made some crossbred aegislash variations :^OO

i have some ideas for them but i’m too lazy to type em down rn

okay here they are

Desert Gold Aegislash, which are known for their fully golden blade, are sometimes found near desert ruins and the such. They sometimes lure people into getting lost in the desert with the promise of treasure and/or power. Sometimes it lures unsuspecting people into an area populated by Cofagrigus.

Double Scoop Aegislash are more usually seen in much colder climates, and it greatly dislikes warmer climates. It’s handle and blade is often cold to the touch, and may make it hard for one to try to pick it up. The “ice cream” on it’s hilt may melt off in warmer climates, only to reveal a frozen hilt.

Barbed Aegislash are usually found in caves, and are known to be very aggressive. They may ram into opponents with their shields or body, often causing a bit more damage due to it’s barbed appearance. Impossible to hold, as their handle is covered in spikes.

“Wooden” Aegislash aren’t really wooden, but only appear to be. It sometimes disguises itself to be a wooden toy sword when there are people around, and unsuspecting kids might pick it up and play with it, but may get harmed in the process, since it’s blade is as strong as steel.