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*thinks about Taako and Merle telling Magnus that even if he’s lost his body, they’ve both still seen his soul, like his actual soul, like their souls have seen and touched and helped his, and they know that soul is inside of that mannequin, and it’s his soul they care about. no matter what, wherever Magnus’ soul is to, they will care about him and fight alongside him in that vessel*

*chokes back tears*

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The horsemen and azrael reaction to smutty fan fiction gifs plz!!!!!!!!!!!

War: The smut snuck up on him. He wasn’t ready!

Death comes bursting into room 5 seconds later: “NOOOOO!!!”

Fury: T H E   D E L I G H T ? ! 

Strife: He’d probably find the smut too tame. 

Death: You assume he’d ever read a smutty fic?

Azrael: Tries to bless the Hell out of the smut. “THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU! SINFUL HEATHEN!”

“Well I would say that Frank deserves exactly someone like Mrs. Doyle.”
Christmas on Mars, Dec. 8, 2012

30 Days of Thrilling Adventure Hour: Day 23

tl;dr: Favorite Beyond Belief quotes?

That top one is my absolute favorite. It was said really casually, but it hit me like a fuckin’ brick. My two top others at the moment are:

F: “Now, are you sure you don’t me to be the proxy, love?”
Sadie: “Are you chivalrously offering yourself up in my stead because you think there’s a possibility I may lose?”
Frank: [AWKWARD PAUSE] “Oh of course not. Carry on, dear.”

S. Delle: “Did you know, Mister and Missus Doyle, that there is a life beyond this one?”
Sadie: “…You do not say.”


Do you ever get lonely… even when you’re around people…?