Congratulations on 800 followers! :D

I felt like making something to commemorate the occasion! -^_^-

Also, I noticed you’ve changed up the music! New Painting the Roses Red and Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (which constantly plays in my sister’s Disney videos so I had to check that it was really coming from your blog XD). I guess there’s another new song, but there’s a Youtube error…

Anyway! Congratulations, dear! Have a great day!

(( *slips this onto page* 
This doll is always celebrating my achievements and even the smallest victories with me.
Like seriously. She’s a doll. You guys need to go check her page out. Always kind, always putting a smile on my face with her wonderfulness, and an amazing artist to boot. c: ))

kokolokos  asked:

okay so last night i had a milk off with my friend like i basically drank almost an entire carton of milk in one sitting and it was great and i think since your blog says "first of all, milk" you should know


kokolokos  asked:

"#dont be my friend i will constantly shower u with love n affection n compliments" what do u mean "don't be my friend" that's just ANOTHER reason to be ur friend

did u not see where i mentioned that i get so super clingy that its gross

u dont wanna be my friend i can assure u i am JUMBO piece of SHIT but its too late for u ://// ur already my friend sorry :///////////////

kokolokos  asked:

hey. HEY. HAY


First impression: Ah, this is one of buttcake’s friends.. THEY SEEM SO ADORABLE i am intimidated // phew i gotta be cool man i gotta be cool.

Truth is: YOU ARE SO SWEET. Omg you are like the epitome of cuteness. I love talking to you bc you are just so nice ALSO WE BOTH WATCHED BARBIE LIFE IN THE DREAMHOUSE. best fckin show

How old do you look: somewhere around 17-18. YOURE SO PRETTY.

Have you ever made me laugh: i dont remember this in life in the dreamhouse" and many times more

Have you ever made me mad: you’re cute af so im constantly mad at u. stop

Best feature: Ahh, you’re so sweet. You just have such a positive, friendly, cute and relaxing aura tbh. talking to you is refreshing

Have i ever had a crush on you: only connie and eren have my heart ///

You’re my: sweet, precious muffin friend i love you

Should you post this too?: YESSSS