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Hi darling, how r u? can you give me please a list of popular ulzzang girls (i mean i can find alot of pictures of them or maybe some videos on YT) as much as you can i'll be sooooo thankful . i was searching for some , and i just found Song ahri , kim shin yeong, yoon ahra, jung minhee, park sora, jang chommi, kim jayoung, lee nuri, lee geum hee, kkkkk is there someone left ?? i'm sorry about that <3

I’m doing fine, thank you for asking! Here some of popular ones - hopefully I didn’t miss out on any, but this is mainly my personal opinion. On top of the ones you mentioned here’s some more:

Baek Su Min

Ban Nam Gyu

Choi Ha Neul

Do Bok Soon

Do Hwe Ji

Hana Reum Song Lee

Hong Hee Jung

Jo Min Young

Kim Da Bin

Kim Seuk Hye

Kwon Su Jeong

No Mi Kyung

Park Hye Min

Ryu Hye Ju

Seo Sung Kyung

I also have a complete list of all the ulzzangs I post here if you need any more :-)

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