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Storyboard artist and scribbler Marty Cooper aka Hombre_McSteez (previously featured here) is back with an awesomely chompy new animation entitled “Out of Hand”. After drawing an alligator character into his sketchbook, the creature springs to life via transparency film and proceeds to run amok through real cities around the world taking great big bites out of familiar landmarks. From San Francisco’s Ferry Building to Seattle’s Space Needle to Chicago’s Cloud Gate, the great big silver bean, nothing is safe from this ravenous beastie.

Only Cooper can stop his hungry creation, but how will he do it? Watch the video to find out:

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[via Visual News, Gifs by Old Type 40]

Look how adorably happy Raph is here. Precious baby~! 

(PS Thanks for being a pal by not deleting anything. You’re great) 

Imagine Leo telling about their adventures to Splinter and then Mikey just randomly jumping up and pointing at Raph who’s reading a comic book with Chompy on his shoulder and yells “RAPH GOT A GIRLFRIEND IN SPACE!!” Then Raph would look into his father’s eyes awkwardly and Splinter would look back and then at Chompy and be quiet for a moment before the hothead blushes and stands up in panic and yells “THIS LITTLE GUY ISN’T WHAT YOU THINK HE IS, YOU’RE NOT A GRANDFATHER!!”

Twinkle Twinkle Mommy’s Star

Raph is showing Irrilia where her mommy lives. I added Chompy as the new familiy member. He is an adorable pet.

-To all of you who own pets. Love them and cherish them. They won’t be with you forever but their love is infinite. They’ll always stay in your heart and you’ll always have so many memories with them to think back to. Remember that.❤️