cholos wannabes


• Deadass wannabe cholo

• Its not funny he’s so extra about it

• He always hang out with your cholo cousins in the room

• He that pose that cholos do when they put their fists together and show their knuckle tattoos

• Even though he doesn’t have shit to show

• your tias always make fun of his patitas de pollo

• But they low key like “what eyeliner he use??”

• your grandma always complaining about how he’s too skinny and never eats


• he hurt everytime when your little primita de 5 años managed to break the piñata in 2 seconds but he couldn’t so much as dent the piñata during his turn of hitting it

• He diVe in for the candy

• Learn the hard way that mexican kids are wild

• He gets snatched by your primita when he tries to take her duvalin

• he would make your guy cousins and uncles lose some of that fragile masculinity because he wears makeup but still spits fire ass verses

• the kids were afraid to approach him at first bc he never fucked with anyone besides your cholo cousins

• but soon enough they realized he’s a softie on the inside and they ask him to play at every party

•He does aegyo for them

• gets shook when your annoying/pristine as fuck/know it all cousin calls him out and tells him that jenni rivera did the butterfly first

• he always gives into dancing bachata with your abuelita no matter what

• He loves learning new Spanish words

• He even start using them in some of his lyrics

• He calls you chula

• y'all buy raspados and go on dates at the park

• He such a hoe for those mango lollipops bc they spicy n sweet just like him

• Your bruja tia always trying give him remedios for his dead ass hair

• He learn sábila cure everything

Pic credits - IG: unbleachedidols