at evening. At first, it was quite awkward with a lot of nervous laughs and shy silences at Jungkook’s part. But Jimin managed to break the ice in a record time with patient kindness and sweet compliments.

And now, on the fourth day of their dating, they will go together to the winter prom.
Jungkook stands in front of his wardrobe and tries to figure out what he should wear. A tuxedo? Too classy. A suit? Good idea but then what kind of tie he should choose? What if he takes this way too seriously and everybody will go in a pair of jeans and some leather jacket? What if only he wears a suit and will make a fool of himself in front of the whole school, including his boyfriend?

What if…?

After a hour of struggling, he finally chooses a blue bowtie. He checks himself out in the mirror and is quite satisfied with his reflection when his mobile phone starts ringing.

“Hey, Jungkookie~” Jimin singsongs into the phone. “Are you done with everything? Ready to go?”


“Cool! Then, open your window!”

Jungkook curiously opens it and looks down. Jimin smiles up at him and hangs up the phone.

“There is my landau, dear Juliet,” Jimin points at his car parking next to Jungkook’s house. “It would be my honor if I could take you to the ball, my love.”

“Are you trying to re-create the balcony scene?” Jungkook chuckles, sparkles running up and down on his spine because the words ’my love’. “And landau? So cheesy, Jiminie! So lame!”

“It is – and you love it.” Jimin grins at him and winks.

Gosh, Jungkook can’t wait for tomorrow – the beginning of the winter break means some alone-time and proper dating with Jimin. Finally.
He rushes down and sits into his boyfriend’s car. It’s warm and cozy, some Christmas song filling up the air between them. Jungkook is suddenly hyper aware of Jimin’s presence next to him in this small place, so he tries to casually look out of the window and watch the road. He twitches when feels a warm hand on his thigh.

“Don’t be so nervous, Kookie-ah. You’ll feel good, okay?

“U-uh, yeah…”

Jimin’s caressing hand is burning hot and tiny – and very freaking distracting. Jungkook’s mind starts to wander to a quite inappropriate direction but before things could turn into a mess, they fortunately arrive.
There is rhythmical bass roaring out of the school’s gym and Jungkook is getting more and more nervous with every step. He doesn’t like crowded places and especially doesn’t like strangers with sweaty bodies pressing against him.

After hanging their coats in a storage room, Jungkook has to admit that if Jimin looked good at casual clothes, he is definitely looks stunning in a suit. It’s elegant and fancy, and he looks like a freaking model coming out from a magazine cover. But, Jungkook thinks, Jimin would look pretty even in a trashcan. And then there is him with his slipped bowtie and suddenly-too-long teenage limbs – not model-like, not at all.

They walk into the gym what is decorated with huge snowflakes, icicles, wreaths, festoons and mistletoes. Jimin smirks at him and drags the younger towards the dancefloor. There is the sweet smell of punch and gingerbread in the air, colorful lights and candles are everywhere.
Eyes are darting towards them, jealous and frowning girls and boys are watching them as they greet Taehyung and Hoseok. The music is too loud and unpleasant, it’s not Jungkook’s taste at all.

“Well, uh… we should dance?” Jungkook asks uncertainly and doesn’t move. He knows that he dances quite dorkily, like a damn duck – flapping with his arms and stomping with his feet. But Jimin doesn’t need to know how bad he is at dancing…

“Yes, we should.” Jimin smiles at him and holds his hand. Jungkook reluctantly follows him, next to them Taehyung and Hoseok are enthusiastically dancing Macarena.

Jungkook turns around and fidgets, Jimin glances at him with amused eyes.

“If you don’t want to, then tell me.”

“N-no, it’s just… I want to dance, and like to dance but… just don’t really good at it.”

“So what?” Jimin’s smile widens and his eyes are soft, so soft. “If you like it then what holds you back? You are perfect, Jungkookie, don’t let other people’s expectations kill the joy. That’s the biggest reason you has stage-fright, too. You should just enjoy yourself freely. I’m already in love with you, so does what the others may say matter?”

“Ugh… no, not really.” Jungkook admits, the tip of his ears are on fire and he can’t do anything but smile like an idiot.

Then, ‘Moments Like This’ by The Afters stars playing and couples are forming for the slow dance.

“So, shall we dance?” Jimin offers, already wrapping his arms around Jungkook. His hands are burning the younger’s skin even through the layers of clothes. Jungkook feels some fluffy warmth boiling in his stomach and pooling in his chest as Jimin tips his forehead against his. It’ nice, really nice. At least slow dancing is nothing else but cuddling while stepping around a little.

“Or should we kiss? We are under a mistletoe.”

Jungkook doesn’t answer, he is too busy with admiring Jimin’s face from this close. The older boy’s cheek is flushed and beautiful eyes are sparkly. Their gaze connects and suddenly there is a bubble around them, excluding the music and cheering. The quiet tension between them grows as they are swimming lost in each other’s eyes.

“Yeah, we definitely should kiss now.” Jimin whispers against Jungkook’s lips, his breath is hot on his skin, and the younger’s whole body tingles and thrills.

He wants it, he wants that kiss so freaking much… But he can’t forget that there are people around them; judgemental high schoolers, hungry for gossip and victims to tease. Park Jimin may doesn’t have any shame but Jungkook has – and there are teachers in the crowd, too. The last thing Jungkook wants is his teachers spot him while making out with a boy.

“Ooor we should do some, uhm, fist-bump? Instead of kissing?” He says in a small voice and shuts his eyes immediately. Oh God, this is awkward.

“Fist-bump?” Jimin blinks confusedly then starts giggling. “What, are you feeling shy, Jungkookie?”

“N-no? Uh… Erm, okay. Yes. Maybe. A little.” He is a stuttering mess and he knows that his face is as red as a tomato.

“But the mistletoe-tradition is unbreakable.” Jimin pouts and Jungkook wants so scream because how on earth can someone older than him being this cute?! “But if you don’t want it here, then what about finding another mistletoe? Like, somewhere else? We could go with my landau.”

“You mean, with your car? Where?”

“Anywhere. For Romeo and Juliet, the ball was only a start, as well. So we should go somewhere and having fun, too. Do you like skating?”

“I’ll keep listening this Romeo and Juliet-paralell for the rest of my life, right?” Jungkook giggles and lets Jimin lead him out of the gym.

“Of course, my love. For the rest of your life.”

“Yah, you are so cheesy!”

“Yeah, yeah, cheesy and lame.” Jimin slants a fond look at him through his long eyelashes. “But you love it.”

Jungkook only squeezes his boyfriend’s small hand, and doesn’t argue with that.

Maybe This Time - Part 5

Hey everyone! So this is part 5! Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading :D

Part 5:

There was something pressing into Rae’s thigh. She couldn’t quite put a word to it in her half woken state, but it reminded her of a pipe? That didn’t sound right. Why would there be a pipe in her bed? An arm tightened around her back, the other one pressed against the bare skin under her sleep shirt. Rae popped her eyes open. Finn’s eyes were still shut, the corners of his lips just barely turned up in a smile. That was most definitely not a pipe.

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