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Shit Non K-Pop Fans Say

“You can’t understand what they’re saying!”

“They all look the same!”

“Guys wearing makeup? That’s gay!”

“Guys acting cute? That’s gay!”

“Guys and skinship? That’s gay!”

“Why does he look like a girl?”

“Why does she look like a boy?”

“Wait, I can sing in their language - ching chong sing song ling long!”

“Aren’t they all Chinese?”

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Leaves From the Vine (Remake) 

Produced by Chongthenomad

I decided to do a song a bit similar to what I did with ‘When Avatars Fall in Love’… After listening to some of the old themes from the original show, I decided to re-make 'Leaves From the Vine’. Which as most of you know, is the song Iroh sings on his deceased son’s birthday. 

Hope you like it~

korra medley
  • korra medley
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  • Legend of Korra - RE-AMPED

Korra Medley 

Produced by Chongthenomad

Inspired by the Track Team

So I made this lil’ thing for a collab with pumpkinpie89, who will be doing an AMV to go along with it. Go follower her! Her AMV’s are amazing.

A lot of people made their own version of the Main Theme, so I decided to give it a spin ^-^. I also managed to fit in the original Avatar theme itself from the main series.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Note: Out of respect for the collab, I will not be posting the download until Pumpkin uploads the AMV. I will make it available after the video is out.

Hand Holding
  • Hand Holding
  • Alda A.

This is a piece I’ve been working on for a while, and recently, had the pleasure to finish for a collab I’m working on with this wonderful person

I wrote it after my private instructor told me to ‘describe a simple act’ with a song. Being the hopeless romantic I am, I tried writing a piece of what I thought hand-holding 'sounds’ like. While arranging and mixing it on FL Studios, my shipper heart got in the way and made me think of what would Jeremy Zuckerman write for a Korrasami date while they’re in Avatar Korra park. I’m hopeless I know. 

It’s still kinda in the works, but I’ve been excited to post this for a while and I hope you like it!