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(I've come off anon just so the taekook can happen omg what am I doing) Kookie I'm not Tae and I'm not an anon pls give Tae a chance you never know he might actually be really nice!

Jungkook: 1. That guy is a pyschopath, you could be Taehyung.

2. Taehyung = sin. 

It sure seems like a lovely day to talk about how much I love girls
Girls with broad shoulders and prominent jawbones and big noses and girls with small frames and petite features
Girls with a mix of features that they’re not comfortable with; you are so beautiful and special and I love you
Girls who aren’t accepted by society as girls and girls who are accepting that they love other girls, I love you
Girls who are learning to love themselves despite the cookie cutter standards of society, I love you
Girls who have accepted themselves, I love you
I love all girls and all of them are so so beautiful my heart can’t take it


I just wanna say that even when I feel like shit and am crying, J-hope aka Jung Hoseok aka Hobi aka our hope aka the sun aka my favorite human being in the world can make me smile like a dork. He has such a beautiful personality and such an energy that he really is my hope and gives me energy to keep going. I love Jung Hoseok so much and hope he’ll have a long and beautiful life


Poppy’s Newest Videos as of

Notes: Poppy talks about being choked by Charlotte

listen i understand everyone has their own opinions and seeing a 1d member dance (or attempt to do so) is nothing we’re used to but i’m 100% confident that the only reason why some of yall uglies are out there saying “liam’s performance was cringy” or “he looked ridiculous” or whatever is bc you’re pissed that your fave would never dream of even doing one hand motion while singing. sure, liam’s “choreography” was not perfect but at least he stepped out of his comfort zone and tried something new. you don’t have to like it (or him, for that matter) but saying “this was horrible” is not even an opinion it’s just straight up being an asshole