October 7, 2011
  • woke up
  • put a key in a mailbox
  • made some ravioli. I never let the sauce go to waste with some flat-bread crackers.
  • Mr. Eric Trent called me and was seeing if we can hang out. I assure him yes I can before 4 o'clock.
  • I never got the go ahead to head over to his place, so I went to Sammi’s.
  • Sammi and I watched Rocky Balboa hahahahahahahaha
  • Went to the Chokeslam! show in Knoxville. Met with Eric at Cookout and showed me some free (legal) parking places. Most of the time I only go to Knoxville to see them at Longbranch.
  • Show was cool. There were hardly any people during Chokeslam’s set as they opened the night. More people came as the Ska band began to perform.
  • I was going to leave after the second band because I was getting tired.
  • I found that there was a Papa John’s truck directly to the left of my car completely blocking me in. Having recently worked at Papa John’s, i know this won’t take too long. I chill on top of my car but not for long for i am bored.
  • I get some Taco Bell and head back to my car. One of the delivery men said it would take “a minute” but we both know it would take a while. I didn’t take into account that this is a huge Papa John’s in comparison to mine. It is Knoxville after all.
  • Head outside of Longbranch to hang out a little bit.
  • Back to my car, truck still there.
  • Walk up and down the street a little bit. Return to car. Truck no move.
  • I head back into the show and enjoy the rest of the performances. 
  • Head back to my car. Truck still there. I just lay on my hood while party-goers walk past me, almost all of them saying, “Look at this guy.” I recieve a text that my Uncle Ace and his family is in town. YAY!!!!! A pleasant surprise!
  • The same delivery man thanks me for my patience and offers to move the truck so i can leave (still not done).
  • I finally leave and head to Grammaw’s. Great night :)