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Big Bang Reaction: You refuse to call them oppa to annoy them

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Jiyong (GD): *oddly finds it kind of attractive* “If you’re going to be like that then I may have to teach you a lesson about manners.”

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Seunghyun (T.O.P): “Oh so all of a sudden I’m not oppa anymore? What should I start calling you then??” *comes up with a thousand nicknames to annoy you until you call him oppa again* (i’m really upset that I couldn’t find his “CALL ME OPPA! gif TT,TT)

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Taeyang: He honestly wouldn’t be too bothered by it because of your close relationship and would probably just laugh and make fun of you right back

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Daesung: “Oh were you talking to me? I wasn’t sure because you weren’t addressing me properly.”

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Seungri: *you call him Seungri instead of oppa* “Oh, really now? Do you want to get into a contest over who can annoy whom more? Because I can almost guarantee that I’m going to win prince(ss).”

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When Bigbang gets drunk (with eng sub) 

hes imitation is so funny hahhahh 

+ eng sub starts from 0:09