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what about sufin?

Who cooks: Sweden. He’s a great cook and his traditional food involves no rotten fish

Who does the laundry and other chores: Sweden again. He’s obsessive like that and loves to do everything around the house to show his love. Finland ends up feeling pretty useless though.

How many children do they have: Two: Sealand and Ladonia.

Who’s more dominate: Sweden, because he is big and intimidating and can’t emote properly. In truth, he will do anything that Finland even vaguely hints at.

Favorite nonsexual activity: Doing things as a family, like baking cookies, playing with the dog, decorating the house…

Their favorite place to be together: Their family house, or any Ikea

Any traditions: Assisting Finland in delivering presents during Christmas.

Their “song”: Glad You Came by The Wanted

What they do for each other on holidays: The kids pin Sweden on the bed while Finland cooks breakfast for all of them to have on the bed together. This never works because Finland is a horrible cook, and they end up going somewhere for breakfast.

Where did they go for their honeymoon: Hawaii. Finland got sunburnt, and Sweden got banned from ever wearing shorts.

Where did they first meet: I’m not sure if there’s canon for this. I like to think that They met when Sweden went to live under Denmark’s rule, but I know roughly zero about Nordic history OTL


What do they fight over: The amount of time Sweden spends working at Ikea.

Do they go on vacations, if so where: Wherever they allow small children and dogs.

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Switzerland and his guns

Ah! A true love story straight from the Swiss alps, yes.

Who cooks: Switzerland. With his trusty AMT Automag .22 Magnum. They usually talk about interest rates while he cooks, and he loves how she can listen to him without too much fuss

Who does the laundry and other chores: Also Switzerland, by virtue of the fact that he has arms, while his guns… do not.

How many children do they have: They have thousands runs of ammunition. Each one of those are accounted for by the government of course, because he is a reponsible parental figure.

Who’s more dominate: He has a slightly tense relationship with his AK 47, but they are working through their issues and making progress in their relationship.

Favorite nonsexual activity: Routine cleanings…wait, do those counts as sex? I call foreplay.

Their favorite place to be together: The armory room, of course. They sometimes have dinner there.

Any traditions: Do government checkups on ammo rounds count? I say yes.

Their “song”: Gunning Down Romance by Savage Garden. Definitely

What they do for each other on holidays: They dust the armory room and sometimes have dinner with Liechtenstein.

Where did they go for their honeymoon: America, to visit his guns’ relatives.

Where did they first meet: Their romance started in the early 1500s, at the Gunpowder Tower. Beforehand they had a strictly work based relationship.

Any pets: They have a bunch of goats. 

What do they fight over: The fact that he works too much at the banks. It is putting a strain in their relationship.

Do they go on vacations, if so where: They usually go to America, where they can be more open about their love.

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Can you tell me more about her? :D

of course!!

she’s short, has GIANT frizzy brown hair, and light blue eyes B) originally she is from finland but her family moved to massachusetts when she was little; now it’s just her and her paternal grandma.

lamia is generally very selfish and kind of an asshole. not in, like, the “im gonna be mean for no reason way” but like……..she’s very blunt and honest and doesn’t filter herself lma o. she’s also really weird and likes to creep on ppl just to get a reaction from them. discomfort, anger, w/e it doesn’t matter. if you do anything but just accept it, she’s pleased with herself.

her witchy powers aren’t genetic!! in the 1500s a witch named adelaide was trying to come up with a spell so she could take over other bodies and theoretically live forever (a lot like flemeth in dragon age now that i think about it whoops lmao), buuut. before the spell was ready the town came to burn her for being a witch, so she cast it ANYWAY in a last ditch effort to save herself. what she did was bind her magic to her soul, so when her soul was reborn as another girl in the 1600s, that little girl had the same powers.
she didn’t exactly retain the memories of the first witch though. she saw glimpses of her life in her dreams (without realizing they were visions of a past life) and learned to use her powers that way.
so!! lamia is the eight reincarnation of her soul; she has visions from all 7 lives that came before her! some grew very powerful w their powers and some did not. however, the visions (which she gets both as dreams and as waking hallucinations, and which she sometimes tries to incite thru rituals n stuff) dont come in any sort of order so when she has them it’s up to her to sort whos memory it was and the chronology in which it happened.
also fun fact; the 7th reincarnation of her soul was killed by my friend maci’s pissbaby oc whom lamia is currently more or less dating. B)

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This doll is always celebrating my achievements and even the smallest victories with me.
Like seriously. She’s a doll. You guys need to go check her page out. Always kind, always putting a smile on my face with her wonderfulness, and an amazing artist to boot. c: ))

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1. Name - Alex
2. Birthday - December 9
3. Favorite number(s) - 14
4. Height - 1.60 m
5. Talents - complaining about the weather and other many things.
6. Can you juggle? - No. But it seems like fun. If I could get over my fear of hitting myself in the face I might try to learn!
7. Art/Sports/Both - Both, but I’m not good at either
8. Do you like writing? - Hell yeah!
9. Do you like dancing? - Yeah, but I’m very bad at it.
10. Do you like singing? - No! I’m super awful at singing!


1. Dream vacation - I’d like to go EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I love to travel and see new places.
2. Dream gal- I don’t know. I’ve never thought much about it. Someone funny and easygoing who likes to talk a lot, maybe. I’m the kind of person who likes to listen a lot.
3. Dream wedding - Hmmm, maybe in the outdoors, somewhere with nature. Like, somewhere I can see trees. Despite all my “dream wife” jokes I’ve never really thought about my own wedding. I guess the prospect of actually getting married for real has never crossed my mind! hahaha!

4. Dream pet - I love animals. If I lived somewhere small, a cat and a dog, if I lived somewhere with lots of open space maybe even a horse! :P

5. Dream job - Writer or Artist, I don’t know. That’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, but I still don’t have an answer.

1. Favorite song - I don’t have any absolute favorites. 
2. Favorite Album - I like almost all the songs on the Dead Letters and Into albums of The Rasmus. If pressed, I’d say The Rasmus are my favorite band.
3. Last song you’ve heard on the radio - I haven’t listened to the radio in a long while. Uhhh, sorry can’t remember! But lately I’m listening to a lot of middle eastern/hindu pop
4. Least favorite song - Anything screamo or heavy metal 
5. Least favorite album - same
6. Least favourite artist - Most mexican pop singers.

1. Guys/Girls/Both - Girls
2. Hair color - I have a preference for dark hair, but I guess it depends on the person, hahahah!
3. Eye color - I like green ones :P but really, all colors are cool. I don’t like mine too much tho, because I got stuck with boooring dark brown.
4. Humorous/serious? - Oh, man, they should be humorous, because I’m waaaay too serious
6. Biggest turn off - Arrogance. I really can’t take people who scorn at others and think other people are scum. If I was into you and you start talking about how others are idiots/sheeple/scum or you are needlessly mean to others you just lost all sex appeal to me. Hell, any appeal.
7. Biggest turn on - Oh dear, let’s just say that I turn on easier than a light switch >.>U

I’m tagging manny-heatlook, chokokyoko, and nekochanthekitty and whoever else wants to tag themselves. This is fun guys, you should try it :3