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who is this and how do i become him

Things Antoine has said in his radio interview tonight:

- He’s happy at Atleti and he loves Cholo and his teammates. He feels happy in his personal life and in his professional life and that’s why he’s continuing at Atleti. [Journos literally asked him why he was still at Atleti if everybody wanted him -_-]

- Next season’s goals will be determined by which players Atleti gets to sign. He mentioned Atleti’s directives as those who must work on that.

- He likes Cavani and Lacazette.

- He wants Juventus to win the UCL final so Buffon can win the Ballon D'Or.

- Cholo has made of him “the player I always dreamt to become”

- “I would only leave Atleti to play with Derrick Rose.”

- “I want to win titles at Atleti, that’s why I give my everything in every match.”

- “When there’s 10 players running a lot, you can’t just stay in the forward area. You have to run like them. I love the team-spirit at Atleti.”

- “I love to listen to Gabi and Godin talking. They make you feel a lot of things. They’re not afraid of hurting you if they have to tell you the truth.”

- He sings Atleti’s Anthem to Mia to calm her down.

- “We had a fantastic year. Everybody thought that "Cholo’s era” was gone and we proved them wrong, we’re still here.“