Ooomph~!  S-so the preds just can’t get enough of a good meal, a-and when their prey isn’t quite big enough for their liking, t-they’re *urrp* m-more than happy to stuff them with tasty treats!!  I-In this case our pred had a b-bit of a sweet tooth and ordered me s-stuffed to the brim with carrot cake~!  I-I hope he’s hungry~!

Bon appetit~! <3

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Ok so maaaaaybe any excuse to draw a plumped Rubunny is as good as any, but this will mark my first fat bunny week post heheh!

So @rabbitinafoxden joined in on the stuffed bunny special, and since then demand has absolutely skyrocketed for the tasty taut-tum’d treats~! Poor Rubunny, he’s having to pull some extra shifts and some extra weight around with all that dessert and entrees being stuffed down his gullet for each round~ His uniform hardly fits him anymore!!

Might be time for a vacation soon~…

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While sendbacks are quite rare at Chompers, there are those picky customers who just can’t seem to be satisfied! Unfortunately for Cam, they’re quite annoying to deal with, and for (fem)Ruby it’s all part of the job, for better or worse~ Today it seems a customer just can’t quite agree on how much or how little food they want in their main course! …not to mention how loud it happens to be as well~…

Another commission for sherwoodboy before the big trip!