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Howfy, do you have any photos of Australian troops in Korea, I only seem to find officer photos or USA troops? My dad and uncles served in Aussie infantry, dad done three tours

An Australian soldier takes aim with his M2 Carbine during the Korean war.

Canberra, Australia Korean War Memorial

Troops of 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR) in Korea

Ian Robertson: Members of 3RAR (Royal Australian Regiment)in a shallow trench, Hill 614 area, February 1951 Korea

General Van Fleet, General Officer Commanding, 8th US Army (far left) inspects members of the 3rd Battalion (3RAR), when bestowing the Presidential citation in recognition of the Unit’s action at Kapyong, Korea. US Major General John W O’Daniel is to Van Fleet’s left. [AWM 083857]

AWM HOBJ2068 Korea. c 1951. Troops of 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment

Australian soldiers load shells onto a Patton Tank after clearing an enemy road block near Chonju, Korea, in December 1950. It is not implied that these soldiers participated in any atrocities. Source: News Limited 

A private in the Australian Army holds his Bren at the ready, as a dead North Korean soldier lies in the background in Korea in 1952.

RAN Firefly aircraft on board HMAS Sydney off Korea

Members of the Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR) wash in a river before they advance into North Korea, October 1950.

International troops in the Korean War.

Between 930,000 and 1,100,000,

Flag of South Korea 590 911,
Flag of the United States 480,000
British Flag 63,000,
Flag of Canada, 26,791,
Flag of Australia 17,000,
Flag of the Philippines 7430,
Flag of Turkey, 5.455,
Flag of the Netherlands 9,972,
Flag of France 3,421,
Greece flag 2,163,
New Zealand flag. 1,389,
Thailand flag 1,294,
Flag of Ethiopia.svg 1,271,
Colombia flag 1,068,
Flag of Belgium (civil) .svg 900,
Luxembourg flag 826,
Flag of the Netherlands 44


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