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Female Archeops are attracted to males with large canines. He typically shows them off by running/gliding at her face with a wide-open mouth. If she is impressed, she will ruffle her feathers and show off the bright colors on her face. If she is unimpressed, she will flash her own teeth. If he doesn’t get the hint, she will bite him. A chomp to the face gets him to leave her alone.

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svt react to their s/o chomping their popsicle and left only a quarter of it X'DD

S.Coups, Joshua, The8 & Vernon would let them have the rest.

Jeonghan, Wonwoo & Woozi would look down at their popsicle in disbelief, and eat the rest silently.

Jun, Hoshi, DK, Mingyu, Seungkwan & Dino would laugh and do the same to their s/o’s popsicle.

thank you for your request!! ^^

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44. “It’s 2 AM, why are you here?” Zosan

Thank you so much!!! >> “It’s 2 AM, why are you here?”

Sanji growls as he scrubs the dishes harder, hands buried elbow deep in hot, soapy water from a post-fight celebration. It hasn’t been long since they all reunited after being separated for two years and their captain is as jovial - and hungry - as ever. Even now, despite the mass quantities of meat and delicacies he had consumed that would leave a normal person incapacitated, Sanji can hear his excited laughter wafting in from the crew’s continued celebrations out on the main deck.  

Pausing in his cleaning, he smirks around the cigarette dangling from his lips.  Feels good to be home with his crew - all of them having grown to be even better versions of themselves during their long split.  That is, all of them except for that shitty swordsman.  Sanji chomps down onto the filter and bites it in half, the spent end of his smoke tumbling out of his mouth and into the dishwater.  He ignores it, choosing to focus his seething on the mossheaded bastard that has yet to acknowledge him fully since they boarded the ship.  

Time ticks away as Sanji works into the night, finishing up the dinner dishes, serving desserts, taking inventory of their stocks, tidying up the galley.  He’s down to the last cigarette in his pack when he hears the door creak open and heavy footsteps thud into the space.  He doesn’t have to turn around to know who it is, instead choosing to check the time on the small clock he has hanging from the back wall.  

“It’s two a.m., why are you here?”

Sanji listens as the boots thump against the room and stop right behind him, the man’s presence looming behind him.  He feels an arm snake around his waist and a square chin rest against his shoulder as a large hand pulls him back against a sturdy body.  Sanji turns his head and finds himself caught in a chaste kiss.  As their lips separate, he wrenches away and spins around to face Zoro fully.  

“I asked you why you’re here,” Sanji grumbles, hands resting on his hips as he gives Zoro a glare.

Zoro shrugs, expression blank.  “Thirsty.”

Sanji points at the refrigerator with a dumbfounded look.  “Drinks are there,” he chastises as he gestures to his lips, “Not here.”

Zoro smirks and steps closer to Sanji, reaching forward and gripping his jaw in a gentle hold.  He leans in, speaking before he presses for another kiss, “Not that kind thirst.”

Another foray into the reason why I love the Kurtbastian fandom...

You guys are so warm. So loving, and kind, and supportive. Why just look at this wonderful review I received moments ago for my ACITW AU.

For those of you who can’t read anon’s review, here it is - “ What is the point of making a big deal of continuing another person’s work if you are not going to finish the story. Months go by and there is yet no resolution of the main conflicts in this story. Needless effort is spent developing sidestories. Is this fiction abandoned?” 

You want to know why I’m not chomping at the bit to finish that story? This is why. Comments like this. They come to my inbox. I get them on AO3 and FF. Why should I want to finish this story for this fandom when I get treated like crap? 

And if you’re the owner of this review who can’t even come out behind anon to make a comment, would you kindly shove your fist up your ass till you choke? I’m seriously just not kidding anymore. I will finish it when I finish it. I was working on it today and now I’m like nah. Why? I have 200+ other stories this fandom doesn’t read because, like I said above, this is the ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS.

Magnolia HATES hands touching her besides stepping up. She lets you do a quick boop on her nose but otherwise you’ll get some chomps if you try to touch her.

But sometimes if you cup your hand over her head she sort of relaxes? After biting a little. And I did that and stared scritching her (same hand I had cupped over her) and she actually allowed me!
I took my hand away and sat it down next to her and she bowed her head down in the way to show she wanted more scratches. So I scritched her more ;w;

I’m deceased. Our bird allowed me to pet her for the first time ;; she’s such a sassy bird that bites a lot (never hard bites she just always firmly tells you she doesn’t like something and that seems to be a lot of things) but so cuddly at the same time (loves to cuddle on your shoulder and getting kisses)

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Fluff Fridaaayyyy!!! I would Pocky dare either Josuke/Okuyasu with the new thicker & smaller pocky & enjoy them getting flustered as they get closer. But if either party back out or the stick breaks (which is the most likely scenario to happen) either party will have to treat you to ice cream or ramen.

Josuke trys to be sneaky and simply snap up the last bite so that can press his lips to yours in a kiss but he overestimates how quickly he has to move and accidentally smacks his face against yours. Afterwards he’s apologizing profusely bright red with shame and embarrassment and you spend am hour telling him that he doesn’t have to keep saying sorry. The next day he shows up on your doorstep with an apology bouquet and your favorite ice cream

Okuyasu would have no clue what the pocky game was until you explained it to him and when you suggest playing his face flushes and he asks twice if you really wanna do that with him. He’s so nervous he chomps down too hard and breaks the pocky into multiple pieces and it takes several attempts to get the game started. In the end you win and hr works up the nerve to ask if you’d like to get your ice cream on a date with him

I’m playing Halo and I need to know.

How the fuck to the Elite’s mouths work.

How do their chomp chomps do their chomping?

We have this here mother fucker who’s missing half of his chomp chomps and he talks perfectly normally. 

They don’t close at the bottom.  Why don’t they drool all over the place?

How does the Arbiter drink his juice?   He doesn’t even have lips to use a straw.

Do they just swallow all their food whole?  They can’t chew bubblegum?

Is it supposed to be like a grasshopper?  Because a grasshopper can close its mouth all the way, and the things that stick out from the side are just like extra mouth fingers called palps.

Look at these actually functional chomp chops on this chomp chomper here

And look at these chomp chomps that don’t even work.

What the heck