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Derek x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Derek!” You called out and skipped into his loft. “Derek, puppy!” You sang and flopped onto his bed.

“I’ll be a second.” Derek yelled from somewhere, sounding furious and you wondered if Erica had cut up on of his shirts again.

“But I’m bored and the internet people cut off my Wi-Fi and you don’t have any… come on puppy play with me.” You wailed playfully and a chuckle from across the room made you jump up.

“I’m not a puppy but I could play with you.” The man drawled and you stared wide eyed, glancing around for Derek.

“Sorry dude I’m kind of a puppy snob, I like mine tall buffed out and brooding… dark haired kind of scruffy beard and totally has the Stilinski shut up or I’m a chomp on you look, down.” You gave the man a lopsided smile and tried to shuffled towards the door but your back pressed against something hard and warm.

“You called for me?” He grumbled as you looked up at him, having to arch your back to do so.

“I call you by name but you don’t answer, give a glowing physical description and you pop up faster than the devil.” You frowned and he glanced at the man across the room.

“Peter why’re you still here?” Derek huffed. “He crashed his car when he was trying to run someone over.”

“So, is he like evil or something?” You asked carefully.

“Oh, he is a terrible human being and should not be trusted but as a werewolf…” Derek trailed off and moved you towards the door. “He’s respectable, but, ya’ know, a little bit dodgy.” 

You glanced at Peter who waved at you from across the penthouse then up at Derek who wanted you to get away from Peter as fast as you could “Do you think he crashed the car on purpose?" You whispered.

“He was on the sixth floor of a mall so unless he’s a really bad driver…” Derek sighed and you turned back now utterly curious.

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How The Signs Eat

Aries - Messy, Somehow Gets It All Over Everything EXCEPT Their Face.

Taurus - Eats A Ton Or Almost Nothing. Either Way They Complain Afterwards.

Gemini - You Guys Seriously Never Eat, You Just Talk.

Cancer - You Guys Pull Some Magic Trick. Where’d The Food Go?

Leo - So Prissy About How You Eat Yet, Still Gets Food All Over Hands.

Virgo -Uses Hands To Eat. Even With Pasta Or Cereal. Just Use Utensils.

Libra - Eats Like A Bird. Basically Just Pecks At Food.

Scorpio - Soooooooooooooo slowwwwwwwwww

Sagittarius - Plays With Food, Then Chomps It Down.

Capricorn - Eats About Half Of Their Food, Then Throws It Away.

Aquarius - Is The Type To Only Eat Food With “ Low - Calories.”

Pisces - Hardly Eats In Front Of Peers. At Home Eats The Whole Fridge.

politicalmamaduck  asked:

Political activism, who needs Rhaegar? ;D <3

She’s wearing a bright pink headscarf and is pushing a stroller with a toddler sitting in it, a smaller baby strapped to her chest and Lyanna can’t look away.  It’s loud–people are shouting and there are brass bands who showed up just to make music and noise but it’s like the whole city is quiet as Lyanna sees one woman with her two children marching in a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people. 

It’s a warm day, and sunny, and the Loop is usually full of cars, but not today.  Lyanna has her own son strapped to her chest and Jon is unusually calm as he watches the people pass.  More than once he reaches a tiny hand up to grab at the dangling strings from the pink hat Lyanna had ordered from Etsy that have giant pompoms on the end of them.  She doesn’t stop him from doing it, or from chomping down on one of them with toothless gums.  

Jon’s behaving well, but the muslim woman’s baby is clearly agitated, and moments after Lyanna had caught sight of the little family, the baby has burst into tears and the woman looks around, clearly trying to find a way to get her stroller out of the crowd so she can tend to her baby.

“Hold up,” Lyanna says loudly, stepping forward, and some of the marchers look around confused until the woman pushes the stroller through the opening and marches towards the sidewalk.  Lyanna follows her.

“Need help?” she asks, resting a hand on Jon’s back while he chews on the pink pompom.  

“Could you just…” the woman says as she gestures to the stroller, and Lyanna grabs hold of the handles so it doesn’t begin rolling away.  Then the woman sighs.  “Oh Aegon.  You need a changing, don’t you?”  She looks around, chewing her lip.  “Any good places near here?  I took the Metra in and don’t come downtown very frequently…”

“There’s a McDonalds a black away.  I can show you,” Lyanna says.  “I’ve got diapers if you need one.  I’m Lyanna, by the way.”

The woman smiles.  “Elia,” she says, extending a hand and Lyanna shakes it.

“Aegon?” Lyanna asks, and Elia nods.  

“Aegon and Rhaenys.”

“This is Jon.”  

Jon makes a burbling sound at the mention of his name and Elia’s eyes crinkle warmly when she looks at him.

Room to Fall [high school au]

Fandom: Zootopia
Pairing: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps
Rating: K+
WC: 1855 
Summary: It’s homecoming, and Judy finds herself without a date 

“Elaina, will you go to homecoming with me?” The young buck asked dramatically, holding out a ridiculously large bouquet of flowers.  

“Yes, yes!”  His girlfriend cried, actually cried, like it was a marriage proposal or an ivy college acceptance letter.

Judy frowned as she chomped down on her sliced carrots, pretending she wasn’t completely perturbed by it all. While she wasn’t a cynical mammal, she definitely didn’t see why all these couples had to make a giant show of asking each other to this weekend’s homecoming dance. Yes, they were happy together, but did they have to parade it in everyone’s faces?

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what is up with this sudden influx of gnome vore on my dash, what fandom am I missing out on that everyone’s out to chomp themselves down on a scurrying gnome in the bushes

  • me: sitting, minding my own business
  • brain: hey
  • me: ?
  • brain: you should just like....chomp down on your finger
  • me: what
  • brain: yeah, just stick your finger in your mouth and bite down on it like a carrot and bite it off
  • brain: it'll feel great
  • me: no, it really won't, and I'm not doing that.
  • brain: you gotta though
  • me: why
  • brain: you just gotta
  • me: sighs
  • brain: somebody's gotta do it
  • me: literally nobody's gotta do it
  • brain: somebody's gotta do it
  • me: ....

anyone else like to wait until their brain is literally chomping down on ur inwards with screeching disabling anxiety to the point where you’re about to take a shank to your nect till you take your benzos because then the relief is just so good….like going from pit in hades to a having mojitos on a temperate summer beach…..

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO @thesaltywinteradult!!!!!! I’m so sorry I didn’t have this up on your special day, but I hope it was great and that you enjoy this late bday gift! <333

Prompt was Lams, post-college, cute notes in each other’s lunches.

Alexander groaned as he flopped down in a hard plastic chair in the break room. He hated working at a call center, but it paid the bills and put both his bilingualism and fast talking skills to use. 

He stuck his hand in the paper bag he always packed his lunch in and pulled out his hastily made PB & J sandwich. He bit into it, mechanically alternating between chomping down on it and guzzling water from his bottle. 

Once he’d finished that, he stuck his hand into the bag again and pulled out the tiny piece of paper he knew he’d find at the bottom. He smiled as he unfolded it, taking in his boyfriend’s loopy and clear script.

Roses may be red,
and violets quite blue, 
but I could never love them
as much as you. 

See you tonight, babe. Remember, you’re Alexander Hamilton. You got this.
Love, J. Laurens 

Alex held the tiny scrap of paper close to his heart, then slipped it into his chest pocket. He went back to his shift with a goofy grin on his face.

John Laurens collapsed into the chair behind his desk, reaching down to tug open the bottom drawer of the mahogany desk, pulling out the paper bag his lunch was packed in. 

He dove into the salad he’d made for himself the night before, loving the way the lettuce crunched and reveling in the juiciness of the tomatoes. Before he knew it, it was gone. He reached in for his granola bar, but his hand came in contact with a piece of paper instead.

He grinned as he pulled it out, unfolding it and laughing at the jagged edges. So Alexander, he thought. 

You’re John Laurens in the place to be!
Met with two potential clients; after lunch will make three. 
Those other lawyers don’t wanna agree
But you’ll defend and defend ‘til your clients are free! 

See you tonight, Freckles ;) 
Love, A. Ham

Laurens felt his face flush red as he read Alexander’s old college nickname for him. He tucked the note in his pants pocket, where he could find it later in the day if a meeting was particularly rough.

The note reminded him that he had someone who loved him unconditionally. He had someone who would never hesitate to wrap him up in his arms after a bad day and kiss reassurances onto his skin. 

That note reminded him that, against all odds, Alexander Hamilton was his.

how will they feed kaltenecker?? According to google dot com an average female cow weighs 1,600 pounds and an average dairy cow eats 2-2.5 pounds of hay per day for each 100 pounds of body weight, so kaltenecker could be needing to chomp down on 32-40 pounds of hay each day.  where will they get the hay?? is space goop a proper diet for a cow????

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hc that giovanni's got full-sleeve yakuza tats bc of the whole mafia/yakuza boss similarities

What if they’re designs of pokemon?

On one arm, there’s a dragonair and an arbok intertwined and surrounded by tiny skulls

On the other there’s a feraligatr chomping down on a red gyarados, and the water around them is unsettled and the waves are ferocious.

He prob also has other tats, like something on his back?? I think a dragonite, maybe.

This one arctic fox at Blijdorp has a really strange face where it looks like it’s in a permanent sort of… submissive cinnamon roll smile state. It is a good arctic fox. Even better when I caught it chomping down on a bit of wood and pulling this face:

Hiraeth Creature #626 - Pathumaral

“The waters of Tethys reflect Hiraeth– both massive realms entwined into one another with seemingly boundless forms of life. One of these creatures that carries an enigmatic presence is the Pathumaral. Able to traverse the sea with a shell as heavy as stone, their strength of will shouldn’t be underestimated. Common predators have trouble sizing themselves up with the Pathumaral’s hefty shell, but such defenses can mean little in the vast, open spaces of the sea, where looming monsters gather. The Pathumaral has a secret in store for beasts big enough chomp down on them: a magical powder that coats their shell, which can irritate and choke the throat of gluttonous monsters. This powder feels like sand to the touch, and it gives the Pathumaral’s shell a pink gleam dances in the light of the Sun. When storms breach over Tethys, the Pathumaral can brace against the rage of the wind by completely tucking into their shells, and letting themselves sink to the bottom– whether they find rest in a reef or in the abyssal depths is up to fate.

Not only can these beasts brave the current, but they also can heave themselves onto land, where they rest occasionally to find new plants and minerals to eat. The Pathumaral are peaceful beings and have no problem with travellers swimming next to them. On land though, they sometimes hide in their shells to avoid too much attention. Alchemists and mages use this time to easily take some of the magic powder that spreads from their shell. The curious dust is said to strengthen wards and ritual circles, keeping foul spirits at bay if placed correctly. Aside from its protective qualities, it is said skillful blacksmiths can fuse the powder into a glass-like weapon, that shines a vibrant pink in the light. The blade is incredibly deadly, but can only be used by a divinely adept hand for it to not immediately shatter; this art is said to hark back to old stories of monstrous warriors in the south who can summon weapons from sand and fire with ease.”

One of the best things about tonight, aside from seeing Kanaya enjoy herself in relative quiet, has been watching Ceteus’ expression while chomping down on a strawberry bigger than they are.