chomping at the bite

Dean has a habit of saying, “Bite me.” In my fic, he says it to Gabriel quite often. Because Gabriel sasses him all the time. First time he hears it, Gabe’s like, “Hmm. Feel like I’ve heard that phrase from you before.” Second time, Gabe’s like, “There it is again. It’s like a fetish for you.” And each time after that, Gabriel’s patience for the phrase shrinks just a little more.

I’m waiting for the time Dean goes, “Bite me, Gabriel,” and Gabe just thinks, “Alright, fucker,” and bites him. Just grabs his hand and chomps and Dean’s screaming because there’s an annoyed Archangel latched onto his arm.

Sam shrugs all, “You asked for it.”

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((Heart for Gary!))

  • heart: talk about your crush

Gary: “Eeeeehhhhhhh…. I dont really know if I have one. At least I dont really remember. As long as I actually can remember nobody has stuck out in my mind as the big crush. There are maybe some small crushes I have though like the one with the pink hair or the piranha plant lady or even that big chomp~ BUT IF YOU TELL ANYBODY ILL BITE YA! Its not like theyll have me anyways

Poor Guard...

Context: Our rogue was incarcerated and we were breaking her out. Upon leaving, we try to nut-tap the guard. I was a summoner.

Me: I roll to Nut Tap

*Roll* Fail

DM: Nice.

Rogue: I roll to Nut Tap

*Roll* Fail

DM: Nice.

Me: I roll for my Eidolon to chomp his nuts.


DM: Your Eidolon bites his groin clean off. He bleeds out and dies.


Rogue: I steal his shoes and cash.

Hoshino: “Damn… the difference between the size
of our bites is too great…”
Allen: *CHOMP*
Tim: *grind grind* (mouth not opening)
Kanda’s golem and Johnny’s golem: pii–

💝 by hoshino1000:
I want to eat chocolate now.
I forgot to buy chocolates for myself this Valentine's. 
I'm really craving chocolate.
Why did I forget to buy it myself...
I want to eat chocolate now.
Supernatural Reality- Part 7

Inspired by impalalalalardis-1067.

Summary of Part 7: Reader is on the run with the Winchesters when she is blindsided by an unexpected turn of events.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 1991

Your stomach revolted at the thought of another greasy hamburger, a queasy feeling spreading through your stomach at the smell, so you took Sam up on his offer to drop Dean off at the motel and go grab something fresh and green.

“Sorry, babe,” you said, kissing Dean quickly before leaving him alone. “I’ve just eaten way too many of those over the last three months. My body needs some real food.”

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