Just added 2 new books to my Chicana/o book collection. Bought them yesterday at the #SoulerosBall . I sat and spoke with each one of these authors and the stories behind these books are powerful and inspiring. Support Chicana/o authors and artist!! Pick these titles up if you see them.

Cholo Style By Reynaldo Berrios

The Town I Live In by Tita Rodriguez Parra


As one half of the genre-defying duo Prayers, Leafar Seyer has his feet firmly planted in two worlds. On one hand he’s a goth, sporting black nails, a crucifix earring, and professing a deep abiding love for groups like Depeche Mode and Joy Division. On the other hand he is a proud chicano, tattooed with the symbols of his second family, the Sherman Grant Hills Park gang of southeastern San Diego. His Instagram page could feature anything from images of the singer in a swanky New York City hotel room to a picture of him throwing up gang signs with a friend who just got out of prison. He is a walking juxtaposition, a living oxymoron who has taken the seemingly opposite of worlds of goth and gangbanging to create the entirely unique genre of cholo goth. Along with producer Dave Parley’s hard hitting synth beats, Seyer’s songs are defiant tales of violence and melancholia. Sentiments that are amplified by meticulously art directed, shot in gorgeous black and white and starring the coolest, most stylish cliques in around—people who, like Seyer—find themselves straddling two subcultures.

In this latest installment of Behind the Lens, Seyer discusses the visual aesthetic of Prayers, shares some behind the scenes photos from his new music video and explains his love for 80s English synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys.  

Check it out here. 


Mike Giant X Handselecta - ‘Handstyle History Lesson’


M&TC: Cholo Les Chic: The impeccable cholo look distinguished in Willy Chavarria’s (@newyorkwilly) 2016 collection.

With his roots in the San Joaquin Valley of California, WILLY CHAVARRIA merges Chicano street-culture with sophisticated men’s fashion. This seasons collection is titled “Cholo Les Chic” offering oversized t-shirts with back-pleats, drop shoulder topcoats and relaxed deep-pleated trousers. Silhouettes are relaxed and cut with distinctly modern shapes. Details include brooklyn made wooden buttons and Japanese swimwear fabrics. The knitwear uses Pima and Tanguis cottons to offer the softest possible hand feel. “The young cholos of California have always maintained an impeccable style, “ says Willy. “The masters of the over-sized silhouette, Chicano street style was created a look later borrowed by skate culture and punk culture alike”. Now retailing in such notable stores as Merci Paris and Estnation in Tokyo, the label puts baggy white t-shirts and pleated chinos in a whole new fashion-light.