merry christmas everyone! and well it appears that i have hit a milestone of followers which amazes me because my blog sucks and im not very interesting (and way too multifandom for most of you tbh) but since i have, i feel that it’s time that i do a follow forever~ i follow only just under 50 blogs because i’m extremely picky with who i follow, so i think that can be taken to say that the following blogs are 300% koala tea, wouldn’t you agree? ♥ -i bolded my favourites and people i talk to-

50shades-of-kai, blondechan, chanyeol, chokyunuts, chorgasm, dohkyungsoo, earlgreytea, gay-for-lay, haees, haeming, heegenious, heeminnim, heepnotic, hokshi, imyoonas, janie6789 (even though you aren’t active anymore..i miss you janie ;~;), junmyeon, kayakos, kidhae, kyungsoodoh, laitome, layhannie, leuhans, maknae, mcqueenn, mightykyu, mingclosetbunny, mochiwookie, mrstarcraft, myung-sex, noona, oh-luhans, onewchan, peppergyu88, petalicious, qorea, sehunz, shineemoon, shyupajunia, sistar-rology, sjprom15e, superandyy, superjuniorkr, taejinki, vitaemin, yesex, yunhokun

(the gif was originally edited by hokshi and i just added the words im really sorry for reposting your gif, it was just so beautifully edited sadfdfjs i had to use it ;A;)