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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Effigy

A young man turned this song off at a party I was at this past week.  He was decrying Creedence as childish yet, later he was loudly talking about wearing a tie made for an eight-year-old.  The combination of both events made me hate this gentleman and is probably a good example of why I don’t have many friends.  Either way, fuck that guy with his fucking tie.  I don’t need friends.  I have Creedence.

1D’s fifth album has already yielded two of its own massive singles: the spit-polished stompers “Drag Me Down” and “Perfect.” They’re also two of the least interesting songs here; either one could easily belong to any boy band of the past 20 years. What’s less expected is the group’s knack for crafting enormously hooky tributes to musical eras more familiar to their fans’ parents: the choogling Steely Dan–meets–Fleetwood Mac yacht rock of “What a Feeling”; the pretty, Beatles-y ballads “Olivia” and “I Want to Write You a Song”; “Walking in the Wind,” which flirts with Graceland-era Paul Simon before bursting into a big-sky chorus. The lyrics, with a few subtly naughty exceptions, are still largely crafted for listeners whose idea of romance is a Disney prince—dashing, devoted, and safely two-dimensional. Unlike Bieber, One Direction don’t seem ready yet to explore their own more adult voices. Or maybe they’re just saving it for their solo records.
—  From Boys to Men: EW reviews Justin Bieber and One Direction’s new albums x

Hi, remember me? I still owe many people little watercolors from my “stimulus package” offer of a couple months ago. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m choogling along on those, and should be sending out a few dozen of them this week. There were 100 in all before I cut it off to preserve my sanity, and I’m trying to make them worth the investment and the wait. Not all of them are amazing, but occasionally I accidentally draw one this good. Thanks for your patience! 

Side note: also thanks to the very kind and nice Chris Gerringer, who painstakingly rebuilt my formerly-broken/now-beautiful website, complete with some new features, including a sexy Tumblr theme that looks just like the rest of my site–if you’re reading this via your dashboard, feel free to click through to see his handiwork, and feel free to click some more to see his own cool stuff, or hire him to help you with your site. Thanks again Chris!