“It’s a thrill to meet you, sir.”  Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens run into the Undertaker after Raw, and Kevin’s sell of that chokeslam is a thing of joy and beauty. {x}

Okay, but Roman and Undertaker really did give us amazing emotion tonight! To watch Undetaker go from being unemotional to annoyed with himself b/c he knew as soon as he chokeslammed Braun, Roman was gonna be waiting with a spear in return. To watch Roman’s jaw twitch when Undertaker rose up from the mat with such ease afterwards, and turn around and seal his faith with so much intensity that his whole body shook, made Roman’s mouth tremble!! This is gonna be a good feud guys!!!


Shall I do more? smh…Chokeslam that like button on my youtubeChannel

On Deacon (footnote)

Everyone going on about how Deacon isn’t a romance option and I’m like …????

Because my Survivor has dragged Mr. Incognito back and forth across this murder trap of a state for the mere pleasure of his company. They have assaulted super mutant strongholds, dodging dog-monsters and missile fire for the singular purpose of retrieving a collectable Vault-Tec bobblehead. They have been imprisoned in a cannibalistic meat processing plant. They have waded waist-deep in the swampy marshes of the perilous south end. The two of them – TWO – have besieged the Gunners mercenary compound in Quincy. My Survivor has led Deeks into the irradiated hellhole known as the Glowing Sea for no better reason than he was bored. Instead of popping a stealthboy and sneaking away like Deacon’s every instinct tells him, he has helped charge down mirelurks as big as houses; deathclaws that can chokeslam a full grown man; even pissed off even the boogeyman of the Boston Common, the beast of legend, Swan.

That is not fucking Railroad business. They aren’t gathering intel when they’re rummaging through a tetanus-ridden junkyard in Podunk, USA. And after the thirtieth deathclaw it’s clear the Survivor doesn’t need Deacon to protect their dumb butt. In my mind there is no other freaking explanation for Deacon sticking around to face down death at the Survivor’s whim other than because he is hopelessly in love.

And people think he doesn’t love the player character…. why? Because he doesn’t say it? Well of course he doesn’t say it; if he did the Survivor would doubt the honesty and sincerity of it, because that’s what he has been training them to do from the start.

So, to (loosely) quote Deacon himself: “Hello, Words. I’m Actions, and I’m speaking awfully loud right now…”

I got a bunch of asks about beast Djura and I wanted to draw something for them but then uni chokeslammed me and I never did so they’re still in the inbox as I am terrible 

He’s a tiny grabby beast that likes to steal guns so he can take them apart and then try to put back together. They tend to be full of fur and explode shortly after, he’s pleased with this result 

Eileen took him in but sleeps in a barrel of gunpowder