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Peter Cushing + That sexy neck thing he always does after getting choked out

From what I’ve seen a lot of the hate Kylo Ren gets comes from nostalgia. The most common response against a redemption arc for him is, “He killed Han Solo” so he doesn’t deserve redemption and should die a horrible death. (And yes, I know he’s done horrible things, I’m not denying any of that.) But mostly, this argument comes from people who loved Han’s character and cannot forgive Kylo for killing him.

Then there’s Han and Leia as parents to a kid named Ben. This kid later turns to the dark side and into Kylo Ren who is the living evidence that Han and Leia weren’t a perfect couple. They had problems, they fought, their lifestyles didn’t match up, and they separated. So yeah, for some I think Kylo Ren wrecked that perfect idea some had about Han and Leia.

I mean, they got separated after they sent Ben to train with Luke. “That’s when I lost you both.” Is what Leia tells Han to which he replies, “We both had to deal with it in our own way.” They both went back to what they were good at and put distance between each other. So, I think some people blame him for Han and Leia’s separation.

Han actually says in the movie, “There’s too much Vader in him.” Han was uncomfortable around his child, because of his power. Something his kid probably sensed. When he says, “If Luke couldn’t reach him, how could I?” it speaks of how disconnected he felt to his own son. No matter how much he loved him he probably couldn’t understand him. When Kylo Ren tells Rey “He would have disappointed you.” It speaks of how he was disappointed in him as a father figure (Considering before, the thought he got from her head was, “You feel like he’s the father you never had.”) In concern to Leia she does admit, “I just should have never sent him away. That’s when I lost him.” She sent him away because of his powers, imagine what that would have felt like for this young man. They weren’t perfect parents, not to say they didn’t try their best, not to say they didn’t love their child, but sometimes all that isn’t enough.

All in all, the existence of Kylo Ren places Leia and Han in positions we probably never wanted to see them in.

So as a child Ben was neglected, I’m not saying his parents meant to do it, but it happened his parents weren’t really around. And this part is just speculation, but if on top of that if this kid sensed the problems and fights between his parents it just adds up to that. And on top of it all, the kid was being targeted by Snoke since he was in the womb and he found from a source that wasn’t his parents the truth about Darth Vader. So yeah, Han and Leia loved their child but they made mistakes, things that played a role in him turning to the dark side. And note that I am saying it played a role, that doesn’t make them responsible. I’m not taking responsibility from Kylo Ren, he’s responsible for the atrocities he’s committed, what I’m saying is that there were other factors that influenced him and led him to the dark side, he’s not evil for the sake of being evil.

This notions anti have of wanting Leia to hate her son or even want him dead is something I can’t comprehend. In the movie she explicitly states, “You think I want to forget him? I want him back” even after all the bad things she knows he’s done she wants him back because he’s her child, everything about that notions tells you that nothing will change that. She says, “There’s still light in him, I know it” something people seem to completely disregard.

Luke and Padme were right about there still being light in Anakin/Darth Vader, and Leia is right about there being light in her son still. Throughout the whole movie we see Kylo Ren conflicted, the movie constantly reminds us of this. When he talks to his grandfather’s mask, “I feel it again. The pull to the light” so it’s something he’s never quite been able to rid himself of. Even during the interrogation, he’s supposed to be interrogating and is instead, I dare say, empathizing with the enemy, “You’re so lonely. At night, desperate to sleep.” And of course, in the scene with his father, he literally says, “I’m being torn apart.”

So, when people are unable to accept even the possibility of a redemption for him, it’s full of double standards. (You don’t have to like the possibility, or even like the character, but how can you deny it exists?) Going at this in the most simplistic way possible. When people say, “No he’s evil, he executed a whole village” while Anakin has killed countless as well, even that group of younglings. “No he’s evil, he killed his father” Anakin killed Obi Wan who was the closest thing he had to a father. “No he’s evil, he tortured Rey” no, he tortured Poe and interrogated Rey while Anakin did torture his daughter and choked his pregnant wife, and cut off his son’s hand. So yeah, if redemption was possible for Anakin/Darth Vader it is definitely possible for Ben/Kylo Ren.


Two years.

Two years without contraception.  

And nothing.

Until now.  Valentine’s day dawned with a new hope.  This would be week six. 

She didn’t tell Jamie, but she’d been charting her basal body temperature. One of the older nurses at the hospital had told her to try it, so she did.  She even took a pregnancy test at work and the little pink line showed up.  It was faint, but it was there.

That morning as she lay in bed, Jamie, dressed for work, stopped and sat down beside her.  He splayed a big hand across her abdomen and smiled tentatively.

“Ye think maybe yer pregnant, Sassenach?” he whispered.  He dared to meet her eyes.

“I think I might be,” she whispered back.  

He stroked her flat stomach briefly.  Rested his hand there for a moment, eyes closed, kissed her softly, and left for work.

She spent the afternoon drudging through the cook books in the kitchen. She shopped for what she needed, and tackled a bloody fancy dessert.  It would be a Valentine’s dinner to remember.  She wanted to tell him she knew for sure. Take another test together.

And then she went to the bathroom.  

Her hopes slashed red.  The feelings of guilt, and despair tore at her.  A fear clawed inside her chest that it would never be her turn. Never have her wish fulfilled. Never have her hope realized.  

She sobbed.  Sobbed for herself, for her foolish belief that she was that lucky. That she was that worthy.  What did she know of motherhood?  

She sobbed for Jamie.  A man craving to be a father, yet every month for the last year steadfastly pretending he wasn’t worried, that it didn’t matter, that it would just happen.  She’d let him down.  Again.

She pulled herself together enough to finish dinner.  

He opened the door carrying the biggest bouquet of flowers he could muster. Pinks and reds and white.  He couldn’t contain his smile.  When she stepped into view from the kitchen he knew immediately.  

She took in his smile.  Her eyes darted to the flowers and widened.  

Then, her beautiful face crumpled before his eyes.  She turned away from him, shoulders slumped and folded in.  Her posture broken and bent.  She disappeared into the kitchen. 

His heart stopped, then pounded double time.  

He brought the flowers to her and she took them.  Tears coursing down her face.  Silent.  Stoic.  Shattered.  She set them on the counter amidst the chaos of preparation.  

“I’m sorry, Jamie.  I’m so sorry.”  The words choked her.

He gathered his wife to him and held her.  He willed his heart to slow.  

“Shhhh, mo graidh.  Shhhhh.  Our time will come.”  

Looking resolutely to Heaven, his mind screamed, When?  When? 

The answer was the same.

No child.  Not this time.