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The nightmare wasn’t a new one. One of several in his repertoire of the deep-rooted things that terrified him when it came to Bucky. Watching him fall from the train was ranked highest on the greatest hits list, followed by being pummeled on the helicarrier while Bucky blamed him for everything that Hydra had done to him. This one was less frequent but just as familiar; the tightening of the metal hand closing around his throat as the Winter Soldier seemed bound and determined to take them both out rather than surrender.

This time though, it changed when the helicopter didn’t topple from the roof. When the hand simply continued to tighten, the sound of the electronics within whirring as Steve’s breathing became labored, throat muscles straining against the choke hold. 

It was likely the very real struggle by his body to breathe that woke him, the hazy fog of sleep that usually lingered fading instantly upon realization of what was happening. Steve’s hand moved to wrap around Bucky’s wrist before his mind had fully processed the situation. The other man was straddling him, vibranium fingers wrapped tightly around his throat, incrementally closing more tightly with each passing second.

Steve tried not to struggle. He didn’t want to give Bucky in his dreaming state any reason to fight harder. Instead, he gathered what breath he had left to speak, straining to get the words out as his throat closed. “Buck—-Bucky,” he gasped, staring up at the eyes that seemed to not see him. “Bucky, wake up. You’re dream—-dreaming. Buck—-please!”


July 28, Month 3 W2 Weigh In/ Month 2.5 results

So! 237.6 this week. This month’s (and a half) loss is 8.1lbs. Overall loss 14.6 pounds. Lost a lot less in inches, but with the reduction in excercise I’m not really surprised. Disappointed, but not surprised. I just need to keep trying, but it’s so depressing because my fear of bees chokes me up and holds me back. I desperately need a gym membership, but my job is still giving me 3 hours a week. Even for the next 3 weeks. That also effects my food. I’m not eating horribly, but not good either. I’m eater unhealthy foods, and to try to counter the calories I’m eating less. So I feel lethargic and moody, instead of energetic like I did before. I’m applying for another job tomorrow, so wish me luck?

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“I Can’t Breathe” by @ti_rock_moore … She brings the heat in all of her work.. She was just recently featured in @thewashingtonpost for her piece “Choke Hold”.. And her piece “VILE” is featured at @politicon foe the #DemocraticNationalConvention in #Philadelphia..
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Protests Erupt Following Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision

Protests erupted across the country, with about 30 people arrested in New York City after a grand jury Wednesday declined to indict officers involved in the death of Eric Garner, who died after being placed in a choke hold. Large groups shouted and [Read More]

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Hi there! Quick question about strangling. I was going to have one of my characters use a garrote to strangle a man that was following her but then I started reading about choke-holds and thought that might be more believable than her just happening to have a garrote on her. My question is that since my character is rather petite would that effect her ability use choke-holds or are there ones specifically for petite people? Note : The characters been trained for years as a a kill for hire.

No, it wouldn’t. However, most choke holds, and garrotes, for that matter, are designed to be used from behind. So, a head on attack trying to choke someone out is just not going to work.

You can just go for the throat with both hands, but anyone who managed to stay awake through a self defense seminar should know how to break out of that. To say nothing of someone with actual combat experience.

Your character could crush his windpipe with her elbow, which would have mostly the same effect, but without her having to stick around and make sure that, “no, really he’s done trying to breathe and you can let go now.” The downside is, she’d need to be standing right next to him to do it.

Making sure someone stays down is actually an issue with most choke holds. While you can accidentally kill them with a blood choke (where you’re restricting the flow of blood into the brain, rather than the flow of air), most choke holds take a long time to kill someone.

They are useful for subduing someone long enough to get handcuffs on them, or for them to calm down (if it’s an anger thing), but actually incapacitating or killing? That’s a lot of time to spend on one combatant.

I’m not sure how long it takes to kill someone with a garrote. I’ve just never gotten reliable information on that one, sorry.