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Now I see Kaminari just taking the entire bag of warheads and eating them at the same time, everyone in class is horrified (seriously I couldnt even handle one)

[in reference to this post]

Kaminari stuffs an entire bag of warheads into his mouth without flinching

Bakugou eats all the hot cinnamon candies without breaking a sweat 

and Kirishima casually chomps into jawbreakers as if it’s no big deal

someone save the class from these boys

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my humain giv me highes oppreshun: wont let me in kitshun when cooking, says oilé and heaté is bad for me :( but I wannA CHOMP ON COOKING UTENSILES


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Kitty Keith and puppo lance, lance plays with Keith's tail and it annoys him but he doesnt stop lance

I’m telling you they’re both furries but MAN this is a blessed concept, I feel like eventually though lance would CHOMP down on Keith’s tail and that would result in the most horrible noise ever to fall upon human ears


Four!!, Part 3:  Cake!
(Parts 124, 5, 6, and 7)

After I put on my special birthday hat and met my new unicorn pool float friend, it was time for my favorite part:  Cake!  In keeping with my rainbow-themed birthday party, Mom made me a rainbow cake this year!  I was so excited that I tried to fit my whole cake in my mouth at once!

Mom made sure every layer of my rainbow cake was delicious:  Red watermelon, orange carrots, yellow apple, green frilly kale, and purple radicchio—topped with four pretty origami stars, one for every one of my four years!  I didn’t know where to start!!

Even Brunhilda was excited about my rainbow cake!


Happy π Day, Tumblr!

This year, I got my very own apple pi to celebrate!  (Get it? 😁)

Pro tip:  Just like π is not a whole number, apple pi cannot be eaten whole.  Sitting on it does not help, either.  I recommend demanding your human cut your apple pi into more manageable slices.