Me: urgh i hate cheesy stuff and rom-coms. Romantic love is sooo overrated and don’t even get me started on the commercial holiday that is Valentine’s day

Also me: * reads millions of fanfics about the same couple falling in love no matter how clichee*

so, my hetero™ friend just told me that I shouldn’t join a sorority cause’ im bisexual and I’d fall in love with all of the girls, and I was like?? like bitch, all of my friends are girls, hell you’re a girl and I ain’t in love with your ass, now am I Carol?

stop acting like all queer women are monsters that can’t keep it in their pants pls n thnk you.

  • Person A & B already dating
  • Person A: I just realized something!
  • Person B: What is it?
  • Person A: I never asked you out!
  • Person B: That's fine.
  • Person A: NO, will you go out with me?
  • Person B: What if I wanted to ask you out?
  • Person A: No, I wanted to ask.
  • Person B: So, You'll say no if I ask?
  • Person A: Of course not! I just want to be the one to ask.
  • Person B: What if I say no?
  • Person A: you wouldn't.
  • Person B: Maybe I would? You don't know.
  • Person A: I already asked, please just answer!
  • Person B: NO.
  • Person A: No you won't answer, or no you won't go out with me?
  • Person B: Neither. Will you go out with me?
  • Person A: Fuck you, and fuck yes!

Babe, what was love like in your family?